10 architecture games to build your dream home

When people talk about constructive activities, they rarely think of games, but these titles allow you to create real architectural wonders.

Dreaming of showing off your design skills? It’s easier than ever to do it in a game with a convenient and intuitive interface. Whether it is a completely realistic structure that follows the laws of modern physics, or a unique masterpiece from the realm of fantasy, in games you can embody any creative ideas and enjoy the visual result.

Of course, games like The Sims 4 won’t make you a pro architect, but they will still help you unleash your creativity. The titles from our list allow you to build houses in conditions close to real life, with a limited budget or resources.

Each of these games is available to varying degrees on all platforms, and many of them should definitely be purchased at the next sale if you can’t wait to build your dream home (along with the extermination of monsters and the exploration of bright and unforgettable worlds).


10 architecture games to build your dream home

Mods are available to owners of the PC version of Minecraft that expand the possibilities of local construction. Build the home you’ve always dreamed of, and if you want, you can even live in it. Minecraft is a sandbox game with a huge variety of building tools.

Find the perfect place for your future home, level the area you want, create a workbench – and go to work! However, it’s best to put a bed next to it first (acts as a spawn point) in case enemies attack you. And trust me, block houses can look great too.

House Flipper

10 architecture games to build your dream home

At House Flipper you can feel like a real repairman. Upgrade old abandoned houses and sell them under the hammer for big money. In this indie simulator, you have a variety of tools at your disposal for major renovations.

This exciting title is available on the Steam store for a great price. If you enjoy doing construction and interior design, then you won’t regret buying. And in the DLC, you will find new lots and garden arrangements.

Prison Architect

10 architecture games to build your dream home

In Prison Architect, you have all the tools and authority to build your own prison. Plan everything at once: from the infirmary and the dining room to the workshop. The game is fully consistent with the stated idea: this is an excellent simulator with a prison theme. With addictive horror gameplay, Prison Architect is unlike any other architecture title.

Cities: Skylines

10 architecture games to build your dream home

In Cities: Skylines, you can build entire cities, including residential buildings. Plan the placement of urban areas and roads, develop the infrastructure and economy of your future metropolis. Houses in Cities: Skylines are created in sandbox mode, which means more creative freedom.

For detailed design, however, you need mods. Do zoning and remember that happy townspeople are more willing to watch their homes.


10 architecture games to build your dream home

The sci-fi simulator Rimworld takes place on a distant planet where you need to build a reliable colony in order to survive. Considering the frequent attacks of raiders, consider double walls.

Mods will make the construction of houses for colonists an order of magnitude more varied: they add cozy door mats, increase the number of beds allowed and generally make your buildings more realistic. The top view is somewhat restrictive, but Rimworld has plenty of opportunities for architecture aficionados.

Fallout 4

10 architecture games to build your dream home

Fallout 4 can be criticized for its annoying bugs and predictable storyline, but it also pleases with the building aspect of the gameplay. At the center of this story of struggle and betrayal is the lone survivor of Vault 111.

When it comes to construction, the local crafting system allows for thousands of different items. Build an individual house or a whole settlement. With Fallout 4 tools, you can build a secure home against all the dangers of the wasteland. Build your creations literally from the trash and improve them until you are completely satisfied with the result.


10 architecture games to build your dream home

Unknown Worlds Entertainment’s Subnautica takes the best of survival simulators, only this time around the harsh depths of an alien ocean. Try to survive this dangerous adventure, living side by side with the local marine life.

In addition to creating underwater houses (so-called “naval bases”), you can design vehicles and the necessary equipment. Explore the amazing open world of Subnautica, filled with vibrant coral reefs, formidable volcanoes and mysterious caves.

No Man’s Sky

10 architecture games to build your dream home

On the release of No Man’s Sky, unfulfilled developer promises prevented it from reaching its full potential. Since then, Hello Games have revolutionized the game, helping it win the fans’ well-deserved love.

No Man’s Sky is an open world exploration title, but it also has some awesome building mechanics. The game’s procedurally generated universe is ideal for creative experimentation. If you have an architectural streak, by all means try to build something like that here. The Beyond update (2019) has greatly expanded the design options for the base.


10 architecture games to build your dream home

This large-scale indie adventure title with role-playing elements attracts many with the architectural aspect of the gameplay. Here you can build not only a house for your character, but entire cities for numerous allies.

Terraria is a sandbox where almost nothing limits your creativity. In total, you can spend more than one thousand hours in the game, since in addition to construction, you will explore a huge colorful world and spectacular boss battles.

The Sims 4

10 architecture games to build your dream home

The Sims add-ons and catalogs add variety to an already great franchise. Build a chic modern mansion that will be the envy of all your neighbors, let your imagination run wild and create a quirky old-fashioned home, or design a cozy family cottage.

Here you have everything you need to create stunning homes for all tastes. Decorate your garden and furnish the interior – The Sims 4 is the best architecture game by any means.

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