10 best costumes in Bloodborne

For hunters following the latest fashion trends in FromSoftware’s Bloodborne, our selection will definitely come in handy.

Bloodborne in the year of its release broke the usual templates for FromSoftware in terms of locations, setting, boss design and gameplay. Another difference from the Dark Souls series was the lack of armor and costume upgrades.

Most of the costumes in Bloodborne, of course, slightly increase the level of protection of the hero, but the choice of clothes depends on which one you like more visually than others. So if you want to look trendy or even intimidating on your hikes in Yharnam, then the following 10 costumes are worth checking out.

Hunter Set

10 best costumes in Bloodborne

The Standard Hunter Outfit is a timeless classic. The Dickens-inspired dark suit is a mix of Victorian coachman outfits and Jack the Ripper outfits, and as a bonus, it also acts as a good protection against the roaming monsters of Yharnam.

Inattentive players can easily miss the Hunter set, because it is located in the sewers near the huge bridge. You can find it at the end of the tunnel on the upper level of the sewer.

Doll clothes

10 best costumes in Bloodborne

The item description states that this is “discarded doll clothes, most likely an additional piece of outfit.” And it perfectly characterizes the suit, which ranks second on the list of the weakest armor in the game.

But if you want to look elegant as you pave your bloody path to the end of the story, then the Dolls set is exactly what you need. You can find it in the chest located in the “Old Abandoned Workshop” location, and if you suddenly find yourself broke, you can always sell a set for 35 thousand blood echoes.

Cemetery Keeper Set

10 best costumes in Bloodborne

A rather creepy set of armor that allows you to mix in a crowd of Bloodborne monsters, which were clearly created under the influence of Lovecraft’s work. The complete set of the Graveyard Keeper comes with a screaming face mask. If you did not know before how you can scare your friends who have connected to the cooperative passage, then just jump out of the darkness on them, having previously put on this set.

Items from the set can be found on two corpses in the Forbidden Forest. First you need to get to the part of the forest where snakes are found, follow the road to a large snake, and then turn left and jump over the gorge, where all parts of the set are waiting for you.

Bone Ash Set

10 best costumes in Bloodborne

If you’ve always dreamed of killing monsters dressed as a wizard, then you should replenish your wardrobe with a set of Bone Ash. After all, where else can you find a suit with a black pointed hat and an eight-eyed skull mask to strike terror into your enemies?

However, getting to this set is not easy. To do this, you will first have to kill the Keeper of the Old Gods on the second level of the Central Ptumeran Labyrinth – the one in which almost everything is generated randomly. Therefore, the Bone Ash set is a kind of trophy for completing one of the most difficult tests in Bloodborne.

Seth the Executioner

10 best costumes in Bloodborne

A FromSoftware game wouldn’t be a FromSoftware game without a little silly outfit. Take the Executioner set, for example …

The costume, which consists of a long flowing robe with a large golden bell instead of a helmet, looks extremely impractical, but stylish in its own way. At the same time, the Executioner’s set does a good job of protecting against damage from lightning and magic. You can get this set in parts: the clothes themselves are on the corpse in Cainhurst Castle, and the golden helmet will have to be bought from the Ambassadors of the Bath after you kill the hunter Alfred.

Crow Feather Set

10 best costumes in Bloodborne

The Plague Doctor costume looks fashionable in any setting, especially in the gothic setting of Bloodborne. And thanks to a wooden mask with a long nose, you can imagine that you went out on the hunt for those who do not comply with the quarantine conditions.

The costume itself is a large, wavy cloak of crows feathers that looks very impressive when throwing and dodging opponents’ blows. This set can be purchased from the Envoy of the Baths after you complete the quest related to the murder of Eileen, the hunter crow.

Set Bradora

10 best costumes in Bloodborne

It’s time to release your inner beast, dressed in a suit with deer antlers and the scalp of a terrible church monster killed by Brador. By the way, Brador himself is deservedly considered one of the most difficult bosses in Bloodborne, especially for beginners.

This armor set can only be obtained by players with the Old Hunters expansion installed. It is located in the “Hunter’s Nightmare” location, and drops in parts after each of the four attacks of Brador, and before each attack, a bell signal sounds, indicating where the enemy will come from.

Set Constable

10 best costumes in Bloodborne

This armor set looks less ridiculous than the Executioner set, but it also has its own quirks – for example, a hat in the form of a steel bucket. This set, like a set of doll clothes, has extremely weak protection, however, it allows you to arrange funny role-playing games in the Bloodborne co-op. Especially if you have long dreamed of playing the role of a vengeful police officer in a fantasy world full of nightmares.

Collecting this set is about as difficult as Brador’s clothes. First you need to install the Old Hunters DLC to talk to Waltre in the Forbidden Forest. After that, you need to join his League and destroy (that is, use) at least five parasites that accumulate with successful help in the cooperative. And to see these parasites, you must activate the rune of Uncleanness.

After fulfilling all these conditions, you can find all the things from the set in the key locations of the Forbidden Forest. Or, alternatively, you can just kill Waltra and take his costume.

Huntress Maria Set

10 best costumes in Bloodborne

Few outfits combine the elegance and sophistication of the Victorian era, as well as durability with practicality, without which hunting monsters would be noticeably more difficult, but the Huntress Mary set falls into this category.

This impressive costume can be purchased from the Messenger of Illumination after you defeat Lady Mary of the Astral Clock Tower in one of the toughest battles in the game. It takes place at the top of the clock tower right before you go to the Fishermen’s Village – another colorful location that appeared in the Old Hunters expansion.

Set Âaar’gula

10 best costumes in Bloodborne

There is a very popular theory among Bloodborne fans that this set is a direct reference to Dark Souls 3. And although Bloodborne came out exactly one year before the release of Dark Souls 3, it’s nice to think that the universes of these games can be connected.

The set of this armor includes a large iron helmet that protects against blows to the face, and a terrifying hood, and the set itself has high protection characteristics. You can find him in the “Underground Prison” location by going down the large staircase to the right and reaching the carriage on which a corpse dressed in Yaar’gul’s set will sit. Thus, obtaining a useful suit is quite simple.

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