10 best final missions in open world games

A long epic adventure must end on a high note. Which open world games are best at following this rule?

Open world games are by nature free to explore locations and non-linearity. The authors of such projects usually create a huge sandbox full of interesting secrets and colorful NPCs. And the players themselves are free to interact with this sandbox as they please, perhaps even ignoring the plot lines. This is why it is sometimes difficult for developers to maintain focus on the central storyline, let alone finish it beautifully.

But this is not the case for all open world games. The final missions in some of them look just incredible, because they bring together all the previously introduced gameplay elements and storylines. And since there are especially a lot of open-world games today, among them the projects that stand out most clearly are those in which the authors manage to combine the freedom inherent in the genre with a fascinating story.

The Witcher 3 – “On Thin Ice”

10 best final missions in open world games

Geralt and his comrades throughout The Witcher 3 run away from the Wild Hunt, trying not to fall into the hands of the ghostly riders, and at the same time prepare Ciri to fight them. Needless to say, how pleasant it is to switch roles with the hunters and ambush them? Moreover, this ambush leads to a spectacular battle in the best traditions of dark fantasy.

Many of his friends come to the aid of Geralt, if, of course, you first complete the quest branches of each of them. But, more importantly, in the final mission, Geralt and Ciri act to the limit of their capabilities, and in the meantime we switch between them, adjusting to completely different fighting styles, which makes the battle even more interesting. And finally, the outcome of the mission entirely depends on what the relationship was between the two witchers. In other words, everything that you can expect from the finale of a grandiose RPG in a fantasy setting is collected here.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – “American Poison”

10 best final missions in open world games

The players’ love for the protagonist of Red Dead Redemption 2 Arthur Morgan is comparable only to the hatred for the defector Mika Bell. That is why we are delighted to watch as Sadie, Charles and John go to deal with the antagonist. And the scene itself, in which three noble bandits unite to avenge their deceased friend, seems to be directly taken from the best Westerns.

The trinity makes their way through the crowd of opponents, climbing the mountain, and at the very top they will face the final clash. The developers masterfully set the atmosphere for this mission, filling it with loud shots and bouncy electric guitar riffs, which add up to an unforgettable adrenaline rush. But, of course, to get to the very end of the epic western, players will have to show miracles of accuracy.

Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy Of Goku II – Sella Games

10 best final missions in open world games

Rare are sequels that surpass the original in every way, and one such sequel is Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II. If the first part looked damp and awkward, then the sequel does an excellent job of immersing players in the rich universe of “Dragonstone”.

Everything here works as it should – from RPG-style progression to dynamic gameplay in the best beat-em-up traditions, and this time we have as many as 5 unique characters to choose from. And the culmination of a long and exciting adventure is the Sella Games.

In addition to being a perfect adaptation of the excellent manga and anime story arc, perfectly complementing the story, it also reveals all the playable heroes involved in the Sella tournament. Each of them will receive their stellar moment, and you, in turn, will understand that it was not in vain that you trained them. At the heart of Dragonstone has always been the idea that with hard work and practice you can defeat even the toughest opponents, and the Game Boy Advance game does a great job of conveying that idea.

Batman: Arkham Origins – Blackgate Prison

10 best final missions in open world games

Many gamers call this part of the black sheep of the series, but many elements of Batman: Arkham Origins (boss battles, for example) are either not inferior or even superior to other games. This is most noticeable in the final mission of the game. Batman, caught in the middle of a mass riot in Blackgate prison, will have to fight his way to the exit, face Bane, deal with him in a rather cunning way and, finally, get to the Joker.

This segment is a masterful combination of everything you have learned in previous stages of history. This is the final test of how well you have mastered combat mechanics, as well as whether you will be able to competently apply stealth tactics in an unequal battle with a stronger opponent. Both aspects are equally important to Batman, so it’s no surprise that at the climax of the story, he has to push his limits.

Mad Max – “Showdown with Ostrus”

10 best final missions in open world games

Unfortunately, in this game Max loses his legendary V-8 Interceptor vehicle. However, after that, we literally build the Magnum Opus from scratch – a real death machine that can be regularly equipped with various useful upgrades.

As soon as Max gets to the villain who stole his car, an epic chase begins, which is almost in no way inferior to the chases from the films. Moreover, the mind-blowing action is accompanied by flashbacks with the participation of a mother and a child, whom Max was unable to save, which adds up to a splendid ending that has incorporated everything for which we love the Mad Max universe.

Pokemon League

10 best final missions in open world games

Many games from Nintendo have a characteristic feature – a kind of global goal, which is set at the very beginning of the plot and which is the culmination of the whole story. In the games from The Legend of Zelda series, this goal is to defeat Ganon, and in Pokemon, it is a battle with the Elite Four. In each adventure about pocket monsters, we travel across huge locations, fight numerous Pokémon and earn eight special badges by pumping our own Pokémon.

And after all these tests, we find ourselves in the Pokémon League, and this, of course, feels like a serious achievement. This is followed by a battle with the Elite Fours – elite trainers of Pokémon, literally only a few reach them, and therefore you should not count on an easy victory. But if you act wisely, then in the end you will find the title of champion of the Pokémon League. What else can fans of this universe dream of?

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – I’ll Break You

10 best final missions in open world games

As you remember, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a big homage to action films from the 80s, and therefore the game’s ending is made in the same spirit. Rex Colt, who by the end of the storyline has already acquired solid cannons, looks and feels like a classic action hero of that era: with the help of the Death Ray and a tank, we break through the resistance units, literally sweeping them out of our way.

All this is accompanied by explosions, neon lights and lively tracks in the techno style – it is simply impossible not to be imbued with such an atmosphere.

And, best of all, in the finale, Rex kills the villain, taking revenge on him for killing his friend. No deep connotations or pseudo-intellectual comments on the meaninglessness of war for you. This is a simple and logical ending in which you can fully enjoy an honestly deserved victory.

Shadow Of The Colossus – Malus, The Last Colossus

10 best final missions in open world games

How do you convey the feeling of escalation in Shadow of the Colossus, a game in which you have to fight giant monsters over and over again? It’s very simple: to make the last enemy a colossus, which surpasses all the previous ones in its dimensions. And Malus, who literally closes the heavens with itself, is a monster of truly biblical proportions, which (if suddenly you are not yet impressed enough) at some point makes a natural fiery rain.

Of course, climbing the colossus will be much more difficult than all the previous ones. But once you succeed, you literally find yourself on top of the world. And killing Malus is only comparable to killing a titan. Unfortunately, the thrill of victory will quickly dissipate when you complete your dark mission and transform yourself into a colossus, but this is the whole tragedy of Shadow of the Colossus.

Jak II – Assault on the Copperhead Hive

10 best final missions in open world games

Jak II, often referred to as the most challenging part of the action-platformer series, has completely rid itself of all the fabulous atmosphere inherent in the first part. Instead, the famous couple of heroes find themselves in a harsh futuristic metropolis, battling ancient creatures called the Copperheads. Not surprisingly, by the end of the story, passions run high.

The last hour of the game is dedicated to full-scale war. Copperfaces rush into the city, and Jack and Dexter need to break into their hive to deal with the evil leader of the monsters. Enemies are literally from all sides, the difficulty of passing is growing with every second, and you can die here at any moment.

All this smoothly flows into the battle with the boss, where almost all the ammunition that you have not yet had time to spend will be used. This is an incredibly difficult fight, and the more pleasant it is to come out of it as a winner. Not to mention, shocking plot twists await you after the battle, allowing you to look at the events of the two games from a completely different angle. This is why we love Naughty Dog.

Sly Cooper 3: Honor Among Thieves

10 best final missions in open world games

Sly Cooper’s plots almost always revolved around theft, so it should come as no surprise that the last chapter is one big heist. The attack by Cooper and his team on Kaine Island is framed in the same way as previous operations, but on a larger scale.

All team members work together, turning off the protection of the island, trying to get first to Sly’s cane, and then to the treasury. Each segment of the level is unique, and therefore you always need to be on your guard. And at the very climax, the teamwork of the three main characters awaits you, perfectly woven into the gameplay and demonstrating their friendship in a banal but very convincing way. And it could well be called the perfect conclusion to the original trilogy.

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