10 best games based on Greek mythology

If you know all the gods of the Greek pantheon and have always been attracted by ancient legends, these games are made for you.

Games that are based on ancient myths and legends have long been a part of our culture. All these stories about heroes fighting gods and famous monsters in picturesque scenery come out with enviable regularity, and among them you can always find a couple of projects to your liking.

If you want to plunge headlong into the exciting world of ancient Greek legends, there are many great games to choose from, in which you can stroll through the majestic temples of Olympia and be imbued with large-scale stories based on cult myths.

Here you will find clashes of gods, noble protagonists, a fearsome monster and an indescribable atmosphere. So, here are the best games, wholly or partly based on ancient Greek mythology.


10 best games based on Greek mythology

This is a solid VR project dedicated to the legend of the Minotaur. In case you have forgotten, the minotaur is a monster with the body of a man and the head of a bull, which was born by the wife of King Minos, Pasiphae. And this happened because Poseidon decided to punish King Minos by enchanting his wife and forcing her to seduce the bull. Subsequently, the minotaur was hidden in a labyrinth, which, at the request of the king, was constructed by Daedalus and his son Icarus.

In the game, this legend comes to life literally before our eyes, and we have to play for Theseus – a hero from Athens who goes through the entire labyrinth and eventually kills the minotaur. The project combines elements of exploration, battles and even cinematic cut-scenes, as well as a spectacular battle between the hero and a huge antagonist.


10 best games based on Greek mythology

NyxQuest’s protagonist, Nyx, is the physical embodiment of the night, according to ancient Greek mythology. She manages to make friends with Icarus when he flies through her kingdom, and when he goes missing, Nyx goes in search of him in picturesque Greek locations.

The mesmerizing setting and design of the environment seem to have directly migrated from the drawings and paintings of that era. In the meantime, Nyx travels through the imposing world, battling mythical monsters like the hydra and using her special skills (shooting powerful beams, telekinesis and wind control), she will meet many famous Olympic gods.

Kid Icarus

10 best games based on Greek mythology

Released in 1986, Kid Icarus quickly made it to the top of the most played titles for the NES. This cult classic follows the adventures of Pete, who must collect sacred artifacts and defeat dangerous bosses to save the world of Angel Land and its goddess Palutena. This world is in many ways similar to Ancient Greece, and Palutena – to the goddess Athena.

The Kid Icarus franchise has long felt cramped within the NES platform: Kid Icarus: Uprising was released on 3DS in 2012, and Pete, Dark Pete and Palutena often appear in Smash Bros. games.

Person 3

10 best games based on Greek mythology

Persona 3 was the most successful game that set the tone and atmosphere for all subsequent parts, and therefore it is consistently included in various compilations with the best JRPGs of the 2000s era. The main character studies in a modern Japanese school and visits Tartarus in the evenings. In Greek mythology, Tartarus was described as the deepest abyss in which the souls of the dead were doomed to eternal suffering. Moreover, Tartarus served as a prison for the titans.

Persona 3 includes a ton of interesting characters, each of which has a Persona associated in one way or another with Greek and Roman mythology. The journey across Tartarus is accompanied by battles with many monsters from ancient legends, and the final boss of the game is the very goddess Nyx, who is the physical embodiment of the night.


10 best games based on Greek mythology

In Okhlos, we are given the opportunity to play as ordinary inhabitants, warriors, slaves and even animals of Ancient Greece, who are tired of the tyranny of the gods and decided to destroy all temples, all monsters and every Olympic deity on their way.

Of course, the action of Okhlos unfolds in the ancient setting, where there was a place for luxurious temples and colossal gods, but even they cannot oppose anything to the angry crowd of ordinary people in togas and sandals. Okhlos is a unique action game in which you can play not only mythical characters like Hercules and Pandora, but also historical figures like Socrates.


10 best games based on Greek mythology

This 2D action-adventure game is inspired by ancient Greek vases and jugs. Apotheon protagonist Nikandreos will climb the legendary Mount Olympus and fight the entire pantheon of gods to save humanity.

According to the plot of the game, the inhabitants of Olympus have long left people, and now the main character single-handedly conquers famous locations (like the forests of Artemis, the palace of Apollo and Mount Olympus itself), acquiring more and more divine powers. The main story is made in the spirit of ancient legends, and it sometimes directly cites works like the Iliad.

Assassins Creed: Odyssey

10 best games based on Greek mythology

The action of Assassins Creed Odyssey takes place on the busy streets and picturesque islands of Ancient Greece, and the main character of the game goes from an outcast to a real Spartan legend, admired by both ordinary people and powerful gods. At the same time, the events of the plot include the actual Peloponnese war.

In the meantime, you make your way through the whole of Ancient Greece, fighting the Aegean fleet and mythical monsters, including the minotaur, the Nemean lion and even Medusa the Gorgon, you directly influence the world around you, changing it with your exploits.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

10 best games based on Greek mythology

The game allows you to look at ancient Greek folklore from a new angle, because Phoenix, the winged demigod, does not have to destroy the gods, but, on the contrary, save them! The game also has a DLC called The Lost Gods, in which you can play as a mere mortal Ash, who went to the Pyrite Islands in search of the missing gods.

Here is a grand adventure in the open world, in which you can fully experience the powers of legendary heroes and gods – from Achilles and his deadly sword to Daedalus and his flawless wings. All this will come in handy in the battle with Cyclops, Cerberus and Gorgon, as well as in battles with other mythical creatures like griffins.

God Of War

10 best games based on Greek mythology

The franchise has recently switched to Scandinavian mythology, but do not forget that initially Kratos, the protagonist of the series, blazed his bloody path in ancient Greek scenery.

It all started with the fact that the military general Kratos, being under the influence of Ares, killed his own wife and daughter. Having avenged Ares and becoming the new god of war, Kratos did not retire, but organized a real genocide of the Olympian gods and titans for their betrayal, without sparing even his father.

The action of God of War is set in an alternative version of Greece in 495 BC, and in addition to the usual gods and monsters from legends, the game demonstrates key moments from stories dedicated to the 12 exploits of Hercules, Jason and the Argonauts, as well as the fate of Atlantis.


10 best games based on Greek mythology

This is a dungeon roguelike in which the immortal protagonist Zagreus challenges his father, the god of the dead, Hades. A vivid rethinking of the ancient underworld and many spectacular battles await you. Not even a year has passed since the release of the game, but it is already called one of the best representatives of the genre in recent years.

In Hades, familiar ancient Greek myths are played up in a new way, while the protagonist brutally cracks down on the inhabitants of the kingdom of the dead in an attempt to escape from the influence of Hades. Zagreus is regularly helped by other Olympic gods (for example, Zeus, Athena and Persephone, the wife of Hades and the mother of Zagreus), supplying him with useful weapons and skills for the more effective extermination of numerous monsters.

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