10 best multiplayer maps in Call of Duty history

Call of Duty is perhaps the most famous series of first-person shooters. And even if you haven’t played it, you know exactly what these shooters are about, how they look and why everyone likes them.

Fans of the franchise, familiar with all parts of the series, know that each is unique in its own way, and that some multiplayer maps are many times more interesting than others. And in the entire history of the Call of Duty series, we have seen hundreds of different maps – from exciting to downright disappointing. And especially for fans of the legendary Call of Duty franchise, we have collected the best multiplayer maps in one selection.

Castle (Call Of Duty: World At War)

10 best multiplayer maps in Call of Duty history

Located in picturesque Japan, this giant castle is one of the favorite locations among shooter fans for a reason. This map is full of interesting points, and it itself is not too big, so the matches on it are held at a fast pace. But it is also great for sniper weapon lovers: there is a convenient tall building on the map, as well as a lot of good hideouts.

Each player has a chance to succeed in this location and not die in the first seconds after respawning, which is why the map is so popular in multiplayer mode even many years after the release of the game – both among veterans and among newbies.

Strike (Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)

10 best multiplayer maps in Call of Duty history

This map looks like a typical Call of Duty map, but everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Defense points are correctly placed around the location, and each element on the map was added for a reason, but for a specific purpose. Therefore, multiplayer skirmishes in Modern Warfare most often took place here.

There are several important bottlenecks on the map, and they are beautifully designed to spur interest for every type of player. This location with three buildings surrounded by open streets offers a rich gameplay with tons of possibilities.

Rust (Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)

10 best multiplayer maps in Call of Duty history

This is one of the most famous maps in the series, designed to confront two teams. Despite its simplicity and modest scale, the map does not lose popularity due to its uniqueness. There is only one building on the location, which can become the key to victory if you capture it in time.

There are quite a few hiding places here, and the skirmishes on this map are especially fun. Moreover, it is interesting to play on it even after hundreds of matches, when you already know every corner. As a rule, matches in this location are held at a very dynamic pace, so veterans of a shooter with a lightning-fast reaction always have a slight advantage.

Raid (Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2)

10 best multiplayer maps in Call of Duty history

This is a very popular map in multiplayer modes, and all thanks to its unusual setting. There is a huge mansion on the location, where none of the players would refuse to live. Moreover, the map is made in the classic “three directions” format – there is a central courtyard, a large pool and detours located on the sides.

Of course, there is a high probability that a particularly stealthy sniper will shoot you right after respawning, but if you do not stand still for a long time, you will quickly realize that this is a really good card. It is equally attractive for fans of assault rifles and shotguns, as well as for campers with sniper rifles.

Nuketown (Call Of Duty: Black Ops)

10 best multiplayer maps in Call of Duty history

Many fans are already slightly tired of this map, which has been wandering from one game in the series to another since the time of the first Black Ops. But this once again underlines the fact that the card turned out to be really outstanding. And even if this is one of the most compact maps in the series, it is also where the fiercest gunfights unfold.

Snipers have a pretty hard time here, but the developers have left some interesting hiding places for them. And do not be surprised that all team members will violently criticize the one who decided to play the role of a sniper (simply because they themselves did not have time to take this place). Since the size of the location is very modest, the tactics in each match always comes down to simple survival in picturesque scenery.

Brecourt (Call Of Duty 2)

10 best multiplayer maps in Call of Duty history

This legendary map was originally created based on a real military battle, and it feels like something historically accurate. Shooter fans tend to recall with nostalgia how they ran along this map along the hedge and prayed that no one would shoot them during this run.

The map is thought out to the smallest detail and is perfect for any type of player. It will appeal to both lovers of close combat and those who are used to sitting with a sniper rifle in cover. This is one of the most exciting multiplayer maps, not only by the standards of the Call of Duty series, but in the entire history of first-person shooters.

Highrise (Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)

10 best multiplayer maps in Call of Duty history

There are simply no bad maps in Modern Warfare 2. Each of them captivates with its unique style and setting, and therefore it is rather difficult to choose the best ones. But since multiplayer matches are often played on the Highrise map, we put it in fourth place. This location is a real paradise for snipers, and if you are used to running with a machine gun, then you should keep your ears open.

There are two main offices on the map, and the open area is divided into three sections: the helipad, the generator, and the subway. Fans are still thrilled with the map as it can be mastered after a few matches and start setting traps for other players. But, as mentioned above, you cannot stand in one place for a long time, because sniper bullets can reach you almost anywhere.

Terminal (Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)

10 best multiplayer maps in Call of Duty history

This is a prime example of the classic multiplayer map from Call of Duty. She knows and loves, perhaps, every fan of the series. The map shows an airport terminal with a small open area that leads directly into the passenger plane.

There are tons of hiding spots, as well as great sniper spots, so the map is great for any playstyle. Moreover, it is ideal for game modes such as Dominate and Seek and Destroy.

Hijacked (Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2)

10 best multiplayer maps in Call of Duty history

This location is a yacht in the middle of the ocean, making it one of the most creative and visually appealing maps in the entire franchise. It is tailored for dynamic gameplay and is devoid of the main problem of most maps: players here do not die in the first 5 seconds after respawning.

It is great for any type of player, from snipers to melee weapon lovers. Before us is that rare type of cards on which absolutely any player can succeed, if, of course, he learns to use the environment correctly. Thus, this is a gorgeous map, implying high-spirited gameplay, which even beginners of the multiplayer mode can enjoy.

Crash (Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)

10 best multiplayer maps in Call of Duty history

The best cards in the series follow the same principle. They involve bouncy gameplay, are hard to get lost in, and are great for any type of player. This also applies to Crash from Modern Warfare, the map that Call of Duty 4 fans consider the best in the game.

There are many convenient points for snipers on it, and if one of them climbs to the top of the tallest building, then it will be very problematic to smoke it from there. It is especially interesting to play on this map in the capture the flag mode, since one of the flags is located right in the center of the location, near a burning helicopter, which is literally shot from all sides. By the way, there is also a winter version of the map, where you can hear Santa’s laugh and the ringing of bells on his sleigh.

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