10 details in The Witcher 3, visible only on the second playthrough

By the standards of ordinary RPGs, The Witcher 3 has quite a lot of content, which means that some of the secrets and trivia can only be noticed during repeated playthroughs.

The Witcher 3 is a massive adventure set in a carefully crafted world full of interesting details. CD Projekt Red has meticulously crafted the world and characters to look realistic, even though it’s set in a fantasy setting. In the game, you can find a lot of curious little things that catch your eye only on the second, or even on the third playthrough.

And like any good story, The Witcher 3’s plot is full of early plot hooks that only become apparent to those who return to the world of The Witcher not for the first time.

Uma is Avallac’h

10 details in The Witcher 3, visible only on the second playthrough

The main goal of the first half of The Witcher 3 is to find Ciri. And for long hours, Geralt is regularly reminded that Ciri is traveling in the company of a mysterious elf. Before finding Ciri on the Isle of Mists, Geralt meets the dwarf Uma near Vronitsa’s castle.

On the first playthrough, Uma’s real identity is kept secret until a certain point. But it soon becomes clear that Uma is in fact Avallac’h, the same elven companion of Ciri who fell victim to a terrible curse. And, knowing its background, our attitude towards Uma changes noticeably in subsequent playthroughs.


10 details in The Witcher 3, visible only on the second playthrough

In The Witcher 2, Geralt, suffering from amnesia, decides to strike up a romantic relationship with Triss Merigold, completely forgetting about Yennefer. By the third game, his memory returns to Geralt, which means that he can try to improve relations with Yennefer. Or not.

If the player does not even try to reconcile Geralt with Yennefer, the sorceress will decide to take out her anger on the main character. Immediately after arriving in Kaer Morhen, she will throw out the window the mattress on which, apparently, Geralt and Triss slept. By the way, we can carefully examine this mattress before we look at Yennefer.

Eredin is a rather weak villain

10 details in The Witcher 3, visible only on the second playthrough

The Witcher 3 has a lot of powerful villains. Geralt always has to confront powerful and dangerous opponents – from witches from Krivoukhovy Marshes and Bastard the Younger to Emperor Emhyr and King Radovid V.

Therefore, it is surprising that the main antagonist of the game is Eredin, who does not look particularly threatening, and in terms of his elaboration is much inferior to even the secondary villains of this story. And this is disappointing, because right up to the very end, the game threw up more and more interesting and convincing villains. Even Imlerich, one of the generals of the Wild Hunt, turned out to be a much brighter character and more unpredictable opponent in battle than, in fact, the king of the Wild Hunt.

The path to Ciri is unreasonably stretched

10 details in The Witcher 3, visible only on the second playthrough

Throughout the series, fans dreamed of meeting Yennefer, who was mentioned by many important characters – for example, Triss, Dandelion and Zoltan. And in the very first hours of The Witcher 3, we finally saw the reunion of Geralt and Yennefer. The writers did not delay the introduction of Ian into the plot and immediately switched to the main goal of the game – the search for Ciri.

These searches take a little more than half of the game, and if this is not the first time you go through it, then you will have to burn out with impatience, because by this moment you already know perfectly well that the scenes with Geralt and Ciri are some of the best in the entire trilogy. Therefore, you will definitely have time to feel sad that before this legendary meeting you will have to break through dozens of long missions.

What happens if you get to the Spirit in the tree before the witches’ quest?

10 details in The Witcher 3, visible only on the second playthrough

One of the most famous quest lines in The Witcher 3 is associated with witches from the Krivoukhovy Marshes. And in one of the last missions, the witches will ask Geralt to kill their mother, whose spirit is enclosed in a tree. You can free him, but this will greatly affect the outcome of the Bloody Baron’s storyline.

If you fulfill the instructions of the witches, they will later kill the children from the local orphanage, but the Baron and Anna will survive. But if you decide to release the Spirit, the witches will put a curse on Anna, because of which both she and the Baron will die. This story also has a less obvious denouement, which can be opened by talking to the Spirit before the start of the witches’ quest line. Geralt will free him, which will lead to the death of the children from the orphanage, but the Baron and Anna will remain in good health.

Novigrad romance

10 details in The Witcher 3, visible only on the second playthrough

Not all players will be able to look into every corner of the vast world of The Witcher 3 during the first playthrough to catch all the fun little things. For example, a bench near Novigrad, which offers a stunning view of the city.

What’s so special about her? Walk to it and notice that NPC couples who have come on dates love to spend time at this point. They usually sit and hug nicely, and sometimes guys try to impress their girls with something. And this nice little thing adds realism to an already well-designed world.

Witcher signs and finger movements

10 details in The Witcher 3, visible only on the second playthrough

One of the most useful weapons of Geralt is his spells, they are also witcher signs. With their help, you can take control of the enemy’s mind, throw fireballs, or create a durable magic shield.

All of these signs migrated into games directly from the original books, and CD Projekt Red was not stingy even here on the details. We advise you to pay attention to Geralt’s hands when casting each sign, because his fingers move differently depending on the spell.

Elixirs and the risk of poisoning

10 details in The Witcher 3, visible only on the second playthrough

The Witcher 3 includes many mechanics that you can forget about on your first playthrough. One such mechanic is the alchemy and elixir system. At first, beginners actively use them, but over time, all these elixirs simply fade into the background due to the variety of weapons and combat mechanics.

However, on the following playthroughs, the true value of elixirs is revealed, with the help of which it becomes much easier to defeat terrible monsters. At the same time, it is important not to overdo it with potions, because Geralt’s face risks turning into a bloody mess due to the dangerous toxins contained in the elixirs.

Aldert Geert

10 details in The Witcher 3, visible only on the second playthrough

One of the main features of The Witcher 3 was the gwent card game, which later grew into a full-fledged and independent CCG Gwent, developed by the same studio CD Projekt Red. And many players who spent hours playing gwent may well forget about the NPC who taught them the rules of the game.

Collecting information about Yennefer, Geralt communicates with Aldert Geert, who initiates the witcher into the rules of the gwent. Aldert seems like a pretty good guy, but, unfortunately, he will face a terrible death: soon after the completion of the prologue in Velen, you can find the professor’s corpse on the gallows tree.

Saving Tomira

10 details in The Witcher 3, visible only on the second playthrough

In one of the first missions while hunting for a griffin, you can meet the herbalist Tomiru. And if you decide to help the victim of the griffin, then Tomira will reward you with a very useful gift. Despite the fact that in the end she and Geralt develop friendly relations, a serious danger hangs over the girl.

The fact is that Radovid gives an order to his hunters to exterminate all magicians, herbalists and alchemists. And if you do not kill Radovid, allowing Redania to win the war, then these hunters will sooner or later kill Tomira. But you can save her by returning to the White Garden after the end of the main quest line.

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