10 games similar to Everhood

Many gamers loved this rhythm game. Below are similar titles.

Everhood combines retro graphics and a rhythmic combat system. Thanks to its excellent storyline and intricate gameplay, the indie game became a hit. This is one of the most unusual titles on Steam. It only takes 9-10 hours to complete, so fans will want to play something similar.

At first glance, Everhood is a true masterpiece that has no equal. In fact, there are many games of this type, but they are just not very popular. If you’re a fan of Everhood, be sure to check out the titles listed below.

The Metronomicon: Slay The Dance Floor

10 games similar to Everhood

The perfect combination of RPG and rhythm game. Metronomicon is a little-known indie. Get into the rhythm for combo attacks and apply healing spells. After the release, a huge amount of content was released – it was subsequently included in a new edition, Metronomicon: Slay The Dance Floor. It turned out even better than the original.

PaRappa The Rapper

10 games similar to Everhood

Fans still fondly remember this classic. PaRappa The Rapper was a great yet challenging rhythm game with an enchanting atmosphere and addicting gameplay. Fans were overjoyed at the remaster released to celebrate the twelfth anniversary of this underrated title.

Rez Infinite

10 games similar to Everhood

As in the previous case, this game was originally released on the PlayStation, and 20 years later it was updated for modern consoles.

Rez: Infinite is an audiovisual enjoyment. Defeat enemies to the beat of the music in a psychedelic neon location. If you own a virtual reality system, then you are very lucky: the game supports VR.

Beat Saber

10 games similar to Everhood

When it comes to great VR rhythm games, we can’t fail to mention Beat Saber. Perhaps this is the most famous representative of this category. Chopping musical blocks with lightsabers is stupid … and, oddly enough, very enjoyable! Unsurprisingly, almost all VR machine owners play Beat Saber.

BPM: Bullets Per Minute

10 games similar to Everhood

A rhythm-based shooter is an ambitious idea that has been intelligently implemented in BPM. Shoot enemies and dodge their attacks while listening to music. This will never get bored!

Rhythm Doctor

10 games similar to Everhood

Resuscitate patients with a defibrillator, observing the rhythm of the background melody. An unusual and at the same time simple idea. However, don’t jump to conclusions: Rhythm Doctor is not only an enjoyable game, but also difficult.

The opponents are virus bosses, which are not so easy to defeat. Rhythm Doctor is a terrific title that you cannot pass by.


10 games similar to Everhood

Another unbearable rhythm game. It is not without reason that it is considered one of the most difficult in the genre. Try to fit into every turn, keeping the beat of the music. Yes, a very grueling exercise. But how nice it is to go through all the tests and finally complete the level!

Crypt Of The NecroDancer

10 games similar to Everhood

Of course, this wonderful musical game cannot be ignored. Crypt Of The NecroDancer can be considered a true indie masterpiece. The main advantages are pixel graphics and unusual looping gameplay. This game deserves all the praise.


10 games similar to Everhood

We mainly talked about games similar to Everhood in their gameplay mechanics. As for the plot, it resembles one of the best games of all time – Undertale.

In terms of plot and gameplay, it is nothing special, but it has a soul. Undertale has had a big impact on the industry. Gamers all over the world loved the eccentric storyline.


10 games similar to Everhood

Ever since the sequel was announced, fans can’t wait to see a new creation by Toby Fox. Currently, only the first part of Deltarune is available to us.

Not only is the game completely free, but it is also beautiful in its own way. Deltarune has incorporated the best elements of Undertale. As a result, something absolutely incomparable was created. The first chapter turned out to be successful, so the release of the sequel is just around the corner.

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