10 games with the best base building mechanics

Many games can build a great base, but some are especially good mechanically. We’ve rounded up the best of the best in this list.

Many titles are renowned for their creative tools that allow players to progress and achieve greater gameplay heights. It is a staple of base building games where building a secure home for your characters is at the forefront.

The very definition of the genre is somewhat vague, so many different titles fit into it. At the same time, not all of these games reflect the true essence of base building.

Dwarf Fortress

10 games with the best base building mechanics

Dwarf Fortress, which began its journey in 2006, is a game in which gameplay is tied to text. The main mode is essentially endless, so you can set yourself any goal you want. Due to procedural generation, various regions, oceans and civilizations appear in your world.

In order to survive, you will have to decide where to build your fortress, and then create favorable conditions for all the dwarves living in it, protecting them from any dangers.

Age of Empires II

10 games with the best base building mechanics

When it comes to classic titles, Age of Empires II (1998) is second to none in building civilizations. In this real-time strategy, your main tasks are building cities and collecting resources, as well as creating a formidable army to destroy enemy civilizations.

If the player manages to capture a city, new territories appear at his disposal. Lead your empire through four different eras that add up to 1000 years.


10 games with the best base building mechanics

The depths of the ocean hold terrifying secrets, and you can uncover them in Subnautica. Put on your scuba gear in this survival adventure and experience the diverse life forms of planet 4546B.

You have to not only withstand the attack from numerous marine life, but also monitor your health, satiety and many other factors. Building bases that will serve as your refuge and home is a significant part of the gameplay, including the construction of underwater vehicles and devices that will aid in research.

Evil Genius

10 games with the best base building mechanics

Bad villains are not uncommon in games, but sometimes we forget how difficult it is to destroy an entire world. You can find out all the ins and outs of villainy in Evil Genius (2004).

In this RTS simulator, the player finds himself in the role of an evil genius who controls an entire base of minions, collecting resources to create a doomsday device. Build various stations, traps for government agents and, of course, villainous intrigues to eventually enslave the whole world.


10 games with the best base building mechanics

As mentioned, the genre of base building can be defined in different ways, so Minecraft fits in here too. This hit title is famous for its blocky worlds and limitless exploration. The easiest way to do construction is in Creative mode, but Survival mode is ideal for base builders. Build a house, farm and collect resources – and hang out for a long time in this amazing sandbox.

They Are Billions

10 games with the best base building mechanics

Are you dreaming of building a steampunk base? Then your choice is They Are Billions. In this post-apocalyptic survival, you have to fight zombies, and for this you need to provide a reliable shelter. Explore the map for resources and come up with a plan to build your base. Take care of your defense before the zombies go on the offensive, and take into account all possible domino effects, defending your fortress from all sides.


10 games with the best base building mechanics

At first, the colonization of an unfamiliar planet seems to be a rather difficult task, but a large factory will greatly simplify the life of the first settlers. In Satisfactory, you explore an open world in a first-person perspective, eventually building a factory complex for easy resource gathering.

You will learn how to build sophisticated machines and a real space elevator to deliver massive amounts of resources into orbit for FICSIT Inc. – the company your character works for. The map is predetermined, so all players start their journey at one point.

Oxygen Not Included

10 games with the best base building mechanics

Three space colonists have lost their memory, but they need to build a new civilization from scratch. In Oxygen Not Included, you have to provide colonists (or duplicants) with everything they need to meet their needs, as well as entrust them with collecting useful resources and creating vital supplies. The game has procedural generation, which means that each time you will come across different biomes.


10 games with the best base building mechanics

In RimWorld, you will find yourself on a distant planet in the middle of space, at the head of a colony whose members dream of building a ship and leaving this place. Before starting the game, you can choose one of several scenarios, after which you have to fight for the survival of your heroes, facing various random events.

Each character has its own characteristics that affect its contribution to the life of the colony, and in accordance with them you are instructed to build a reliable base. The game ends when the characters fly off the planet or when they all die.


10 games with the best base building mechanics

Minecraft is known for an active modding community. The BuildCraft and IndustrialCraft mods served as inspiration for the construction and management simulator Factorio. The game is dedicated to finding and collecting the resources needed to create advanced mechanisms that form factories.

Those, in turn, automate the collection of raw materials used to produce various items. Also, when mastering the planet and new technologies, you should be careful, since your actions provoke its original inhabitants, who from time to time attack machines.

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