10 games worth playing if you like Narita Boy

Fans who enjoy Narita Boy will definitely love these games.

Narita Boy by Studio Koba was released in March 2021. The release was warmly received by fans and critics alike. The indie game originally appeared on Microsoft Game Pass, bringing more attention to the product and expanding its player base.

Like many indie titles, Narita Boy doesn’t take hundreds of years to play. According to howlongtobeat.com, it will take players about 6.5 hours to complete the main storyline and 15 hours to see everything the game has to offer. Consequently, many players are anxious to play something else. Here are ten great options for those looking to play other fun side-scrolling action games.

Hollow Knight

10 games worth playing if you like Narita Boy

Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight is one of the best releases of the Metroidvania genre since it took the gaming industry’s attention again on its eighth generation of consoles. Hollow Knight’s challenging map is extremely well designed and well structured to make progress feel attainable and rewarding. This kind of balance is rare for a genre.

After the significant commercial success of Hollow Knight and high critical acclaim, a sequel to Hollow Knight: Silksong was announced.

Ori And The Wills Of The Wisps

10 games worth playing if you like Narita Boy

Another critically acclaimed Metroidvania game. Ori and the Will of the Wisps was released in March 2020 and has managed to replicate the magic of its predecessors with stunning visuals inspired by nature.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps wowed fans with a nuanced gameplay that allows players to unlock many abilities that they can change at will. This Metroidvania is one of the most critically acclaimed games on this list, exemplified by its incredible 93 on the Nintendo Switch Metacritic.

Super Mario World

10 games worth playing if you like Narita Boy

While Super Mario World is fundamentally different from Narita Boy, it’s hard to recommend side-scrolling games without mentioning a game that some believe brought the genre to perfection way back in 1990.

The title does not have a multi-layered plot or intricate game mechanics, but it is a true platformer that has directly or indirectly influenced almost every modern side-scroller.

Dead Cells

10 games worth playing if you like Narita Boy

For the most part, games that combine several different genres tend to come with a lot of great ideas, none of which have really been implemented. Dead Cells, however, is a great example of a game that has different genres implemented in a way that makes sense and fits well.

Basically, the game can be classified as a roguelike, although it also has quite a few elements of the Metroidvania, action, platform and adventure genres.

Rayman Legends

10 games worth playing if you like Narita Boy

When the gaming industry shifted its focus from platformers to more realistic action and adventure games in the early 2000s, Ubisoft ditched its hero Rayman in favor of the Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell franchises.

It seemed like the days when Rayman was the star of the platforming adventure were over, until, to the delight of the character’s loyal fans, Rayman Origins appeared. The game was a success, so Rayman Legends was released soon after. Legends is a great example of how good side-scrolling platformers can be today, with fluid gameplay, enjoyable boss battles, and overall great level design.


10 games worth playing if you like Narita Boy

Konami’s classic Run and Shoot hit the arcades in 1987 before making its way to home consoles like the NES and Commodore 64 in the following years.

Contra is one of the most recent games considered essential for the golden years of arcade gaming, and contains the famous Konami code. If players enter the Konami code on the title screen of the NES version, they can start the game with a staggering 30 lives, ten times the normal life span.


10 games worth playing if you like Narita Boy

Celeste was released by Matt Makes Games (now Extremely OK Games) in 2018 and immediately attracted attention with its impressive ratings, including the perfect 10 from IGN.

The title impressed players with its tight controls and well-crafted levels, as well as a touching story of personal adversity. Along with critical acclaim, Celeste has drawn attention to its incredible complexity that will challenge even the most seasoned platformer fan.

Another World

10 games worth playing if you like Narita Boy

Despite the short gameplay that takes 2-3 hours, Another World managed to captivate players with a fantasy world, memorable characters and challenging puzzles. The cinematic action platformer originally came out on the Amiga and Atari ST in 1991, but has since appeared on a variety of platforms, from mobile devices to modern home consoles.

While the graphics don’t match today’s releases, Another World’s visuals still find their way into the hearts of many gamers.


10 games worth playing if you like Narita Boy

The puzzle platformer Braid is today recognized as a pioneer in bringing the attention of a wide audience to indie games and studios.

The title engages players with its ingenious puzzle mechanics and multi-level storyline that criticizes both the gaming industry and, according to some, certain aspects of modern society. The Braid development team was led by Jonathan Blow, who went on to become one of the most renowned and respected designers in the industry.

Guacamelee! 2

10 games worth playing if you like Narita Boy

The original Guacamelee! was released in 2013 and was instrumental in bringing the Metroidvania genre back into fashion. The game was a commercial success and was highly praised by critics, so it should come as no surprise that a sequel came out a few years later.

The Guacameele! 2 DrinkBox Studios didn’t reinvent the wheel and kept what worked in the original game, just adding a few new features and improving the visuals. Like its predecessor, the game stands out for its beautiful visuals, inspired by aspects of Mexican culture such as Lucha Libre and the Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) festival.

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