10 games worth playing if you like They Are Billions

Those who like the real-time survival strategy They Are Billions from Numantian Games should definitely check out these great games.

The release of They Are Billions has sparked significant interest in the real-time strategy RPG genre, which has grown dramatically in recent years. After the apparent success of They Are Billions, fans who passed the title started looking for alternatives.

Although the exact same games do not yet exist, there are very similar options. The differences actually make these games better, as they offer an atmosphere in the same vein as They Are Billions, but have enough quality content to be titles in their own right, not copies.

Colony Survival

10 games worth playing if you like They Are Billions

This game features a pixelated world that players must build. Staying true to the strategy genre, Colony Survival requires players to control everything that happens in the colony and protect it from the monsters that attack every night.

To do this, players need to be mindful of the attacks that are likely to occur while they are building the colony. The point of the game is to act as the creator of the world and its protector.

As Far As The Eye

10 games worth playing if you like They Are Billions

This game places particular emphasis on the learning aspect, as the world presented here makes the player experience both natural disasters and sudden conflicts. This means that players need to skillfully manage their resources and take care of available items with absolute care.

The main goal of As Far as the Eye is to build a village that can become mobile and lead the tribe to The Eye. Unique intent and dystopian elements may fade into the background due to the amount of work involved, but the tough decisions made in the process make the game worthwhile.

Space Haven

10 games worth playing if you like They Are Billions

This game belongs to the genre of simulator. Players are tasked with managing a space colony drifting towards a new home. The most interesting thing about the title is that each member of the colony has his own mood and individual preferences.

Therefore, Space Haven inspires a sense of responsibility, as players need to understand their team members and build relationships with them. This is a realistic take on the genre that requires strict consideration of all the specifics.


10 games worth playing if you like They Are Billions

In RimWorld, players are thrown onto a planet. All characters have their own personality traits. The goal is to be the first to leave the world using available resources. To do this, players need to create a functioning colony.

The other, darker end of the game is the death of all characters, so if the players want to survive, they need to keep the colony running efficiently. RimWorld has received critical acclaim, so it’s a win-win.

Endzone — A World Apart

10 games worth playing if you like They Are Billions

Another dystopia on this list. Endzone – A World Apart is destroyed after a nuclear disaster. A century later, the surviving people leave their underground bunkers to build civilization again.

Players need to restart colonization from scratch. Since the resources are still radioactive, the world is not safe, but this is only part of the difficulty.

For Aspera

10 games worth playing if you like They Are Billions

In Per Aspera, players are provided with a simulation of the world with elements of science fiction. The playable character is an AI whose mission is to terraform Mars so that humans can arrive and colonize the planet.

In this game, everything is larger than in most others, as the action unfolds on a planetary scale, which makes the title more exciting. Despite the lack of individual characters, Per Aspera is a serious game.


10 games worth playing if you like They Are Billions

The game takes place in an alternate universe after the eruption of Krakatoa, which plunged the world into a permanent volcanic winter. In Frostpunk, you need to survive in a dangerous environment and at the same time save a city on the brink of death.

The main advantage of the game is the many scenarios for the development of events, with several options for outcomes associated with the choice made by the player. This makes Frostpunk as replayable as possible, coupled with the creativity required to complete the game.


10 games worth playing if you like They Are Billions

Another item in the steampunk genre. Kenshi is a ruthless game as players can lose body parts and still have to keep acting. It is not easy compared to other titles, but it means that the level of satisfaction from success will be clearly higher.

Things get tricky right away as the focus is on survival at the start of the game. Only after leveling up, players get into better conditions. With all this in mind, the difficulty of Kenshi is a real test of your gaming prowess.

Project Apocalypse

10 games worth playing if you like They Are Billions

This is the perfect title for anyone looking for a fresh take on zombie games. Project Apocalypse takes place after the zombie apocalypse. Players need to build a city, fighting off hordes of undead that regularly threaten them.

In Project Apocalypse, everything is as dynamic as possible, since with regular invasions of enemies, you cannot stay idle. Building a city serves both as an opportunity to distract from the fights and the main features that will hook players.

Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation

10 games worth playing if you like They Are Billions

In this game, the survival aspect stems from the escape of the main characters from the demons during the apocalypse. In addition to the usual city-building gameplay, Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation has dark fantasy elements.

Title does not give up on harsh truths, such as, for example, the economic downturn affecting the ability to maintain a colony. What’s unique is that the game can only be completed by completely expelling the demons by closing the Gates of Hell. This means that the main gameplay is an opportunity for players to keep themselves occupied until they figure out how to defeat the demons.

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