10 gaming franchises with the best comics

If you want to know more about the intricate game worlds, then be sure to read these comics.

Sometimes games are not enough to reveal the characters, because they do not present the full storyline. Fortunately, some publishers and developers are releasing additional content that answers many questions. It is often in comics and graphic novels that the optimal balance is found between visual art and storytelling.

But what are the most unique adaptations? Below are the best graphic novels and comics based on popular gaming franchises.

Hellgate: London

10 gaming franchises with the best comics

Now this game is going through hard times. But at one time she charmed fans of dark fantasy with a modern approach to the gameplay “ARPG roguelike”. The action takes place in London in 2038. Humanity is fighting the forces of hell. Several Diablo developers worked on the creation of the game, which means that you will experience exciting battles with demons in randomized locations.

In addition to the trilogy of short stories, Dark Horse Comics has released the Hellgate: London comic book series. Despite the languid narration, this work made a strong impression on the readers. Attention is paid to various playable factions, for example – the militant Templars and Hunters, as well as magicians-Kabbalists.

Mirror’s Edge: Exordium

10 gaming franchises with the best comics

The series is an unusual dystopia. The main feature is the elements of parkour. That is why Mirror’s Edge is remembered by the players. Unlike many other games, the protagonist Faith Connors is forced to overcome obstacles and avoid opponents. At each level, you can feel the smoothness of the gameplay. Interestingly, WildStorm Productions has released six comics based on the game. They retain the atmosphere of the original source.

We are told about how Faith reveals the secret about her parents. In addition, minor characters are revealed – Mercury, Keith Connors and even Clarence.


10 gaming franchises with the best comics

The famous RTS from Blizzard shocked the whole world with its unique setting: Azeroth is very different from popular locations like Middle-earth. Moreover, World of Warcraft has conquered the MMO realm. Blizzard now has the ability to expand the game’s storyline, including through comics.

The release of World of Warcraft: The Comics coincided with the Burning Crusade update. The rest of the comics and graphic novels are related to other add-ons. Revealed interesting details about characters and events that were not covered in the quests of the original game. In general, fans were pleased with the comics, especially with the scope of the plot.

Dragon Age: Magekiller, Knight Errant

10 gaming franchises with the best comics

BioWare fans love the Dragon Age series for its unique interpretation of a dark fantasy RPG. The developers took the plot seriously. The continent of Thedas is bustling with life: it is filled with various races, clans, factions and magic.

As part of the series, two comic series have been released. The first, Magekiller, tells the story of the killer of magicians Marius and his mentor Tessa. They hunt maleficariums – blood mages. Meanwhile, Venatori is gradually coming to power. As for the second comic book, it tells how the elf thief Vaei and the knight Sir Aaron Hawthorne try to steal artifacts. Readers loved not only the plot, but also the compelling setting.

Tomb Raider

10 gaming franchises with the best comics

Fans of this series loved the modern adaptation of Lara Croft’s adventures. Fortunately, Dark Horse Comics has released hundreds of pages of comics that reveal the heroine’s character and also explain her relationships with various factions.

In the story, Croft meets new allies and even enemies. We will learn about the true circumstances of her father’s death. And Lara also goes in search of the Mushroom of Immortality.

Silent Hill

10 gaming franchises with the best comics

If you like horror, be sure to play the games in this series. In this city, nightmares come true. The plot has earned praise from players and critics. Especially worth noting is the protagonists and the backstory of Silent Hill. In 2004-2008, comics based on Silent Hill were published.

They are dedicated to other inhabitants of this creepy town. A total of nine issues were released. The culture of Silent Hill is revealed from different angles. For example, we learn about a demented doctor, a disgraced artist, an armed bandit and other bright personalities.

The Halo Graphic Novel

10 gaming franchises with the best comics

Marvel Comics and Bungie partnered to create a comic book about the adventures of the Master Chief. Four plots expand the Halo universe.

The first story, The Last Voyage of the Infinite Succor, is set to coincide with Combat Evolved. The Covenant receives a distress call from an agricultural ship of the same name. The second plot, Armor Testing, takes place before Halo 2, when UNSC was testing the new SPARTAN armor. Breaking Quarantine recounts the efforts of soldiers to escape the Flood. Second Sunrise over New Mombasa tells the story from the perspective of a journalist about the events before the attack on New Mombasa in Halo 2.

Cyberpunk 2077: Trauma Team

10 gaming franchises with the best comics

Cyberpunk 2077 fans loved exploring Knight City with Johnny Silverhand and protagonist V. But that wasn’t enough. Fortunately, Dark Horse Comics has partnered with CD Projekt Red to continue the story of the vibrant but eerie metropolis.

Cyberpunk 2077: Trauma Team is dedicated to Nadia working for Trauma Team International. Unfortunately, after a skirmish with one of the clients, the entire team, except for the protagonist, dies. Nadia is undergoing treatment, after which she is transferred to another unit. However, the new client is not as simple as it sounds.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

10 gaming franchises with the best comics

After NetherRealm Studios released Injustice, fans wanted to watch Mortal Kombat-style fights featuring DC Comics heroes. This is what you see in the comics. The Joker kills Superman’s family, who in turn kills the villain. What else was there for the Man of Steel to do?

DC fans won’t be able to see Batman and his crew. But the main themes of the comics are of interest. The trust, loyalty and fairness of heroes and villains are challenged.

Metal Gear Solid

10 gaming franchises with the best comics

Fans of this spy series remember the adventures of Solid Snake well. Aside from the story and gameplay, fans loved the comic strip for some parts. In addition, comics were released based on the games.

Metal Gear Solid and Sons of Liberty are top-notch spy-themed graphic novels. It is curious that they retell the plot of the first two parts. They differ from other comics in their unusual style.

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