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The games in the series are full of all kinds of fauna, which is best not to joke with. Here are the 10 most difficult animals to kill in the Ubisoft franchise.

Far Cry is an open-world first-person shooter with survival elements in which animals are an integral part of the world. There are different animals in the games; Some can be hunted for hides and upgrade materials, while others are much more difficult to kill due to their predatory nature. Far Cry’s survival elements don’t make encounters with animals easy.

Animals are not just scenery for the world, they are a real danger and will resist if provoked. Some don’t even need to be bothered to lash out. All animals in Far Cry games behave differently, making each species uniquely dangerous. With that said, here are the 10 animals in the Far Cry franchise that are the hardest to kill.

These animals in real life can also be quite dangerous despite the fact that humans are much more dangerous to nature due to global urbanization and pollution. Every year, humans and animals come face to face in situations that sometimes lead to serious injury or death. The Far Cry titles perfectly demonstrate the intensity of these encounters and their aftermath.


10 hardest animals to kill
 | Easy Online Work

Eagles in Far Cry are nothing like regular eagles. In the title, you can often see how this majestic bird of prey carries a whole deer or pig in the air. Sometimes players only notice the eagles when they fly up and start clawing at them with their sharp claws.

This giant bird appears out of nowhere and deals decent damage to players. They are very difficult to hit in the air. Shooting eagles requires precise aiming and focusing. When you see a group of armed NPCs shooting in the air, there is an eagle nearby. When someone shouts: “Eagle! Eagle!” better stay alert.

Despite the fact that eagles are not dangerous to humans in real life, there have been cases of attacks by African species of eagles, especially the African crowned eagle (Stephanoaetus coronatus) and the fighting eagle (Polemaetus bellicosus) on children. Moreover, sometimes they found nests of these eagles with the bones of small people.

Komodo dragon

10 hardest animals to kill
 | Easy Online Work

The Komodo monitor lizard (Varanus komodoensis) is a lizard that gnaws at everyone in its path. The lizard’s scales protect it perfectly, and the size allows it to hide in tall grass. These huge reptiles can attack from nowhere, but even if you spot them, it will be difficult to get rid of.

These fast freaks have a fairly strong venom that makes their bites deadly. Sometimes they hunt in packs, so it is possible that one monitor lizard works together with others, attacking the player.

Fortunately, in the real world, Komodo monitors live in relatively uninhabited regions of the world on several islands, which means that their attacks are few and far between. However, in 2012, an elderly resident of Rincha Island in West Mangaray District was bitten by a monitor lizard while she was preparing feed for her livestock. She, fortunately, managed to escape from the huge monitor lizard. Her wounds were healed without serious consequences.

You know

10 hardest animals to kill
 | Easy Online Work

The honey badgers (Mellivora capensis) are the Chihuahua’s equivalent in the wild. They are small and fluffy, but aggressive and angry. They attack in groups and, given their small size, they are relatively difficult to spot compared to other animals. They are also more difficult to hit.

A single honey badger can enrage the entire enemy camp trying to kill him. But these are just classic Ubisoft enemies. Nevertheless, honey badgers are not afraid to devour the one who is bigger than them. In Far Cry 4, when tasked with catching a rare honey badger, players agreeing to a mission are asked, “Are you REALLY sure?” And then, “Are you crazy?” And finally, “What will be your last words?”

These predatory mammals have an insanely developed instinct to defend their territory, and they are almost impossible to destroy with conventional means. Their loose, thick skin prevents sharp objects, even arrows and spears, from piercing them. They rarely attack humans, as humans are too large to be their prey. But, if the attack nevertheless occurs and the person does not have firearms and a large amount of ammunition, he will not be in good luck.


10 hardest animals to kill
 | Easy Online Work

Waterfowl predators are much more difficult to kill than predators on land or in the air. This is due to the fact that players cannot use weapons while swimming, which makes them vulnerable to marine animals. The waters of Far Cry 3 are full of sharks. They have a lot of health, and they can only be attacked from land or from a boat.

Due to their great distance, they are relatively safe. If the player is unlucky enough to get stuck in the middle of the sea, he will most likely be torn apart by a shark. Pressing the correct buttons quickly will prevent the shark from eating you alive, and the beast will die from the machete.

In 2020, there were 57 confirmed cases of unprovoked shark attacks worldwide, 10 of which were fatal. Most of these occurred in waters off the American coast (33 attacks, 3 fatalities) and Australian coasts (18 attacks, 6 deaths).

Despite the fact that such data sounds intimidating, humans kill many more sharks. When you look at the numbers showing that humanity, on average, kills about 100 million sharks every year, it becomes clear who the predator really is.


10 hardest animals to kill
 | Easy Online Work

Crocodiles feel great both on land and in the water. Because of this, their attacks are unpredictable. Players can walk along the seashore one moment, and the next they can be torn apart by a huge reptile. Players must always be ready to act quickly.

The reason crocodiles are so difficult to kill is that players rarely notice them until they are in their mouths. They are pretty good at camouflaging and have scales close to armor. Players must collect first aid kits before engaging in combat, otherwise they will be torn to pieces.

These giant reptiles are among the most dangerous, even in real life, since about 1000 people are killed by crocodiles around the world every year. It is best to stay away from muddy shoals in warmer parts of the world, as these monsters can lie just below the surface. They will definitely not favor people invading their space.


10 hardest animals to kill
 | Easy Online Work

Obedient but gigantic beasts in the Far Cry franchise. If they are not provoked, they will not kill. However, if even one bullet hits the strong skin of the elephants, they will rush directly at the hunters, driving their skulls into the ground with their trunks.

Elephants can flip cars like the raging Hulk. Players can ride elephants and destroy enemy outposts. But, if you want elephant skin, you have to go through a lot. In Far Cry Primal, these beasts take the form of prehistoric mammoths.

In the real world, elephants sometimes kill people and cause a lot of destruction, but only if these aggressive animals run into villages, often without protection from such huge creatures. According to statistics, every year elephants kill between 100 and 500 people, both in Africa and Asia.

The Bears

10 hardest animals to kill
 | Easy Online Work

There are much fewer elephants and therefore more mobile. However, they are still tough and aggressive enough to flip virtual machines. They pin people to the ground before bullying them. Players should not only be wary of their sharp claws, but also avoid being pinned down by an angry bear.

This will trigger a quick event that will take a significant chunk of the players’ health. These furry monsters have many lives. This, combined with high damage levels, makes bears a versatile killing machine that is very difficult to defeat.

When it comes to true predators, bears are some of the most powerful animals in the world. They combine speed, power and adaptability. In the real world, they pose a threat even to armed people. Fortunately, they are also quite smart and know that it is best to avoid people rather than attack them. However, conflicts do occur, with the result that every year about 3 people in North America are killed by baribals (Ursus americanus), brown bears (Ursus arctos) and polar bears (Ursus maritimus).

The players are fortunate enough to have no water bears otherwise known as Phylum Tardigrada in the titles, as these microscopic creatures can be formidable enemies that are almost impossible to destroy.

Saber-toothed tigers

10 hardest animals to kill
 | Easy Online Work

Even a fully pumped player will find it difficult to overcome these animals. Saber-toothed tigers are ferocious prehistoric predators that attack out of nowhere. They are fast, agile and can take a lot of damage. These feral cats live in Far Cry Primal at the top of the food chain. They are fast for their size and can pin Neanderthals to the ground by scratching and biting them as the victim’s life flies past.

Saber-toothed tigers are super predators of the animal world. Killing one is like a surprise boss fight. Plus, things are complicated by the limitations of Stone Age weapons. Taming one of them is a huge advantage, as these cats can be ridden and are the fastest.

Like the characters in Far Cry Primal, primitive humans probably had a lot of fear when dealing with these powerful felines. Primitive people probably had to compete with saber-toothed tigers for prey, which led to direct conflicts. One can only guess how many human and tiger deaths have occurred as a result of these hostile interactions, and this number is probably quite large.


10 hardest animals to kill
 | Easy Online Work

Rhinos are armored ramming vehicles of the animal kingdom. If mammals were on the hero select screen, the rhino would be in the tank category. Rhinos are a lot like elephants. They attack annoying people by flipping cars and crushing enemies. The only difference is that rhinos are smaller and cannot be tamed under any circumstances.

Rhino soaks up assault rifle bullets like a sponge, it is too dangerous to approach it with a shotgun and it can quickly cover the effective distance of a sniper. Rhinos are also explosive resistant, making them some of the hardest animals to kill in Far Cry. However, this monster is no match for the next item on this list.

Despite the fact that rhinos are among the most dangerous in Far Cry games, in real life they pose no danger to humans. Only 1 or 2 attacks are recorded annually, which are most often not fatal. But that doesn’t mean they should be approached in the wild, as they can be just as dangerous as their game counterparts.


10 hardest animals to kill
 | Easy Online Work

Legends tell of huge man-eating monsters whose footsteps cause the earth to vibrate. They are taller than even the tallest giraffes. Their roar spreads for many kilometers, instilling fear in the most remote villages. Their strength surpasses that of the most powerful rhinos and elephants, trampling houses with ease. People who drank the Elixir undergo a terrible transformation, turning into these ape-like monsters.

The Yeti are powerful giants exclusive to Far Cry 4: Valley of the Yetis. They move quickly, so leaving is useless. They overturn trucks like people overturn tables. They crush people like ants. They can rip a stone out of the ground and hurl it at their enemies. Even the heaviest weapons will not be able to hit the Yeti. The most effective way is to take two anti-vehicle missiles, which immediately blow up the trucks, and shoot them twice clearly in the head of the Yeti.

In Tibetan, “yeti” comes from the words meaning “bear”, “man” and “wild”, which are great considering the appearance and character of this creature. The earliest legends about them date back to the period before the 19th century and tell about the “glacial creature” who was considered the god of the hunt for those who followed the Bon religion, the pre-Buddhist faith in Tibet.

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