10 hidden facts about Yennefer’s outfits you didn’t notice

Jennifer from Vengerberg is a lover of fine fabrics and luxurious ensembles. But here are 10 things you might not have noticed about her wardrobe.

One of the most striking characters in the fantasy franchise The Witcher, both in books and TV series from Netflix, and in games. Yennefer’s role as Geralt’s only true love, Ciri’s adoptive mother and a powerful sorceress made her a fan favorite.

One of the things that sets Yennefer apart from others is her impeccable sense of style. Despite Yennefer’s love of muted colors and black and white colors, she always knows how to draw attention to herself. Yennefer loves fashion and loves having a large wardrobe. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that there are some hidden details in Yennefer’s clothing, style and taste that fans might have missed.

Yennefer wants Geralt to dress in her favorite colors

10 hidden facts about Yennefer's outfits you didn't notice

At one of the moments in The Witcher 3, Geralt is given the opportunity to choose one of two outfits prepared for him by Yennefer for the commemoration of King Bran. One of the outfits in her favorite color is black.

If Geralt chooses the wrong outfit, Yennefer will be very disappointed and will inform him that she is not happy with his choice. Yennefer has a great sense of style and wants her and Geralt’s outfits to match when they go to celebrations and other social events together.

Yennefer likes to wear both dresses and pants.

10 hidden facts about Yennefer's outfits you didn't notice

Many sorceresses in the world of The Witcher prefer to wear dresses as often as possible. However, while Yennefer loves fashion and new clothes, she is very practical.

Yennefer knows that sometimes it’s best to just put on your pants and leave the dresses for more festive occasions. This distinguishes her from, for example, Keira Metz.

She is proud of her beauty, but is ready to hide it

10 hidden facts about Yennefer's outfits you didn't notice

Yennefer understands very well that she is beautiful. When Geralt meets her in search of Skjall in Freya’s grove, she mentions that she is inhumanly beautiful. And while Yennefer seems to be proud of her facial features, she is not conceited, and ready to hide them when the situation calls for it.

When Yennefer goes to the Chromonogo Katarina brothel in Novigrad to talk to a man who knows how to get to the Oxenfurt prison, where the sorceress Margarita is being held, Yennefer hides her face under a hood. She knows how important it is to save Margarita. And, although Yennefer usually doesn’t like wearing hoods and hiding her face, she still does it to go unnoticed.

In games, she has an alternate outfit.

10 hidden facts about Yennefer's outfits you didn't notice

Those new to The Witcher 3 may not be aware that Yennefer has an alternate outfit. The new outfit reveals more of her shoulders as well as her legs.

It was added to the game along with one of the 16 free DLCs in May 2015. Those who want Yennefer to wear this costume can enable it from the main menu of the game.

She doesn’t try to hide her crooked shoulders

10 hidden facts about Yennefer's outfits you didn't notice

Yennefer was hunchback before she turned into an inhumanly beautiful woman. However, the transformation did not completely hide what it looked like before. Yennefer still has sloping, uneven shoulders, suggesting that her back was deformed.

But unlike Triss, who prefers to hide the scars on her chest in the books, Yennefer is not shy about her shoulders and wears clothes that allow everyone to see them. Even at the first meeting, Geralt noticed that one of Yennefer’s shoulders was higher than the other, but did not tell her about it.

She buys her own clothes, unlike Triss

10 hidden facts about Yennefer's outfits you didn't notice

Another difference between Yennefer and Triss also concerns outfits. When Geralt and Triss go to a party together, Triss allows Geralt to buy clothes for himself, and also asks him to bring her the masks needed for the party.

Yennefer trusts her taste. She buys clothes for both herself and Geralt because she wants their outfits to match, but also perhaps because she knows that Geralt usually has no money.

Most of her clothes are black and white, but not all

10 hidden facts about Yennefer's outfits you didn't notice

Every Yennefer fan knows that she loves black and white and only dresses in these colors. However, this is not quite true. During the short scene at the beginning of The Witcher 3, there is a moment between Geralt and Yennefer that is easy to miss unless the player explores the room and instead goes straight to the courtyard to meet Ciri.

Yennefer is brushing her hair in front of the mirror, and Geralt points to her clothes on the bed. He asks if all of her clothes are white and black, and Yennefer replies that the only exception to this rule is her underwear. However, this fact is not returned to in the game anymore.

Yennefer later changes the color scheme of her clothes.

10 hidden facts about Yennefer's outfits you didn't notice

In most of the stories, Yennefer really only wears black and white clothes. However, players who didn’t develop Geralt and Yennefer’s relationship in The Witcher 3, or who don’t have the Blood and Wine DLC, may not know that Yennefer ended up changing her iconic color scheme. If Geralt and Yennefer are together, she comes to him at the vineyard of Corvo Bianco.

She is too hot in dark clothes, and Geralt says that she could dress in other colors, such as green or white. If Geralt later goes to Yennefer’s room, he discovers that she actually bought a new green and white dress. However, Yennefer does not wear it in the game.

Yennefer’s clothes shouldn’t fit the witchers … but they fit

10 hidden facts about Yennefer's outfits you didn't notice

An interesting bug in The Witcher 3 that some players might have missed if they chose a different option. It lies in the fact that Yennefer’s clothes are suitable for Geralt, Lambert and Eskel, although they should not. The witchers get drunk and they have the opportunity to put on Yennefer’s clothes to pretend to be sorceresses.

However, given the difference in physique, witchers should not fit into Yennefer’s clothes, unless the clothes are enchanted to transform to the size of the person wearing them. But if so, it is not mentioned anywhere in the game.

In some countries, scenes with Yennefer without clothes were banned

10 hidden facts about Yennefer's outfits you didn't notice

It was not easy for the developers to adapt the opening scenes to different cultures and countries. In the first scene in Kaer Morhen in Geralt’s dream, Yennefer appears without clothes.

This does not meet the Egyptian requirements, so in the Egyptian version of the game, Yennefer appears in this scene in her underwear.

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