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Synths play an important role in the storyline of Fallout 4, and here are 10 of the most intriguing facts about them.

As the remnants of humanity in the Commonwealth try to rebuild civilization from the ruins of a once-thriving society, they face a number of challenges. One of them is a more advanced and developed form of life – synths. This is how the inhabitants of the Commonwealth call synthetic humanoid robots, which they fear much more than, for example, a nuclear warhead in a city that is ready to explode at any moment.

All dislike for synths is rooted in a simple human fear of the unknown. If people studied synths a little better, their irrational fears would surely be dispelled. And as a Survivor in Fallout 4, you’d better avoid such prejudices and thoroughly study synths so as not to become another Paladin Dance for the Brotherhood of Steel.

Fallout 3 calls them androids.

10 interesting facts about Fallout 4 synths
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Synths, androids, soulless automatons. You can call them in any way, but they are firmly entrenched in the lore of Fallout, being noted even in the third part. In the Capital Wasteland (formerly Washington DC), where Fallout 3 takes place, these creatures were dubbed androids. By the way, the events of the third game take place several years before Fallout 4.

Over the past few years, the common designation for humanoid robots has also changed – from androids to synths. Father (or Sean) even emphasizes this detail in one of his entries in Fallout 4, mentioning that the development of androids has gone too far compared to the first models, which is why a new term appeared.

Humanoid synths can only be recognized after death

10 interesting facts about Fallout 4 synths
 | Easy Online Work

One of the reasons why these creatures are called synthetics or synths is that their appearance is almost indistinguishable from human. Synths of the last generation (third) at the time of Fallout 4 can easily be mistaken for people. And most of the inhabitants of the Commonwealth would hardly have suspected that something was amiss at the sight of such synths.

The only way to identify a synth is to kill it, gut it and find artificial parts in its insides. That is why in a post-apocalyptic society, many developed real paranoia, and they began to suspect that even their loved ones could turn out to be synths.

Fallout 4 features 10 synth variations

10 interesting facts about Fallout 4 synths
 | Easy Online Work

In addition to the three generations of synths in Fallout 4, you can find many unique variations of synths created for specific purposes. Some were created for warfare or to perform manual labor, while others became comrades and companions of lonely people, and this is only a small part of the reasons why synths were collected to order.

The following 10 synth variations can be found in the Commonwealth:

  • Sint
  • Synth patrol
  • Synth action movie
  • Synth scout
  • Synth Pathfinder
  • Synth soldier
  • Sint-stormtrooper
  • Synth leader
  • Sint-liquidator
  • Institute hunter

Institute hunters are the most advanced and dangerous synth variety. In this case, the very word “synth” is used both to refer to ordinary synths and to any synthetic form of life.

Some synth prototypes consisted almost entirely of organic matter.

10 interesting facts about Fallout 4 synths
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Inhabitants of the Commonwealth fear the Institute for many reasons, including the many crimes against humanity for which the organization has earned itself notoriety. At some point, the staff of the Institute considered the current synth models outdated, and therefore they decided to switch to a more advanced design.

They wanted to recreate the human anatomy in their creations. So began the terrible experiments on people, after which the mutilated bodies of the victims were sent to the scrap. The Institute’s workers wanted to create completely organic synths, but the experiments were never successful due to the fact that the bodies of all the test subjects were contaminated with radiation.

Synth creators abducted Commonwealth citizens

10 interesting facts about Fallout 4 synths
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As can be understood from the previous paragraph, the Institute has always needed experimental subjects for experiments. Despite numerous protests, the director of the Institute saw nothing wrong with kidnapping Commonwealth residents and conducting monstrous research on them.

The most active practitioner of this was Dr. Frederick, one of Sean’s predecessors at the Institute. The wave of kidnappings took place about 50 years before Sean became associated with this organization, and even a century later, the Institute has not managed to restore its reputation.

Sean became a DNA donor to create the latest synths

10 interesting facts about Fallout 4 synths
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Sean was especially important to the Institute, namely the production of third generation synths. He was called the Father, because his DNA and non-irradiated body served as the ideal basis for the creation of organic synths.

It was thanks to him that the Institute managed to move forward in its developments. If not for Sean, then the staff of the Institute would never have created an almost ideal form of life. Interestingly, some time later, Sean managed to lead this organization and gradually made it much less sinister.

Commonwealth residents’ fears of synths are related to an accident

10 interesting facts about Fallout 4 synths
 | Easy Online Work

Oddly enough, the fear of synths on the part of Commonwealth citizens has nothing to do with Sean’s actions. The reason for this was a series of unsuccessful events, which began at the moment when the staff of the Institute decided to test the synth-spy in the field.

Sean himself at that time was no more than 10 years old. And the aforementioned synth went crazy during the tests and began to shoot civilians in Diamond City. And when they dealt with him, it became clear that the massacre was not organized by a man, but by a synth, which made people even more afraid of the Institute’s creations.

Discrimination against synths in the Subway is a common thing

10 interesting facts about Fallout 4 synths
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The Subway is considered one of the smartest factions in Fallout 4, and its followers treat synths as sentient creatures. That is why they strive to free the synths and build a society in which they could peacefully coexist with humans. But their altruism towards synths is not unlimited.

Many members of the faction are sure that the synths of the first and second generations cannot be counted among intelligent beings, and therefore it is not necessary to save them. Of course, their comrades are trying to convince them otherwise, but they do not always succeed.

Destroying the Institute will incur the wrath of the synths

10 interesting facts about Fallout 4 synths
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Despite the arcade structure of Fallout 4’s gameplay and narrative, some of your decisions can have dire consequences – all in the best traditions of the RPG genre. If you regularly complete quests that somehow harm the Institute, then sooner or later your son will turn his back on you.

In the end, this can lead to the destruction of the Institute in the end of Fallout 4. If you delay in the game for the sake of side quests, you will find that squads of synths will announce the hunt for you. Although they are rarely clashed with, this indicates that synths were programmed to protect the Institute and take revenge on whoever was found guilty of destroying it.

Even after “death” synths remain conscious

10 interesting facts about Fallout 4 synths
 | Easy Online Work

Battles with the most advanced synths can turn into real horror at certain moments. Even if you shoot enemies, lowering their health to zero, synths, apparently, remain conscious. Looking closer, you can see how their eyes move in an attempt to analyze their surroundings.

Eerie scenes can be interrupted in only one way – by decapitating the defeated synths. This will permanently destroy synths, but keep in mind that restoring decapitated synths is much more difficult.

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