10 intricate games from Nintendo

Some of the titles created by this company have an overly complex storytelling. They are great on their own, but their plot can be difficult to understand.

For a long time, Nintendo has been developing and releasing games that are understandable. They surprisingly combine versatility and simplicity of gameplay. The name of the gaming giant has become a household name.

Be that as it may, Nintendo was not afraid to create titles with too confusing history – sometimes it is impossible to understand what is happening there. So, below are ten games from Nintendo with an unnecessarily complex storyline.

Devil’s Third

10 intricate games from Nintendo

One of the most hated titles in the meager library of Wii U. A prime example of how not to develop a game. Not only are the combat and heroes disgusting, but the plot is just awful. One of the main reasons for this is an attempt to explain illogical points with the help of Kessler syndrome.

Perfect Dark

10 intricate games from Nintendo

Unlike Devil’s Third, this is a great game that rightfully deserves positive reviews. It can be considered the spiritual successor of the legendary GoldenEye 007. In some aspects, Perfect Dark even surpasses its predecessor.

The action takes place in 2023. There is everything from aliens to a galactic conspiracy, so the plot is very difficult to understand. The advantages include an excellent combat system and memorable characters. They divert attention from the intricate storytelling, allowing you to fully enjoy the game.

Metroid: Other M

10 intricate games from Nintendo

Given the popularity of the Metroid franchise and the sophistication of Samus Aran (arguably one of the best heroines in the history of video games), it’s no surprise that gamers were looking forward to Metroid: Other M. It was supposed to fully reveal the iconic character.

The long-awaited part was released, and gamers were outraged by the most terrible interpretation of Samus. She has become a weak-willed soldier, completely dependent on her commander. Combine this with an incomprehensible and annoying plot, and then it becomes clear why fans want to forget Metroid: Other M as a nightmare.

The World Ends With You

10 intricate games from Nintendo

Recently, interest in this legendary game has increased. The fact is that a sequel to the original part was recently announced. The World Ends With You is one of the most unique titles on DS. Since it has a cult status, it was constantly re-released.

Keep in mind that the game has a long and convoluted narrative: the overall picture only develops closer to the end. This nuance is compensated for by the gameplay, characters and setting. By the way, at first the plot may seem drawn out, but over time it picks up the pace.


10 intricate games from Nintendo

A little-known SNES masterpiece that’s been in the shadows for a long time. Terranigma is one of the greatest RPGs out there. The game definitely deserves a remake, remaster or something like that.

It cannot be denied that the plot is extremely complex: the world is represented by a hollow sphere with two faces. But the most dedicated players will grasp the essence of an ingenious idea and fall in love with it … after they fully understand it.

The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

10 intricate games from Nintendo

Of all the parts of the series, this one is considered the most storyline. It features a deep game world and interesting characters.

Someone might argue that the story is too confusing, especially for the Zelda series, which is known for its simple but addicting scripts. However, the Twilight Princess storyline is one of the most exciting in the franchise.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

10 intricate games from Nintendo

This is one of the best strategy RPG franchises. The last part is no exception to the rule.

At first, it is difficult to grasp the politics of the Fodlane continent. The same is true for complex (albeit overwhelming) non-linear storytelling. Yet Three Houses’ plot is so engaging that its intricacy is not a hindrance. And some are even willing to bet that the game world is doing it good.

Octopath Traveler

10 intricate games from Nintendo

At first glance, this is a typical JRPG: eight separate stories are clichéd and very easy to understand.

Only after reaching the epilogue, you understand how the plots are interconnected: you are shown a bunch of text with an explanation. And the battle with the true final boss, Haldera, is confusing and annoying. Not only is this god unbearably difficult, but also the last save is located in an inconvenient location.

Xenoblade Chronicles

10 intricate games from Nintendo

Of course, you can’t discuss Nintendo’s convoluted plots without mentioning arguably the most popular JRPG on the platform.

Honestly, this rating could have included all three parts with incredibly complex narrative … but the setting and characters of this game are so good that you no longer pay attention to its plot problems.

Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity

10 intricate games from Nintendo

The announcement of this game alarmed gamers: many again wanted to explore the locations of Breath of the Wild.

And although the title turned out to be worthy, its plot is too complex. The Breath of the Wild universe could well have done without time travel. This element is key to the Age Of Calamity scenario, which negatively affected the overall quality of the game.

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