10 most annoying Genshin Impact characters

Genshin Impact is full of flamboyant heroes, but that’s not always a good thing. Here is a selection of characters that often get on the nerves of players.

Genshin Impact is famous for its charismatic and interesting heroes, but there are plenty of annoying ones among them. This is partly why the game has a harmonious dynamic that never lets you get bored. And characters can irritate in different ways: by their behavior, character traits, or even by their appearance.

But that doesn’t mean these characters should be avoided. On the contrary, they should be appreciated for the contrast they bring to the game world. After all, if it were not for these jokers, fools, rednecks and narcissistic snobs, then cute and pleasant heroes would not stand out so much against their background.

Bennett’s enthusiasm knows no bounds

10 most annoying Genshin Impact characters

Optimists are delighted with Bennett, but pessimists are sometimes able to infuriate him. He, like a stereotypical anime hero, simply does not know how to give up and give up, even though he has a lot of unsuccessful attempts to become the best in his field. But he still remains a pretty cute character.

Some are pissed off by the fact that Bennett repeats the same phrase in Japanese during a fight (bouken da bouken!). Moreover, it is not the phrase itself that infuriates, but the irrepressible enthusiasm in the hero’s voice. In the English voice acting, the line was made less annoying, but Bennett still says it often.

Xiang Ling is constantly in the clouds, and her fighting skills leave much to be desired.

10 most annoying Genshin Impact characters

Xiang Ling is somewhat similar to Paimon, only she is mortal and can be played as. She, like Paymon, does not shine with intelligence and ingenuity and is not at all shy about this. The heroine is most worried about food – especially the one that she prepared herself.

Therefore, she practically does not participate in the main events that affect the fate of the kingdom of Li Yue. Moreover, it is almost always outside of it. She also chooses very strange ingredients for her dishes (if anyone decides to try them, they will probably work E. coli). And do not forget about her elemental skill – the call of a panda, which does not really affect the fight and aims very badly.

Barbara’s overconfidence gets on her nerves

10 most annoying Genshin Impact characters

In every anime, where a couple of dozen heroes are collected, there is sure to be a noisy popular girl enjoying her own glory. At Genshin Impact, Barbara is perfect for that description. This is the shining star of Mondsstadt, who is fortunate enough to be born into an influential royal family.

Barbara had the audacity to proclaim herself an “idol” as soon as she learned just a word from a foreign traveler. Moreover, she lives according to the dogmas of the Church of Favonius, according to which sacred significance is attached to the religious symbols themselves, and not to their functions. Frankly, Barbara is very stupid and would not be able to recognize the deity, even if she was on the same battlefield with him.

Keii’s tricks and deceptions

10 most annoying Genshin Impact characters

You don’t need to be Dilyuk to understand that Keia shouldn’t be trusted. This is a crafty and cunning guy, capable of confusing with his solid appearance and impressive position among the Knights of Favonia. It is possible that it was Keia’s cunning that allowed him to rise to the rank of captain of the cavalry.

And Keia does not hesitate to deceive everyone he meets in order to obtain the necessary information. He managed to get around even the Traveler in the early stages of history. Yes, Keia is an extremely valuable ally, but he belongs to the category of friends with whom you always need to keep your eyes open.

Ke Qing is a boring stereotypical tsundere

10 most annoying Genshin Impact characters

Of course, an anime-style game could not do without anime stereotypes. And one of the most famous stereotypes in anime is the tsundere characters – rude and unfriendly on the outside, but kind and warm on the inside.

Ke Qing mostly shows off her annoying mask, not her real self – charming, down to earth and open. She constantly emphasizes her hatred of Rex Lapis, although in fact she has an impressive collection of figurines of the god Li Yue, and something tells us that she admires them for several hours before going to bed.

Fischl is a creepy snob who considers herself an elite

10 most annoying Genshin Impact characters

Nobody likes snobs with a superiority complex, and few authors manage to show such characters attractive. In most stories, snobs are simply unbearable. This is why Fischl is able to piss off both players and other Genshin Impact heroes.

In fact, Princess Fischl has only one friend in the whole of Mondsstadt, and that’s Bennett. But since Bennett is friends with almost everyone, that doesn’t count. We should also mention Fischl’s manner of speaking, which can cause a headache: the heroine is overly verbose and is used to communicating in a monotonous voice. Fortunately, she doesn’t get much attention in the global storyline.

Dione contradicts herself

10 most annoying Genshin Impact characters

Dione, like Ke Qing, is a classic tsundere, only she is much more hypocritical than other characters belonging to this archetype. The thing is, Dione hates alcohol, but instead of staying away from it, she decides to become the main alcoholic tycoon of Mondstadt.

And her tavern is deservedly considered one of the best in the region. The reason for the heroine’s hatred of strong drinks lies in her father’s alcoholism, and she herself blames Dilyuk for her father’s lack of willpower. Well, and the final touch in the image of the heroine: Dione is a typical teenager in the phase of rebellion.

Hu Tao’s rudeness and recklessness are not sympathetic

10 most annoying Genshin Impact characters

If we are talking about the rebels, then it’s time to remember about Hu Tao, who should have outgrown her adolescent maximalism a long time ago. Only a few, including Xiang Ling, can turn a blind eye to her unbearable character. As they say, tell me who your friend is, and I will tell you who you are.

Even the immensely patient Qi Qi cannot stand Hu Tao with her endless practical jokes. The heroine often makes inappropriate jokes, demonstrating the fact that she does not really care about human lives and that in principle she does not care about the feelings of clients in her funeral home.

Tartaglia is a liar and manipulator

10 most annoying Genshin Impact characters

There is an even bigger deceiver in the game than Keia – Childe Tartaglia. He is considered one of the strongest heroes of the Genshin Impact and is one of the eleven Harbingers, the ruling elite of Fatui. Because of his profession, Tartaglia is a pathological liar.

He lied to his younger brother about working in a toy factory. He managed to deceive the Traveler, and with him almost the entire population of the Li Yue kingdom. And Tartaglia also freed Osial, the main enemy of Rex Lapis, simply in order to fight a powerful god. Thus, he was willing to risk the fate of the entire kingdom in order to please his ego.

Paimon’s frivolity may be hiding something sinister.

10 most annoying Genshin Impact characters

And now to the fun part. From the very beginning of the story, Paimon looks like one of the most goofy heroines of Genshin Impact. She knows almost nothing and acts as an intermediary for the original dumb Traveler. And this raises some suspicions.

There are many theories according to which Paimon’s feigned stupidity is just a way to get into the Traveler’s trust. In the end, over time, she may even turn out to be the main villain of the whole story. Of course, as the plot develops, the heroine becomes much more interesting than in the early stages, but maybe the authors just want us to empathize with her before they turn her into an explicit antagonist?

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