10 most underrated heroes in Genshin Impact

The character roster of Genshin Impact is quite extensive, but not all heroes receive the attention they deserve. Here is a selection of the most underrated ones.

Genshin Impact features a variety of characters. And this list continues to grow with the release of each update, after which players usually replenish their teams with a couple of new fighters. For example, Eula (Cryo Heroine) and Yan Fei (Pyro Heroine) should appear in Update 1.5.

However, in the already existing roster of characters, there are many underestimated. Each of them has great potential, but it is rather difficult to master all their techniques. Some of them can play several roles on the battlefield at once, which confuses gamers even more, while others upset with their weak starting skills, which is why they are usually ignored when choosing. So, it’s time to get to know the most underrated heroes of Genshin Impact.

Bay Doe, pirate captain

10 most underrated heroes in Genshin Impact

Since the release of the game, Electro characters have been considered inferior to characters belonging to other elements, since Electro does not include powerful elemental reactions like Melt and Evaporation. That is why players, as a rule, do not even look closely at the heroes who control lightning.

However, Bei Dou does not need elemental reactions during battles. The characteristics of the heroine allow her to be used as the main attacking character, and her combat skill “Wave Call” is one of the most unique in the entire game. With this skill, Bei Dou goes into a defensive stance.

If at this moment one of the enemies decides to attack her, you can guess the moment and launch a devastating Bei Doe counterattack, which, in turn, will strengthen the heroine’s normal and charging attacks, so that she will begin to destroy opponents in berserk mode.

Barbara is not just a healer

10 most underrated heroes in Genshin Impact

Many players use Barbara in the early stages of the game, but in the later stages she is considered useless, as they believe that she has nothing to offer other than treatment. Moreover, her skill applies the Hydro effect on all characters, including allies. And if the “wet” heroes encounter Cryo enemies, they will freeze.

However, being wet allows you to get rid of nasty debuffs like the Pyro debuff. And, of course, it is worth noting that Barbara is one of the few healers in the game, and therefore is indispensable in locations with slow energy regeneration.

Keia can deal impressive damage

10 most underrated heroes in Genshin Impact

Since Keia is a free-to-play character, many players don’t take him seriously. Instead, they stubbornly try to knock out the necessary gacha-heroes, while Keia himself gathers dust idle in their collection.

And this is very sad because Keia is a very reliable character. He can perform both the role of a support and the main attacker. Keia’s normal attack multiplier is noticeably higher than other characters using swords. Since the hero possesses the Cryo element, he can easily trigger the Superconductor reaction, which further increases Keia’s damage.

Ke Qing’s strength in speed

10 most underrated heroes in Genshin Impact

Ke Qing is also often ignored due to her wielding Electro Powers. The heroine has fairly weak normal attacks, but their speed compensates for this disadvantage. Moreover, all of Ke Qing’s attacks allow her to teleport short distances, becoming invulnerable for a split second. That is, the heroine can quickly approach opponents and sometimes dodge dangerous attacks.

Her “ultimate” also does not do much damage, but after using the technique, the heroine gets a few seconds of invulnerability. Ke Qing’s combo attack consumes little energy, so it can be used quite often. Although she does not look like a dangerous attacking character, in skilled hands she can turn into a deadly fighter.

Lisa is hard to master, but worth it

10 most underrated heroes in Genshin Impact

Lisa, along with Amber and Keia, are included in the set of free characters that are given to all players when they launch Genshin Impact. The Purple Witch is disliked for her laziness, but on the battlefield she is capable of performing miracles. Alas, Lisa, like other starting characters, is often ignored when choosing.

The fact is that it is quite difficult to master all of her techniques and attacks. First, you need to learn how to impose the Conductor status on enemies, and then correctly catch the timing for causing massive damage. Of course, she’s not the best offensive character, but playing as Lisa, using her arsenal correctly, is real fun.

Xin Yan’s techniques are not easy to figure out, but she has great potential.

10 most underrated heroes in Genshin Impact

Some players don’t understand what to do with Xin Yan’s arsenal of techniques. And this is understandable, because a character can have several builds. If you focus on defense, the heroine will often use a shield, and if you equip artifacts for physical damage, Xin Yan will turn into an attacking character. By the way, we do not recommend using Pyro effects in builds.

In simple terms, Xin Yan is best used as an attacker with an emphasis on physical damage, since her constellations were created precisely to enhance her attacks. And if for some reason you do not have her constellations, then she can be used as a support for other heroes dealing physical damage, like Razor.

Noelle is an incredibly flexible character

10 most underrated heroes in Genshin Impact

Noelle is in the collection of almost every Genshin Impact player. It is guaranteed to be obtained from the Newbie’s Prayer – a banner that costs 8 intertwining destinies for 10 prayers. So 2 intertwining destinies can be saved when purchasing this banner.

Noelle, like other shareware heroes, many people prefer to leave on the bench. And in vain, because one of the best supports in the game. Noelle can both protect from damage and heal allies, and if you manage to get her last constellation, then the heroine will turn into a powerful attacking fighter. In other words, this is a versatile hero who will find a place on any team.

The traveler can adapt to any style of play

10 most underrated heroes in Genshin Impact

The Voyager is the first five-star character in Genshin Impact available to players. And he should not be ignored for one reason: he is an extremely flexible hero. Unlike other fighters, the Traveler can constantly switch between elements.

At the moment, you can create several Traveler builds based on the Geo and Anemo elements. And when Inazuma appears in the game, the Traveler will also acquire Electro-powers. Another plus of the hero is that you don’t have to spend several weeks farming to get it. It is quite possible to obtain it using the materials obtained for reaching the adventure rank.

Qi Qi on the battlefield can become untouchable

10 most underrated heroes in Genshin Impact

Many players hate this cute zombie girl, especially those who get it over and over again instead of more useful heroines. And she is also disliked for her meager set of attacks and techniques. All Qi Qi skills boil down to the fact that she can heal allies with a simple increased speed. It does not really use Cryo effects and does not create energy particles. This is why Genshin Impact fans are demanding a complete character rework.

But if you use your Chi Chi healing skills correctly, she can be turned into an auxiliary attacking character. In the right build, Qi Qi is capable of inflicting colossal damage to opponents, while healing allies along the way. And if you add to this her impressive defense indicators (the highest in the game), then the heroine on the battlefield becomes virtually immortal.

In the right hands, Amber becomes an excellent sniper

10 most underrated heroes in Genshin Impact

Amber can be safely called the most underrated character in Genshin Impact, and this is not surprising. Her skills do minuscule damage, and her normal attack is terrible.

But it is important to understand that Amber is a sniper, and therefore her fighting style is very different from other characters. It deals its main damage with the help of charging attacks, during which it targets the weak points of enemies. And with her Pyro Sight, Amber is able to maximize melt damage. All she needs to become indispensable on the battlefield is a talented build.

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