10 rarest pets in Terraria

In the game you can find many pets that will become your faithful companions. Here are the best of them.

There are hundreds of different pets in Terraria, and it’s hard to count them all. From tiny dinosaurs to flying skulls, Terraria has a pet for all tastes. Of course, there are also extremely rare individuals in the game.

In honor of the release of Terraria 1.4 on consoles (an update that introduced a couple of rare pets), we decided to collect the rarest pets in one list. As you might guess, many of them have very useful skills.

Dinosaur – Mosquito in amber

10 rarest pets in Terraria

The Dinosaur is summoned with the Amber Mosquito, which can be obtained by placing a block of silt, slush, or sandstone in the Washer. After being summoned, the dinosaur becomes a full-fledged pet that follows the player, and if the player flies too high, the dinosaur moves to him with the help of a pterodactyl, which drags him by the tail.

Why is it considered one of the rarest Terraria pets? Because the chance of it falling out of a block of silt or slush after treatment in the Washer is 1 / 10,000, and from sandstone – 27 / 100,000. Aside from the numerous Terraria mods, the dinosaur will top the list of the rarest pets in the game.

Tame Turtle – Algae

10 rarest pets in Terraria

The Tame Turtle is a rare pet that can be summoned using Seaweed. This rare item drops from crates in the underground jungle and from living redwoods. And since the number of chests and trees in each world is limited, you will probably have to explore several worlds in order to finally knock out algae from one of them to summon a tame turtle.

However, in Update 1.4, Algae can also drop from jungle and thorn boxes while fishing, making it a little easier to acquire a hand turtle. These crates can be found even during regular farming of resources in the jungle.

Fire – Spirit in a bottle

10 rarest pets in Terraria

Wisp is a pet that can only be summoned in Hard mode after defeating Planter. It drops from blue, rusty and cast armored skeletons in the Dungeon. This is perhaps one of the best pets in the game, as it always keeps close to the player, and also acts as a flashlight in dark caves.

It is also considered one of the rarest: you can knock a pet out of skeletons with a 1/400 chance (0.25%). So if you are determined to get the spark, then you will have to spend some time farming these mobs.

The head of the Skeletron cub is the Bone Key

10 rarest pets in Terraria

The Bone Key is not a particularly rare item, but it is incredibly difficult to get hold of. For this you will have to fight the Guardian of the dungeon – yes, the very creepy head that appears in the dungeon before you defeat Skeletron.

There are many different strategies to help you defeat the Dungeon Guardian. Since he is able to kill you with one hit, regardless of your equipment, it is best to constantly move and not stand in one place.

It is recommended to run along the platform that covers the entire location, luring the Guardian of the dungeon and constantly damaging him. And if you still manage to defeat the hardest boss in Terraria, then you are guaranteed to receive a bone key.

Tame Lizard – Lizard Egg

10 rarest pets in Terraria

The Lizard Egg drops from the Winged Serpent and the Lizardmen in the Jungle Temple, and this item summons a small green lizard that follows the player. The item belongs to the list of the rarest drops in Terraria.

The egg drops from mobs in the Jungle Temple with a 1/1000 chance (0.1%). Fortunately, these mobs spawn regularly, so you can easily farm them to get the right item to summon a tame lizard.

Puppy – Dog Whistle

10 rarest pets in Terraria

The Dog Whistle summons a puppy – one of the cutest as well as the rarest pets in Terraria. You can get it only during the Christmas event, and it drops from gifts with a 29 / 12,000 chance (0.24%).

Since Christmas events take place only once a year (and unfortunately there are no workarounds for activating events), you will have to collect as many gifts as possible in a short time to blow the dog’s whistle. Moreover, the chances of getting gifts from monsters are very small.

Baby Grinch – Baby Grinch Whistle

10 rarest pets in Terraria

Baby Grinch’s whistle, like a dog’s whistle, falls only during a specific event – in this case, we are talking about Frosty Moon. And to get hold of this Christmas pet, you’ll have to defeat the Ice Queen.

The Grinch whistle drops from it with a 0.95-1.67% chance, and therefore, technically, it does not fall into the category of rare items. However, he is also available only once a year and only after defeating the Ice Queen – not the easiest boss.

Companion cube

10 rarest pets in Terraria

This is a pretty interesting pet. It can be bought from a traveling merchant, but the exact rarity of the item is unknown, as there is no information on this topic in official sources.

The community claims that the drop rate is 1 / 10,000, but the actual drop rate is likely even lower. Moreover, it costs 5 platinum coins, making it the most expensive item in Terraria. So, even if you’re lucky enough to have a traveling merchant with a companion cube, you’ll have to fork out a lot.

Marshmallow fish

10 rarest pets in Terraria

Marshmallow fish is a rare pet that hovers behind the player’s back, accompanying him. It can drop with a small chance during fishing: with a 1/800 (0.125%) chance if your fishing power is pumped to 50, or with a 0.25% chance if you raise your fishing power to 100.

Despite the fact that it is quite difficult to get a marshmallow fish, you just need to complete the tasks of the Fisherman, improving your fishing equipment, and then sooner or later you will find this rare pet.

Black Cat – Unhappy Tangle

10 rarest pets in Terraria

The Unfortunate Tangle is a rare item that summons a Black Cat. This item appears in the game only during the Halloween event and drops out of surprise bags.

You will have to kill a lot of mobs in order to collect the required number of bags with a surprise, since the chance of falling out of the unfortunate ball is 0.67%. Fortunately, during the event, these bags are dropped from almost all monsters, so you should have no problem getting the pet.

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