10 reasons to play co-op

It’s always fun to race with friends in Fortnite, but sometimes you want something a little more relaxed. In this case, Stardew Valley is perfect for you.

Stardew Valley is a real rarity in the world of games, which feels like a warm hug. Few of the developers manage to combine a deep storyline with high-quality and addictive gameplay so successfully. You can endlessly look after the garden, fish and collect minerals, but even here it gets lonely over time, despite the abundance of interesting NPCs.

And when that happens, it’s time to call a friend and start a new adventure. The co-op mode of Stardew Valley only resembles a single player campaign in gameplay. In fact, completely new experiences await you, and all thanks to spending time together.

Clear the area in half the time

10 reasons to play co-op

Best to play co-op on a new farm. Forget about your long-playing solo save: if a friend joins in the final stages, then you will have absolutely nothing to do. Naturally, after arriving at the site, you and your faithful assistant (or subordinate) will have to roll up your sleeves and put things in order.

Alone, this can take quite a long time, because your territory is completely overgrown. Depending on which card you choose, getting rid of weeds and harvesting wood can take forever. If you haven’t played in a co-op yet, you will immediately notice how much easier it is to live and work with a friend.

Forget about endless watering

10 reasons to play co-op

One of the most time consuming tasks at first is watering the plants. The more seeds you plant early in the season, the less time you will have later. At least if you don’t have sprinklers or iridium cans on hand. However, at the beginning of the game, you can not even dream of them.

Regardless of your speed and watering can material, it is much easier to care for crops with friendly help. In addition to the efficiency of the process, working together is always more enjoyable.

Double the amount of food and resources

10 reasons to play co-op

Your success in Stardew Valley is completely dependent on energy. Over time, your character becomes more and more resilient, but maintaining strength requires good supplies, especially if you don’t have a kitchen and a bunch of ingredients to make the best recipes. In the accumulation of valuable resources, each assistant is worth its weight in gold.

Collecting berries and mushrooms will give you access to reliable energy replenishment. Moreover, with a partner, you will be much easier and faster to replenish stocks of any material (for example, wood or stone).

Variety of skills and professions

10 reasons to play co-op

Character development takes place along several branches of skills, which at a certain moment (at 5 and 10 levels) are divided into two different directions. For example, you can become a livestock breeder or cultivator and gain access to unique skills. That is, you need four players to gain access to all available professions.

Some perks are more useful than others, but you don’t have to have everything at once. Two players are enough to significantly expand the horizons of your farm. With just one partner, you can maximize the cost of plant and animal products and thereby significantly increase your profits.

Exciting fishing tournaments

10 reasons to play co-op

Fishing is one of the best activities in the game. Few farm simulators manage to evoke such sweet satisfaction from capturing all the legendary fish. Want to make the game even cooler? Compete with your friends and find out which of you has the most profitable catch.

These tournaments have two main advantages. First, glory and the right to brag to others await the winner. Secondly, your farm will benefit from the sale of high quality fish. Incentive idea: Whoever earns the most money gets a break from watering the next morning.

Even more help with farming

10 reasons to play co-op

You may already know that getting married in Stardew Valley provides certain bonuses, including a star drop. As cute or funny as it may seem to marry a friend’s character, as a practical matter, it’s best not to. After the wedding, the spouses-NPCs move to your farm and begin to help with the household: feed the animals, water the garden, repair fences and much more.

The more players live on the farm, the more spouses you are provided with. If you prioritize maximum efficiency, don’t miss out on this powerful perk, only available in co-op.

Use your luck to the fullest

10 reasons to play co-op

Luck is the most important stat in the game. Never miss a chance to reap the best benefits of Big Luck! For example, finding the Prismatic Shard is almost impossible, but if in the morning the TV reports that the spirits are completely on your side, immediately go to the Skull Cave and check this information yourself.

The luck modifier changes every day and applies to all players. This means that if you dream of catching a special fish or finding a certain artifact, then it will be much easier to achieve your goal with the help of an equally lucky friend. Otherwise, you can always split up, because you want to do so much in a day.

Nodules without unnecessary problems

10 reasons to play co-op

Completing knots in the Club is not an easy task. One mistake can cost you dearly, to the point that you have to wait an entire in-game year to receive some seasonal drops.

If you are playing with a friend, then you don’t have to do everything yourself. While one of you is busy with your daily activities, the other can safely leave for an octopus, which can only be caught in the summer until 13:00.

Reach uncharted depths in the Skull Cavern

10 reasons to play co-op

Exploring mines in a coop is much more enjoyable and exciting. In Skull Cave, the adventure aspect of Stardew Valley reaches its absolute maximum. Of course, it is much better to face the dangers of the Calico Desert with friendly help.

As you might expect, you will be able to take twice as many bombs and supplies on the expedition, which means that the number of levels you have explored will probably exceed a hundred. When playing in co-op, raids on the Skull Cave are strictly required!

Miracles of mutual help and support

10 reasons to play co-op

After all, many games are all about winning. In shooters like Call of Duty, the pleasure of the process directly depends on the level of your skills. In sports games, it all comes down to getting the most points. But Stardew Valley is a game changer and proves that sharing is much more fun than competing.

In games, having a great time with friends promises the best memories, but everything else is not that important. Stardew Valley is perfect for relaxing and having fun with your loved ones.

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