10 strongest magicians in the history of RPG

RPG games are rarely complete without wizards of all races, shapes, and colors. Here are 10 of the most powerful magic users in the history of the genre.

We are already accustomed to the fact that various sorcerers and wizards necessarily appear in various legends and myths, and therefore it is not surprising that this archetype constantly appears in modern fantasy. As a rule, in RPG games there are always powerful magicians around whom the plot revolves, and some of them are even presented as playable characters.

This collection features heroes from the mythology of various game universes, playable characters, as well as famous magicians who appear as NPCs. All of them master spells, being wizards, sorcerers or sorcerers, and are some of the strongest and most dangerous heroes in their RPG worlds.

Эгвин, World Of Warcraft

10 strongest magicians in the history of RPG

Magna Aegwynn, Keeper of Tirisfal, is considered the greatest mage in Azeroth’s history. She was a member of the Order of Tirisfal and became the first and only mage to learn the ancient magic of the Highborne wizards – magic that even the High Elves could not master.

It was Aegwynn who built the shrine of Karazhan when she was expelled from the Order, and later her son Medivh made a pact with the Burning Legion. It is difficult to find a character that would have an equally strong influence on the game universe (if you do not take into account Hellscream’s Thunder).

Азидал, Skyrim

10 strongest magicians in the history of RPG

According to the lore of Skyrim, Azidal was the first Nord to master the art of enchantment, and possibly the first person to learn elven spells. Some of his strength was innate, as in his youth he would have been quite talented and trained by elven masters, but he was also driven by revenge.

Returning to his homeland after training, he was horrified to find that his city of Saartal had been plundered and burned by the snow elves. He was instrumental in ending the rule of the Mer in Tamriel, and eventually joined the Order of the Dragon Priests. By the time the player encounters him, Azidal, driven by his irrepressible thirst for knowledge, is already a kind of magical undead.

Soraka, Starchild, League Of Legends

10 strongest magicians in the history of RPG

One of the strongest playable sorceresses in League of Legends. She, in fact, is a deity that took human form to get to Runeterra and fight on the side of the oppressed. On this, her background, in fact, ends, but this is quite enough to understand how strong she is.

Her nickname, Star Child, refers us to her divine origins. In the game itself, she got the role of a support, and her abilities are mainly aimed at healing and protection, but she also has more impressive skills – for example, resistance to the elements and the ability to nullify the powers of other characters.

Cloud of Darkness, Final Fantasy III

10 strongest magicians in the history of RPG

This is the final boss of the game, and it does not appear until the very end, so you have plenty of time to listen to plenty of different stories about its enormous power. The main purpose of the Cloud of Darkness is to plunge the whole world into its shadow, simultaneously destroying all living things.

She takes on human form, emerging from a real black hole. The Cloud of Darkness possesses impressive magical powers, which are quite enough to defeat all four warriors of light. This game makes her debut in the franchise, but later she appears in one form or another in almost every game.

Flemeth (also known by other names), Dragon Age

10 strongest magicians in the history of RPG

Flemeth, also referred to as the Witch of the Wildlands and Mother of Vengeance, is one of the most important characters in the Dragon Age lore. Flemeth is a legendary heroine and an ancient master of magic, and for the first time her sorcery skills manifested themselves during a brutal revenge. She appears in almost all parts of the franchise.

Flemeth possesses the skills of a werewolf and is able to use the powers of demons. She is an extremely powerful witch, but far from the only one of her kind. During her long life, she managed to acquire a large offspring, and all her children are also very gifted magicians.

Магус, Chrono Trigger

10 strongest magicians in the history of RPG

One of the main antagonists of Chrono Trigger, and his backstory includes many truly villainous deeds. Many arts and posters depict Magus with his favorite weapon, the scythe, but he uses magic much more often than melee weapons.

Magus’s destructive abilities are quite impressive: he possesses telekinesis and electrokinesis, knows how to manipulate ice, and also use dark magic. Moreover, he can create black holes and is immune to any spells that distort space and time.

Zamorak Mage, Runescape

10 strongest magicians in the history of RPG

There are various magical powers, and some of them allow you to arrange spectacular explosions and destroy dozens of enemies at once. Mage Zamorak is a member of the Magic Academy of Zamorak, and therefore there is no reason to doubt his knowledge of magic.

He also sells all sorts of runes that are indispensable for casting spells, and is also able to teleport players directly to the Abyss. But if your hero is wearing a thing with a mention of any god except Zamorak, then the range of services of the Mage Zamorak will be severely limited.

Mordenkainen, Dungeons & Dragons franchise

10 strongest magicians in the history of RPG

Mordenkainen, also referred to as the Mad Mage of Mount Baratok, originally appeared in the world of Oerth, one of the Dungeons & Dragons settings. He appears frequently in stories and modules covering Waterdeep and the northern Sword Coast.

Mordenkainen is officially considered an archmage, and anyone who plays the role of a sorcerer has probably already seen his name. He left a noticeable mark on the development of magic in D&D, and several spells are named after him – for example, Mordenkainen’s Electric Arc and Mordenkainen’s Power Arrows.

Yennefer from Vengerberg, The Witcher 3

10 strongest magicians in the history of RPG

Not only gamers and fans of the book saga have heard about Yennefer, since in the recently released Netflix series she was given one of the main roles. She is one of the strongest wizards in The Witcher, which in turn ranks among the most popular RPGs of the 21st century.

From birth, the heroine possessed magical abilities, which were fully revealed during her training in Arethusa under the supervision of another powerful sorceress, Tissai de Vrieux. Yennefer became the youngest member of the Council of the Order of Magicians, and also taught Ciri, effectively becoming her adoptive mother.

Goto, Fire Emblem

10 strongest magicians in the history of RPG

A powerful magician who managed to train many of the strongest sorcerers of the Fire Emblem universe (for example, Pontiff Miloa and his daughter Linde). He carries the title of Bishop, but is also known by the pseudonym White Sage.

Play for him is given only in a couple of scenes, since he is too powerful. Goto can use any tome or staff and can use both offensive and healing spells. Unlike other sorcerers, he has high defense rates and a long life bar, and therefore he looks more like a whole military squad than a simple wizard.

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