10 Xbox adventure games similar to Uncharted

This franchise is exclusive to PlayStation consoles. However, the Xbox also has some great titles of this genre.

You can bet the PS4’s secret to its success lies in its stunning collection of exclusive games. But Microsoft was not a miss: big-budget projects were released on the Xbox One. Of course, it’s not easy to keep up with Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series. Be that as it may, worthy analogs are still available.

In the annals of game history, there are many decent examples of multi-platform adventure. Many of them are similar to Uncharted. Naturally, you will not see recognizable elements of Naughty Dog there, and there are also enough shortcomings. But if you don’t want to buy a PS4, then check out the titles listed below.

Far Cry

10 Xbox adventure games similar to Uncharted

Be sure to play parts of this series. Although they are far from perfect, they can be confidently called quality. Far Cry will give you many pleasant hours. Usually, the protagonists of this franchise are boring characters, which cannot be said about the villains.

Fans of Rafe Adler and Harry Flynn will love Pagan Min and Vaas, not to mention their convoluted backstories. Combine that with fun ways to navigate the map, and you have a game reminiscent of Uncharted.

Prince Of Persia

10 Xbox adventure games similar to Uncharted

Quite a long series, like Uncharted. Therefore, the developers were able to bring the gameplay to perfection. Prince of Persia is a worthy alternative to Nathan Drake, and the games themselves are not bad.

The biggest plus of this franchise is its elaborate obstacle course mechanics, like Uncharted. The themes and locations are also somewhat similar. All in all, Prince of Persia is a great replacement for Uncharted.

Quantum Break

10 Xbox adventure games similar to Uncharted

The game is very similar to Uncharted 4: an exciting adventure with a charismatic protagonist. Moreover, both titles are console-exclusive and fairly linear, as well as sound quality. But there are also some differences.

Players are already accustomed to Nathan Drake, the series’ undisputed hero. Quantum Break also has its strengths: for example, the ability to make decisions. You do not just watch the development of the plot, but you yourself determine it. Both series are noteworthy. If you are a fan of one franchise, then the other will appeal to you.

Tomb Raider

10 Xbox adventure games similar to Uncharted

When Lara Croft plundered the tombs, Nathan Drake still walked under the table on foot. You could bet she’s a more competent treasure hunter. But if we close our eyes to their experience, the similarities between these heroes will become noticeable. Most likely, Lara will be liked by Drake’s fans.

Speaking of games like Uncharted, one cannot fail to mention the famous trilogy from Square Enix. Both series are packed with puzzles, artifacts, and compelling characters. The plot also has a place for paranormal phenomena. Tomb Raider games have a more elaborate combat system; the same can be said for Uncharted 4.

Just Cause

10 Xbox adventure games similar to Uncharted

Revolutionary Rico Rodriguez is a true chaos expert. In four games, he learned to move around the map in the most efficient way. Despite the monotonous storyline, Just Cause is a fascinating series of games.

Rico and Nathan are very similar to each other. For example, both heroes are reckless even in dangerous situations. If you want story games, then you’ve come to the wrong place. But fans of the “fun” elements of Uncharted will definitely love Just Cause.

Batman: Arkham Collection

10 Xbox adventure games similar to Uncharted

This series features one of the best combat systems. In addition, all parts have a gripping storyline. But comparing Batman to Nathan Drake is a subjective question.

Despite his dark appearance and hoarse voice, Bruce Wayne is a versatile character with a deep backstory. Another argument for this series is the villains. Although they are not very realistic unlike the antagonists of Uncharted.

Max Payne

10 Xbox adventure games similar to Uncharted

If anyone can compete with Nathan Drake, then it is Max. Rockstar’s anti-hero is more rude and harsh than the gallant adventurer, but charismatic at the same time.

The games in these franchises are fairly linear. In both cases, you have to visit unusual locations. But if Nathan is hunting for priceless artifacts, then Max wants revenge. If you do not need history lessons, then we advise you to get acquainted with the Max Payne trilogy. Its main advantages are a pleasant combat system and an exciting plot.

Watch Dogs

10 Xbox adventure games similar to Uncharted

The last installment of this franchise doesn’t feel like Uncharted, unlike the first two Watch Dogs games. Of course, Aiden and Marcus are not comparable to the legendary Nathan Drake, but they are also interesting characters in a way.

The first two parts were remembered for the combat system and puzzles, as well as for the high-quality open world. But Uncharted still holds the bar thanks to its unique selection of locations. In turn, Watch Dogs boasts a hacking system.


10 Xbox adventure games similar to Uncharted

Similar to Uncharted, Remedy’s game focuses on the power of the protagonist. But this is not the only notable element of these series. The reason the characters are so tenacious is because of their charisma.

While Control is less realistic, it is similar to Uncharted in its linearity. Lately, there have been a lot of open-world adventure games with a not-so-well-thought-out storyline. Luckily, Remedy and Naughty Dog did their own thing.

Assassin’s Creed

10 Xbox adventure games similar to Uncharted

Similar to Uncharted, the games in this series draw inspiration from real history. Of course, Assassin’s Creed focuses on brutal combat. But under the cloaks and hoods are characters, each with their own background.

In general, both series are linked by easter eggs and locations (albeit in different historical periods). Another common trait is the paranormal, although Nathan’s adventures are a little more mundane when compared to those of Ezio and the Brotherhood.

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