15 best romance games

Here are the best romance games from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to Bethesda’s legendary The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Sometimes singleplayer games turn into a dull routine, especially if you have already walked through all the locations several times, dealt with thousands of enemies and completed all available missions. Fortunately, in some projects, you can diversify your pastime by arranging full-fledged dates with the game characters and developing romantic relationships. And these relationships are built much easier than in real life.

Today there are quite a few video games, the creators of which have diluted the gameplay with romantic elements. And some of these storylines are so great that you might well fall in love with your virtual other half.

2019 and 2020 have been particularly prolific years for romance games. Some of them have completely realized novels with virtual heroes within the framework of those genres in which no one had thought about such a thing before. That is why they deserve an honorable mention in our large selection!

Final Fantasy VII Remake

15 best romance games

Almost all games in the Final Fantasy series have their own system of novels – albeit simple, but worked out to the smallest detail, and Final Fantasy VII was no exception, and here the protagonist has a little more options than usual. And in the 2020 remake (Final Fantasy VII Remake), Jesse also breathes unevenly towards Cloud.

Of course, you won’t be able to build a full-fledged relationship with her, because you have to choose between Tifa and Iris, but poor Jesse will be by your side all this time. Yes, there are noticeably fewer romantic options in the game than in other projects on our list, but in the case of Final Fantasy, quality is more important than quantity.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

15 best romance games

Can love be born on the battlefield? Apparently, as much as he can – and this is confirmed over and over again by games from the Fire Emblem series. Interestingly, the novels here are presented in a unique way and cannot be compared with the usual courtship presented in other games.

Interactions with potential partners also take place in the midst of the battle, and during the battles side by side, the relations of the heroes only become stronger.

Person 5

15 best romance games

Persona is similar in many ways to the Fire Emblem franchise – both series are regularly updated with sequels and attract new fans. Persona 5 fans often cite Persona 5 as the best part of the series, and part of the popular love is the sheer number of romance options.

Unlike Fire Emblem, Persona can only be played as a heterosexual guy, and therefore choosing the right girl in his role becomes a real headache, because the game throws up new options at the speed of some harem anime.

Fallout 4

15 best romance games

The novel system in Fallout 4 is simple and superficial, but still better implemented than the fantasy The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. After all, life as a widower / single parent in the wasteland is very difficult, and a caring other half will definitely come in handy.

But don’t be too nitpicky about potential partners: your options are severely limited, and most of them are human. You can solve this problem with the help of mods that will allow you to have romances with android detectives or even super mutants!

Star Wars: The Old Republic

15 best romance games

Developers of large MMORPGs think about the novel system, as a rule, last of all, since love relationships are very difficult to fit into global plots. Therefore, Star Wars: The Old Republic stands out so much against the background of other representatives of the genre: the companions of the protagonist are not at all opposed to starting romances with him.

And for this it is not at all necessary to become a Jedi, and the relationship itself can even lead to a wedding as your character levels up. In MMORPGs, this is extremely rare, and therefore Star Wars: The Old Republic is worth playing at least for the sake of this chip.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

15 best romance games

Ever wanted to feel like the Greek god of fun, fertility and ecstasy Dionysus? Well, now you have such an opportunity. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey has included a ton of interesting romantic options for both heroes of an epic story in an ancient Greek setting. During the passage of Odyssey, you can find yourself a mate on almost every major island.

In some cases, everything will be limited to just a one-time meeting, but sometimes, with the right words, you will have a full-fledged romantic relationship – even with characters of your gender, if you are interested.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

15 best romance games

Skyrim belongs to Nords and hopeless romantics. In the end, even killing dragons and absorbing their souls to pump the hero can sooner or later get bored. It is also quite cold in Skyrim at night. Luckily for the Dragonborn, he can find someone to keep him warm at night (no, not with dragon flame).

However, women in Skyrim are not your typical ladies to be bailed out of trouble. They can fight with you on equal terms and help in especially intense battles. By the way, even men can romance in the game, who are also capable of becoming your faithful comrades in arms.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

15 best romance games

In the two previous games, one could count dozens of romantic partners, but the elaboration of these storylines pales in comparison with The Witcher 3. This time, Geralt of Rivia has only two potential partners (not counting the representatives of the oldest profession), but the character of each of them has been worked out at an amazing level.

We are talking about the sorceresses Yennefer and Triss, And no, you will not be able to build a love relationship with both – this will lead to a sad outcome. But you can go through the game several times to fully open both storylines.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

15 best romance games

Even after a couple of decades, Rockstar Games has failed to recreate the magic of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It still remains the largest, most nostalgic and funniest part of GTA. This is an ideal game in every sense, in which, of course, it did not do without its own system of novels.

San Andreas has a lot of quests and mini-games built into the girls of the protagonist in Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. You will need to invite them out on dates, choosing suitable places to improve the relationship. Everything is like in real life, except for the constantly sitting on the tail of the police.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

15 best romance games

It was released relatively recently and has already earned recognition as one of the highest quality RPGs. It implements a complex system of dialogues and decisions, and almost every choice you make has very unexpected consequences that make you regret your decisions. Fortunately, the novels in Original Sin 2 do not influence the plot as much as the rest of the game.

But if you’ve been waiting for the typical “vanilla” romance, then you will be disappointed. In the game, you can start a love relationship with only two representatives of the human race (with a guy and a girl). And the list of other potential partners for your hero includes a brutal gnome, a bloodthirsty elf, a talking skeleton and a pompous upright iguana.

Stardew Valley

15 best romance games

A real paradise for lonely people. In this world, everyone is 20-30 years old, everyone looks great, flaunts luxurious hairstyles and is looking for a mate. Ideal conditions for finding your virtual soul mate. But the interesting thing is that before us is not even a dating simulator, but a farmer simulator. This means that the gameplay here is not limited to endless courtship of all the characters.

Moreover, Stardew Valley is one of the rare games in which you can have a wedding with a partner of your choice. And thanks to this, when immersed in in-game novels, there is a sense of progress.

The Sims 4

15 best romance games

If you are uncomfortable playing as pre-created characters, then The Sims 4 you can create your own character from scratch. You can also make a digital replica of your real soulmate and break her / his heart without any consequences.

You’ll quickly notice that The Sims 4’s dating and romance system looks pretty simplistic. Often, it’s enough to simply repeat the same actions to complete the craving scale. But there is nothing wrong with this, because it greatly facilitates the search for potential partners.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

15 best romance games

Damn the Jedi with their complex codes: in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic from Bioware, you can play the role of a Jedi and still have romance with other Jedi! Of course, in the end, both of you will go to the dark side, turning into the Sith, but it’s for the better – after all, your love is above the charter of a bunch of space monks.

In Knights of the Old Republic, you can romance only three characters, two of which are tied to the gender of the protagonist. But the quality of the elaboration of these characters is comparable to The Witcher 3, which means that before making an important decision (betraying or building eternal love), you will have time to properly get to know each of them.

Dragon Age: Origins

15 best romance games

Dragon Age: Origins was Bioware’s first major RPG since the release of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. And the studio has noticeably improved all the RPG mechanics, despite the fact that this time it was working on a fantasy universe, not a sci-fi one. For example, the heroes with whom you can build romantic relationships are even better than those we saw in Knights of the Old Republic.

There are four of them in the game, two of whom are ready to build relationships with the protagonist, regardless of his gender. Among these four, Morrigan and Leliana stand out most clearly, who begin to exchange cold barbs in the event that you decide to start an affair with both of them.

Mass Effect 2

15 best romance games

In Mass Effect 2, you play as Commander Shepard, and only you can decide which alien to sleep with, which one to marry, and which one to kill. There is a whole car of romantic options here, and they are implemented more interestingly than in previous projects from Bioware – this time the studio really surpassed itself. The game has the same number of options for a male hero and a female hero, and if you intend to build same-sex relationships, you can always download the appropriate mod.

A lot of interesting (and sometimes downright funny) encounters await you in Mass Effect 2, leading to romantic scenes. And what else should the protagonist do in endless space while waiting for aliens who are going to arrange an apocalypse?

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