15 locations of GTA V from real life

Like previous Grand Theft Autos, Grand Theft Auto V has locations based on real-world locations …

One of the best selling games is full of challenges that exceed our expectations. As with previous Grand Theft Autos, Grand Theft Auto V features real-life locations. However, the number of real locations in Grand Theft Auto V turned out to be more than we expected.

Their appearance is in many ways similar to the exterior of real places. In some cases, locations are nearly exact replicas. Here are fifteen real-life locations in Grand Theft Auto V, including the observatory, the well-known sign, and the famous mountain.

Game developers have included real-world locations in their games for years. Marvel’s Spider Man is perhaps the best example of this, as the game features almost all of New York’s most famous landmarks. Rockstar Games take a slightly different approach in the GTA series, preferring to create fictional locations based on and inspired by real cities.

In the case of GTA V, that city is Los Angeles. However, despite the fictional status of Los Santos, the city includes many recognizable Los Angeles landmarks.

Bishop’s WTF?! (прототип — Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!)

15 locations of GTA V from real life

Bishop’s WTF ?! located on Vinewood Boulevard and is a museum of oddities and wonders. Apparently, he is named after the eponymous character in the movie Alien; a great hint of a real analogue, the name of which coincides with the name of the main character of the film – Ripley.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! first appeared as a newspaper column in 1918, and has since been adapted to a wide variety of formats, including radio and TV series, books and of course museums. One of these museums is located on Hollywood Boulevard, and it was he who inspired the museum in GTA V.

The Vinewood Bowl (prototype – Hollywood Bowl)

15 locations of GTA V from real life

Located in the luxurious Vinewood Hills, Vinewood Bowl is an outdoor amphitheater and is the filming location for the fictional reality show Fame or Shame. There is ample parking nearby as well as a small quirky café catering to all the thirsty concertgoers.

Its real-life counterpart, the Hollywood Bowl, has a lot to do with a fictional location, although there may be a little more in the first scene. The iconic venue, which opened in 1922, has a seating capacity of 17,500 and serves as an ideal meeting place for Hollywood’s wealthy and influential.

The Oriental Theater (prototype – Grauman’s Chinese Theater)

15 locations of GTA V from real life

Grauman’s Chinese Theater, or TCL Chinese Theater as it is now called, is one of the most iconic venues in Los Angeles. Premieres of the most famous films took place here, as well as traces of the hands and feet of the most famous people in Hollywood.

The Oriental Theater in GTA V almost perfectly replicates the famous site, especially in terms of the distinctive design of the roof and columns. Most interestingly, Vinewood Star Tours say the Oriental opened in 1928, a year later than Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

The Vinewood Von Crastenburg Hotel (prototype – Roosevelt Hotel)

15 locations of GTA V from real life

While Von Crastenburg Hotel & Resorts appears to be based on the Hilton chain, the Vinewood location is likely inspired by the Roosevelt Hotel. It is located on Clinton and Meteor Streets and has a swimming pool, nightclub and restaurant.

The Roosevelt Hotel, which inspired the gaming location, is the oldest permanent hotel in Los Angeles. It has a Spanish-style exterior that can also be seen in the game. The hotel first opened its doors almost a century ago, and in 1926 it hosted the very first Academy Awards.

Tequi-La-La (prototype – Whiskey A Go Go)

15 locations of GTA V from real life

Tequi-la-la was once a mafia-run restaurant and is now one of Vinewood’s trendiest nightclubs. It can be found on Boulevard Eclipse. The club appears in many missions in GTA V and GTA Online. There is also a games room in the basement where you can play darts or arcade QUB3D.

Its real counterpart is called Whiskey a Go Go and has stood proudly on Sunset Boulevard for over half a century. Over the years, countless renowned bands and musicians have performed here, including Led Zeppelin, System of a Down and AC / DC. The nightclub is so popular that it has its own official TV channel on Roku Connected TV, and a human gene was named after it in the late sixties.

Galileo Observatory (prototype – Griffith Observatory)

15 locations of GTA V from real life

Players have probably visited this place more than once in Grand Theft Auto V and did not even realize that this is an observatory. Players cannot use the observatory, although coins can be used to observe the city through telescopes located along the perimeter of the location. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the views of Los Santos.

Galileo Observatory is inspired by the Griffith Observatory, a landmark in Los Angeles. It would be nice to get inside the Galileo Observatory. Maybe some landmarks will open in Grand Theft Auto VI.

Vinewood sign (prototype – Hollywood sign)

15 locations of GTA V from real life

This item shouldn’t come as a surprise to players visiting the Vinewood Hills or other nearby locations. The Vinewood sign, as many may have guessed, is inspired by the Hollywood sign in Hollywood, Los Angeles. It serves as a symbol of the Vinewood area, which is an integral part of the fictional city of Los Santos.

In real life, Hollywood is a popular tourist destination and one of the most famous destinations in the United States. The only thing missing in Grand Theft Auto V is the ability to climb the sign!

Del Perro Pier (прототип – Santa Monica Pier)

15 locations of GTA V from real life

For those who have traveled to the United States, the existence of this location in Grand Theft Auto V should come as no surprise. Del Perro Pier is a fictional location in the world of Grand Theft Auto V, but its layout was inspired by Santa Monica Pier.

Santa Monica Pier is another California location in the game. Most of the locations in Grand Theft Auto V based on real-world locations are from California. The similarities between Santa Monica Pier and Del Perro Pier are quite characteristic.

Vespucci Beach (prototype – Venice Beach)

15 locations of GTA V from real life

Even real geologic locations have been added in Grand Theft Auto V. Vespucci Beach, located on the west coast of Los Santos, is a place where hipsters and common people often visit.

The beach overlooks the Pacific Ocean and vaguely resembles Venice Beach. Most likely, most players have visited Vespucci Beach several times to see super yachts or ride Sea-Doo. Venice Beach is another example of a real-world location in Grand Theft Auto V.

Big Creek Bridge (prototype – The Bixby Bridge in Big Sur, California)

15 locations of GTA V from real life

Those who have ever driven the West Highway or boated west in Grand Theft Auto V have seen the Big Creek Bridge for sure. The reservoir that flows under the Big Creek Bridge ends in the mountains.

Many players may not have known that the Big Creek Bridge in Grand Theft Auto V was inspired by The Bixby Bridge in Big Sur, California. The similarities between the two bridges are striking. This is one of the many secrets of Los Santos, which only a few know about.

Easter egg Playboy mansion (prototype – Playboy mansion)

15 locations of GTA V from real life

This iconic place comes alive at night, so it’s best to visit the Playboy Mansion after sunset. Of course, the location is inspired by the real Playboy mansion. There is even a grotto here, like in a real mansion. This adorable Easter egg has been created with attention to detail.

Despite the fact that Hugh Hefner has already passed away, the Playboy mansion remains an iconic Los Angeles landmark. And with games like Grand Theft Auto V, Hugh Hefner’s legacy lives on.

Murlow Vineyards (possible prototype – The Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyard)

15 locations of GTA V from real life

Merlow Vineyards are located in the northern part of Los Santos. The northern part of the city boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes in the game. The Murlow Vineyards were likely inspired by The Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyard, given the high degree of similarity between the two.

The house sits on top of a hill, just like The Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyard. This is one of those places in Grand Theft Auto V not to be missed!

Mount Chiliad (possible prototype – Mount San Jacinto)

15 locations of GTA V from real life

Mount Chiliad is the tallest mountain in Grand Theft Auto V and home to many conspiracy theories. The mountain is famous for many mysteries, including the appearance of Bigfoot and UFOs. Probably, the mountain is based on the peak of San Jacinto, given the similarities in appearance.

Mount Josiah and Mount Gordo are the other two mountains in Grand Theft Auto V. It is also possible that Mount Chiliad is a replica of Mount San Antonio or San Gorgonio.

Los Santos River (prototype – Los Angeles River)

15 locations of GTA V from real life

This iconic location in Grand Theft Auto V called the Los Santos River was inspired by the Los Angeles River. Races and missions take place in this location, so experienced players have already encountered it several times.

The worn out look of the place complements the game perfectly, although the size of the river has been reduced slightly. Why Rockstar Games decided to make the river smaller than it actually is is unknown. They may have shrunk the river so that players can drive across it.

Ranch Towers (prototype – Watts Towers in Watts, Los Angeles)

15 locations of GTA V from real life

One of the lesser-known locations in Grand Theft Auto V that is inspired by the real-world is the Ranch Towers. They are located in the southern part of Los Santos and are a replica of the Watts Towers in Los Angeles. The Ranch and Watts Towers serve only as decorations.

The Watts Towers were designed by the architect Sabato Rodia. According to discoverlosangeles.com, in 1921, with the help of his brother, Rodia bought an oddly shaped lot on 107th Street, 1765E.

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