9 games with the best weather effects

Thanks to them, the setting of the game becomes more realistic. Learn about titles with stunning weather effects.

Almost no one thinks about this aspect when buying a game. Quality weather effects can be considered a bounty on the part of the developers: they put their heart and soul into this seemingly optional element.

People often talk about the weather in animation (like Frozen or WeatherChild), which is not the case with video games. Some titles do not pay due attention to the weather, especially if the action takes place indoors. This article will focus on long-term open world games.

Red Dead Redemption 2

9 games with the best weather effects

Not only is the weather beautiful in this game, but it also affects the gameplay. As in reality, some weather events occur only in a certain area. Dust and snow storms, fogs, rain. Keep an eye on the temperature and dress for the weather.

Days Gone

9 games with the best weather effects

Many would agree that this game features the best weather effects. Survival horror of 2019 tells the story of post-apocalyptic Oregon. In the role of Deacon, you have to find your wife. One of the main elements is riding a motorcycle.

The dynamic weather system drove critics and gamers alike crazy. For example, falling snow remains on the ground and on objects. The weather also affects the handling of the bike. In addition, freaks (local enemies) become more dangerous in cold weather.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

9 games with the best weather effects

In this game, no mathematical algorithms were used for the functioning of weather phenomena. Take advantage of the benefits. The fog can hide both you and opponents.


9 games with the best weather effects

The racing game came out in 2014, but some awesome weather effects were added in a patch. Raindrops look especially realistic. During a snowfall, your visibility deteriorates (just like in real life).

It’s not just the weather that makes the impression. For example, a wet road reflects light, and the size of the puddles depends on the intensity of the liquid precipitation.

Witcher 3

9 games with the best weather effects

The third part is a huge breakthrough for the entire series. This also applies to the weather. The storm can interfere with your swims. Very often before the rain, you can see how clouds envelop the sky before the rain. As with Red Dead Redemption 2, weather conditions depend on your location. For example, rain and fog are common in the swamps of No Man’s Land. Thunderstorms are frequent on the Skellige Islands.

Moreover, some players have created mods that detail weather events.

Sea Of Thieves

9 games with the best weather effects

The first-person multiplayer game was released in 2018. Just like in real life, the weather is essential. Watch the wind: it will fill your sails. The fog will hide both yours and the enemy ship. Rain will fill the deck with water, and in a thunderstorm, your ship can be affected.

In this game, you often have to take risks, and in this case, do not forget about the weather: it can become both an indispensable assistant and a worst enemy.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

9 games with the best weather effects

The open-world RPG is full of picturesque landscapes and imposing robots. Fight with them using arrows, spears and traps. Similar to The Witcher 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2, the open world of Horizon: Zero Dawn has very varied weather.

Before the release of the game, it was planned to add random lightning. But in the end, the developers decided that randomly hitting players and enemies is not fair.

Ghost Of Tsushima

9 games with the best weather effects

The 2020 action adventure has been praised for its combat system, historical accuracy, and graphics. Ghost Of Tsushima has won awards for soundtrack, visual effects and artwork. Weather events play an important role in all of these elements. They not only look great, but they change depending on your playing style. For example, bad weather is typical for lovers of ghost skills.

Of course, you can always change the weather with a flute. But the weather still serves as a scale for your morality – a very nice little thing.

Mad Max

9 games with the best weather effects

Sandstorms in this game are just a sight for sore eyes: they are both scary and beautiful. If your car is not improved then problems can arise. The viewing angle is limited, and during a thunderstorm, lightning can cause a fire.

Driving during precipitation is a pleasure. Many players commented that this is one of the best Mad Max moments.

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