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A party dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the painting was held in Moscow on May 18 Down House by Roman Kachanov… At the event, the director presented his new film “March of the Morning Dawn”.

The guests began to gather by the beginning of the evening. Zhenya Lubich, having made a sound check, retired to the dressing room, the actresses from the film, the poet Sola Monova (who also starred in “March”) sat pensively at the bar, reporters set up cameras, and the DJ prepared to stand at the soundbar. Roman Kachanov met guests, posed for photographers and gave interviews to journalists.

Very quickly the hall of the bar “Mumiy Troll” was filled with friends, colleagues and partners of the director. Apparently, thanks to them, a special atmosphere reigned at the party, in which the energies of freedom, creativity, glamor and soulfulness circulated. And at the epicenter of this “correct” fun was Roman Romanovich, who united around himself not only honored art workers, but also young talents.

As the media have already noted, “March of the Morning Dawn” will be notable for the fact that in the film, in addition to becoming living legends Artemy Troitsky, Garika Sukacheva and Zhanna Aguzarova, is played by a whole galaxy of young actors: Anfisa Vistinghausen, Alexandra Kiseleva, Varvara Komarova, Teresa Diuro, Ivan Semenov, Dan Rozin, Kuzma Kotelev etc.

Roman Kachanov is sure that all these guys will have a great future in the industry.

“I am often asked why you took on unknown actors. And I want to note that they are just famous, because young people go to the cinema (not to be confused with television). And it is in the cinema that my guys are already well-known: they are known by young people who do not watch TV and are poorly guided in Soviet and post-Soviet films, ”said the director.

She also made her acting debut in a film for musicians. Semyon Liseychev (MC Senechka), Vasya Zvezdkina (“Balls) and Felix Bondarev (RSAC).

With musical guests, the evening turned out to be musical. In addition to the velvet-voiced Zhenya Lubich, who sang, among other things, a song written specifically for the “March of the Morning Dawn”, MC Senechka, Gara Kachanova, and also Maxim Kucherenko… One of the permanent leaders of the group Underwood during the performance of a cover by a Petersburg singer Olga Zubkova I sang from the audience to the song “While I loved you”, and to the song “Gagarin, I loved you” I jumped onto the stage and sang it in chorus with the guests. Nike Borzov preferred to sing along from the audience to the cover of the song “Quarrel”.

The event also hosted the premiere of the trailer for the “March of the Dawn” movie and two songs written especially for it. Insiders who saw the film’s rough cut out of the corner of their eye noted its connection to Down House and DMB.

In the final of the event, the composer of Down House, DJ Gruv, said: “When we made the picture, none of us thought that it would become a cult for a whole generation. We just got high from work, from the process, from communication with each other. “

Roman Kachanov immediately objected: “I thought! I hope that the new film will become something the same. ” We also hope. And we are waiting for the premiere this fall!

Text – Alya Koldunova

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