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There is no escape from the creative crisis.

Alan Wake will take up his shamefully ineffective flashlight again this year and return to the charming – and slightly lethal – city of Bright Falls in a 4K remaster of the acclaimed horror movie of 2010.

A dozen years ago, Wake’s misadventures, which came during his period of creative crisis, sent many circles on the water – and not only because the poor writer stayed at the house on the lake. The game managed to impress us a couple of years later when it came to PC.

Fans have been clamoring for a return to Bright Falls for years – a famine that only intensified after it became clear that Control was set in the same universe, culminating in some Alan Wake-style expansions. Remedy is also working on an unannounced game from the shared universe of Control and Alan Wake, and it may very well be Alan Wake 2. Or it may not! The project is now in full development, so we hope that everything will be clarified more or less soon.

A remaster may not satisfy the appetites of those who cannot live without continuation, but after ten years, many of you will probably not mind repeating the past, only more beautiful. The new version will include the main game and two add-ons, all prettier thanks to the magic of 4K, plus comments from the creative director and Max Payne’s face – Sam Lake.

In case you need to be reminded, or you don’t know at all, Alan Wake is a mixture of the intrigue of a small surreal town like in Twin Peaks and horror like Stephen King. Inanimate objects turn into possessed monsters, the inhabitants of the town become murderers tainted by shadows, and it is never clear what is real and what is not. Well, at least there are no questions about where the switch is. Bright Falls is often quite dark.

Wake himself is a very unpleasant protagonist, and the salt of the combat system, about enemies who can only be injured by shining a flashlight on them – when you are not busy looking for batteries – quickly becomes boring, but the journey is still exciting. Plus, when my journey finally ended, I suddenly realized that the stressful battles and the constant need for work lights had done wonders for me to immerse myself in Wake’s sweaty boots.

The episodic structure – the game runs as a whole, but the narrative is broken up into individual episodes – was also very good. Greatly reinforces the Twin Peaks and Twilight Zone parallels, and beyond that, I really love the impact of this kind of narrative organization on the pace of the story, the way the player is given small breaks in a series of intense nightmares. Sometimes you just want the game to tell you that there’s nothing wrong with going out and making a sandwich, or putting off part of the story until tomorrow.

Remedy announced the remaster in an open letter from Sam Lake on The Sudden Stop, an online community that has been online since 2012. The studio said it wanted to share the news with some of its most dedicated fans to thank them for their support over the years – a very noble gesture.

Alan Wake Remastered hasn’t got a release date yet, but you won’t have to wait long. The game will be released this fall on the Epic Games Store.

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