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Judging by the update of the first part, the sequels will join the fun in 4K.

A few months after Crytek released a remaster of the first game, the studio announced that Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 would follow suit.

Two updated sequels will be available for purchase either separately or together, with a remaster of the first game included. It came out on PC back in September, with good ray tracing to the derisive “Will the new Crysis run on my PC?” – although, fortunately, the default settings were not as bad for the computer system as in the original game. For some reason, the remaster did not include several things that were previously announced, for example, the button for quick access to grenades and the ability to make dodges, but later they were still returned to the game.

The Crysis 2 remaster was announced – and confirmed this month – by posting to the game’s Twitter account with the quote “they called me the Prophet”. Below, screenshots have been added with clearly updated graphics, which, in fact, turned the announcement into a full-blown announcement.

So far, Crytek is silent about the Crysis 3 remaster, but it will still be nice to see a completely revamped trilogy. When Evan reviewed Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 some time ago, he rated them pretty well – Crysis 2 got an excellent 89 points, while Crysis 3 got a little less – a decent 81 points.

Both updated sequels will be available on PC sometime in the fall of 2021. Judging by the fact that the remaster of the first part was exclusive to the Epic Games Store, the same should be expected from the other two games.

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