An incredible piece of beauty from Minecraft, built inside a block | Easy Online Work

Craftsmen-builders from Minecraft continue to amaze.

It is high time for the Minecraft building community to stop with all these magnificent creations, because well, I can’t reach for my jaw so many times in a row. This underwater world, for example, called “The Lost Kingdom”, created by user Voenixx_ – I have never seen anything like it.

And this is not just a gorgeous Minecraft craft, it is (as many have already noticed on Reddit) a full-fledged work of art. In order to showcase their work in the most favorable light, many Minecraft artists export blocks from the sandbox game to Blender, where they complete their work with visual 3D effects. The results are usually similar to what we see with Voenixx_.

The Lost Kingdom is not available for download and play in Minecraft, so we just have to peer at the photo until our eyes fall out. In full resolution, the picture can be seen below – do not forget to go to “full screen” and zoom in properly so as not to miss a single wonderful detail.

Voenix_ is responsible for some other eye-popping work, such as the pirate cove hidden inside a giant skull and the rebuilding of Drachenburg Castle. Minecraft players are generally talented people, and if your soul wanted more beauty, try this texture pack that turns Minecraft blocks into Lego bricks, or check out these Minecraft blocks in real life.

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