Android apps stopped working all over the world. How to solve a problem

Unfortunately, no one is safe from malfunctioning of any software, because just one mistake in the code can lead to very unpleasant consequences. This is exactly what happened today, March 23, 2021. It goes without saying that all this was a very big surprise for many people, since very few people expected and could imagine that something like this could ever happen at all, but it did happen, to our great regret. Applications for the Android operating system stopped working all over the world, and the crash affected residents of more than 150 countries around the world, including World, Ukraine, Belarus and a number of other states. The fault was a mistake made by Google.

The owners of smartphones running Android, released by various companies, including Xiaomi, began to complain that various applications began to work incorrectly for no apparent reason. The software does not start, crashes, or does not work correctly, up to a complete freeze. The problem was so widespread that it affected more than 1 billion electronic devices around the globe, so Google responded immediately. The corporation announced that an updated version of the WebView component, which is used in many modern applications, made a fatal error that caused many programs and games to stop working properly.

Android apps stopped working all over the world.  How to solve a problem

The problem is so significant that it is causing hundreds of thousands of applications to malfunction and are no longer able to function properly. The WebView component updates automatically in the background, which is why users of all mobile device models that already have the updated software have been affected by this crash. Against the background of such a state of affairs, Google withdrew the update, and for all users released an updated version of it, in which it urgently fixed such an annoying problem in a few hours. To fix it, you should visit the Google Play store, and then install the latest version of the Android System WebView component and the Chrome browser from there.

Android apps stopped working all over the world.  How to solve a problem

In addition, there is another way to fix the problem. In order to get Android applications to work normally, you should launch the “Settings” application on your smartphone, then go to “Applications” and click on the button in the form of three dots. Following this, you need to enable the display of system applications and find the Android System WebView component through the search bar. Next to this element, you must click on the “Delete updates” button, and then reboot the mobile device. After such an operation is completed, everything will return to normal and applications for the “green robot” will start working correctly. The American corporation Google officially apologized to everyone for the mistake made by its developers, which led to such a world-class problem.

It was recently reported that Google has slashed the price of all Android apps and games.

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