Apple has released iPhone 13. It is the best smartphone in the world

It’s no secret that even if many people use the products of companies such as Huawei and Xiaomi, and at the same time many others, they still dream of Apple mobile devices, finding them the best among all existing in the world. Of course, there are certain drawbacks and shortcomings in the products of the “apple” corporation, but it is quite obvious to itself that there are much fewer of them in comparison with the number of advantages. Today, February 15, 2021, a reliable source told about such a future mobile device as the iPhone 13, and they are credited with a whole host of different features with which he will definitely be able to please everyone, because he will actually really have something to surprise everyone.

According to the currently available data, the official presentation of such a mobile device as the iPhone 13 will take place in September 2021, and a whole host of different features are attributed to it, which we managed to find out about. It is claimed that in addition to a more powerful processor and a number of other features, this device will be able to offer all users an OLED display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which will support ProMotion technology. In addition, this very display will provide support for the Always-On Display mode, which allows you to constantly display various information on the screen. Due to this, the smartphone will be able to display notifications, hours, weather information and other information on the completely black screen turned off with practically no effect on the battery charge.

Apple has released iPhone 13. It is the best smartphone in the world

The back panel of the iPhone 13 will become as dull as possible and more “tenacious”, that is, the smartphone will stop slipping out of the hands, for which many people so strongly dislike the iPhone 12 and other modern phones of the “apple” corporation. Moreover, the camera in the new Apple flagship will be much more advanced than ever before, because it will receive new optics and a different lens. Users can count on improved ultra-wide-angle lenses with reduced noise and a wide angle of view. One of the features of the new product from the “apple” corporation will be support for portrait mode for video, while in all modern models of “iPhones” it is supported only for photos.

Apple has released iPhone 13. It is the best smartphone in the world

Owners of the new Apple flagship will have the ability to record videos and measure depth of field when publishing videos, which will allow to vary the quality of already recorded videos to make them more attractive to the eye. Also, the iPhone 13 is credited with a new processor from the “Apple” corporation and other improvements, thanks to which the new “iPhone” will be the best among all that Apple has ever released. In general, of course, this device will definitely definitely be able to offer the best user experience that iPhones have ever had, so the brand’s fans will not be disappointed with the novelty. Only the price tag of the future novelty can upset, because it will cost from $ 999 for the base cheapest model.

Earlier it was reported that photos of the iPhone 13 without a charging port were posted on the network

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