Apple launches iPhone 13 and new iPad Pro with huge advantage

More recently, Apple has unveiled and launched new smartphones and tablets equipped with the latest technology. New items have everything to become real hits, and they will definitely become, however, the year 2021 will soon come, so the fans of the brand are waiting for some innovations. To the delight of all such people, there really will be something to please the new gadgets of the American corporation, and today, on November 26, 2020, there was quite a real confirmation of this, with which any person will be more than satisfied. A reliable source has shared data on what will be such new items as the iPhone 13 and the new iPad Pro next year.

As you know, the American corporation Apple is extremely disappointed in Intel and all its achievements, which, in fact, simply do not exist in recent years. That is why she decided not to install branded modems from this brand that are currently available on the market in her branded smartphones and tablets, considering them too expensive and simply bad. As a result, the company decided to create its own models with 5G support, and these will be installed in the new gadgets of the Apple corporation, that is, in the iPhone 13 and iPad Pro, which are expected to be released in the fall of 2021, that is, it is not too long to wait for this very moment. have to. The new items will be installed right out of the box operating system iOS 15, the announcement of which will take place during the conference for developers WWDC 2021 in June.

Apple launches iPhone 13 and new iPad Pro with huge advantage

Apple’s new tablets are expected to include not only a 5G modem, but also an OLED display that has been installed in iPhones for several years now. This display will boast a refresh rate of up to 120Hz as well as other important feature benefits. The use of its own next-generation modems, developed in-house, will allow the brand not only to reduce costs in the long term, but also allow the entire company to become more independent, as it will no longer depend on brands such as Intel and Qualcomm, whose components the company previously used in its electronic devices on an ongoing basis, but gradually it still abandoned such a strategy.

Apple launches iPhone 13 and new iPad Pro with huge advantage

According to rumors, the new iPhone 13 will be the first Apple phone with a USB Type-C connector, which means that the company will finally completely abandon Lightning, recognizing it as obsolete. In this case, thanks to this, the owners of the new “iPhones” will be able to charge mobile devices with one charger along with the company’s tablets and laptops, that is, they only need one universal cable suitable for all the company’s gadgets. They will also be able to charge future other devices of the brand, that is, AirPods Pro 2nd generation, Magic Mouse 3 and Magic Keyboard 3, as well as other gadgets of the company, which are now charged via Lightning. It remains only to wait for the announcement and market launch of new smartphones and tablets from Apple, which will definitely not disappoint anyone.

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