Apple released iPad mini 6 at a very low price

As you know, even if the demand for tablets in recent years has decreased quite strongly, especially after the tablet boom in 2014, Apple is still actively releasing them, because many people actively use this kind of electronic devices, finding them extremely attractive in terms of their combination of qualities. … Currently, the range of tablets of the company includes several models at once, but soon, literally in two months, several more will be presented. One of these is the iPad mini 6, which is the new sixth generation mini-tablet equipped with the latest technology and technology, at least among all the options available on the market within its class.

The new tablet, while extremely attractive, has a metal body with a high-capacity rechargeable battery installed in it. Let the size of the new item remain the same, but the old covers for the new model will not fit, and this, of course, must be taken into account in one way or another in order to prepare the necessary amount of money for new accessories in advance. It is known that the novelty is equipped with a screen enlarged from 7.9 to 8.4 inches, which takes up almost all the space on the front, but with all this, the new model did not receive a Face ID scanner. From this it follows that users will have to be content with the Touch ID touch button one way or another, and also, in addition, the Lightning interface, because the USB Type-C connector. this tablet will not receive.

Apple released iPad mini 6 at a very low price

What kind of hardware this device will receive is still unknown, since there are no details on this score, but it is possible that this tablet will be able to boast of extremely productive technical equipment, which will be enough for the coming years, that is, at least for 2-3 years to keep iPad mini 6 up to date. The official presentation of the new tablet computer of the “apple” corporation will take place already in March 2020, that is, in other words, it is not long to wait for this very moment, which means that soon everyone will have the opportunity not only to get acquainted with the new product, but also, in addition, to make its purchase, but at what price no one yet knows for sure.

Apple released iPad mini 6 at a very low price

If we talk about the iPad mini 5th generation available now, then its basic version with 64 GB of internal memory is sold in World at a price of 37,990 rubles, while for a model with 256 GB of storage, 51,990 rubles are required. Modifications supporting networks of telecom operators with a GPS module cost 12,000 rubles more. Most likely, the new Apple tablet computer, when it goes on sale in Worldn territory, will also turn out to be much more expensive than ever before until this very moment, at least in World its price tag will be set based on the new dollar rate, which for the last year increased by more than 20%, thereby almost renewing the historical maximum.

Recently it was revealed that the American corporation Microsoft launched the cloud gaming service Xbox xCloud on iPhone, iPad, Android and PC computers.

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