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Uncover the mystery that threatens to shake the rotting city to its very bottom. And yet, you are a raccoon.

Backbone is a daring noir adventure that puts you in the role of Howard Lotor, a private detective living in Vancouver’s dilapidated dystopia. A city tightly bound by a despotic caste system that does not forgive anyone who dares to challenge it. After years of poverty, Lotor finds himself drawn into mysterious circumstances, previously completely unseen, and it is they who will ultimately shake the decaying city to its very bottom.
Besides, Howard is a raccoon.

In fact, every inhabitant of the city is some kind of anthropomorphic animal: there are dogs and cats, rats and rabbits, bears, foxes, badgers, and others, but most of them are not as friendly as the rest. Your pursuit of the truth will eventually lead to establishing “meaningful connections with a variety of characters,” as well as kicking ass if the trailer doesn’t lie to us. These are not Thornton Burgess stories.

Pixel art graphics of ramshackle Vancouver in 2.5D format, superimposed on top of modern effects of dynamic lighting and volumetric fog, looks magnificently dark, as does the fantastic sounds of the city itself. I’m not sure what “rock jazz” is, but creator EggNut says the original soundtrack was added to “add a cinematic atmosphere and tell the story with the sound itself,” and it certainly sounds great in the trailer.

I’m already conquered – Backbone is one of those games that immediately interested me when I just looked at them. But if you want to try out the game before signing up for it (metaphorically, of course), Backbone: Prologue will give you the opportunity to play the first act of the game for free. The prologue, although it may not include all the improvements to the game (after all, it was released in April 2019), promises us a bit of everything: you can explore the city, hide, solve puzzles, look for clues, collect evidence and, of course, be a raccoon. This sounds like a fairly comprehensive experience to me.

Backbone will be available on June 8 on platforms such as Steam, GOG, Epic and Microsoft Store, as well as on Xbox Game Pass on PC. You can visit to find out more.

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