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The educational program of the All-Worldn competition “Good Story” ended with a master class Timur Bekmambetov on the topic of new technologies for creating social content. The director also spoke about how social projects, in particular “Good Story” and “Dobromin”, can become a tool for the implementation of the ideas of young authors.

Here are the theses of Timur Bekmambetov’s speech.

History and evolution

PSA is changing a lot with all the significant life changes we are experiencing today. These changes are a consequence of the prevailing virus epidemiological situation in the world, the development of technological innovations and many other factors. And, accordingly, the meaning and role of social advertising are changing.

The first social advertising in World can be considered the commercials of Bank Imperial, which did not need clients: its client was Gazprom, which then ordered this content. Today, such customers are still large companies. For example, within the framework of Sberbank’s program to support teachers, the video “Teacher of World” was filmed.

In the 21st century, social advertising must seek new forms – both new forms of production and new forms of distribution. Currently, it provides us with new opportunities, the widespread development of the Internet, technology, artificial intelligence.

How to shoot social media ads

There are no special secrets in the production of social videos. The main character must be identical to the viewer, because the viewer sees the story through the eyes of the main character. At the heart of the story is the test of the hero. This craft is well taught in film schools.

In general, you should not be afraid to experiment yourself. Tarantino did not study at any university, many great directors did not have a specialized education. They took and improved their talent, turning into filmmakers, and the cost of cinema has already been reduced to a smartphone, a computer and software – as in the case of a screen-life movie.

Now there is a unique opportunity to quickly “get into the king”. With the help of technology, artificial intelligence, you can quickly create a highly effective product that will be immediately noticeable. All this can be seen on the example of the Dobromin application.

Where does consumerism go?

The trend of our time is not consumption, but complicity – now it is fashionable to give. Having received something, you experience emotion once, then the pleasure fades away. When you do something useful for another, you experience a tremendous sense of satisfaction that does not go away with time.

The most advanced, intellectual part of society realizes that in the new world, where half of the business is in digital, consumption has ceased to be important. Therefore, people try to get more likes, to be more recognizable. It has become fashionable to give, to share. The production of social videos useful to people and society is an important thing today.

Dobromin is built on these principles. This is a voluntary content platform where people have the opportunity to donate something, their work, song, video, blog, and users have access to it and directly pay its cost to charitable foundations.

The main idea is to create helping habits in people. Involving a large number of people who know that the money they pay for entertainment goes to a good and right cause.

“Dobromin” and “Good story”

Monetization of social advertising on the Dobromin platform is carried out as follows: if the video is unsuccessful, then the user releases the button and the money stops transferring. If the video is good, talented, then it will be watched for a fee.

Statistically, 66% of people who paid for content on this platform return. Now we are working on scaling the project, attracting new authors and charitable foundations.

Dobromin, as part of a partnership with the Good Story competition, will provide authors of social videos to prove themselves in the industry. The winners of the Good Story competition will undergo an internship at the Bazelevs film company.

Online master class by Timur Bekmambetov “New technologies for creating social content. The projects Good Story and Dobromin as a tool for self-realization of young authors were held within the Good Story competition.

Organizers of the competition: All-Worldn public organization “Union of Cinematographers of World”, the production center “Muvistart” with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund, the Moschino cinema network, the National Research University “Higher School of Economics”, Canon company, the Association of Film and Television Producers of World and other organizations …

Text – Alya Koldunova

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