Best Aerith Cosplay from Final Fantasy 7

Aeris, also known as Iris, is the last member of the ancient Setra race, endowed with extraordinary magical abilities. Players love the easy character, skills and appearance of the heroine. She wears a long dress and a cute hairstyle that takes hours to accurately reproduce. Thanks to the above facts, she is a desirable choice for cosplayers.

The list includes the best Aeris cosplays from the existing ones. The individual tastes and sense of style of the authors have left their mark on their work, but each cosplay reflects the true essence of the heroine.

Everlasting memory

Best Aerith Cosplay from Final Fantasy 7

Aerith’s murder was the most unexpected and tragic moment in the game, and Narga-Lifestream decided to pay tribute to this event. The classic pink dress, red bolero and hairstyle fully match the playful look.

But the main interest is the eyes, which emit a faint glow even after death. The cosplayer’s facial features perfectly match those of the heroine, so she is the best fit for this role.

Magic is in the air

Best Aerith Cosplay from Final Fantasy 7

You can endlessly watch Aeris inhale the delicate scent of a lily. The flower, enveloped in a bluish haze, gives the image a mystical atmosphere. Every detail of the cosplay fascinates with its beauty: the angle of the photo, exquisite curls, a clear profile, etc.

Sweet__loli not only tried on the heroine’s outfit, but also revealed her deep essence. The cosplayer was inspired by the look from the remake, as indicated by the stars on the shoulders and the bright red color of the bolero. Amazing cosplay deserves the highest praise.

Refined look

Best Aerith Cosplay from Final Fantasy 7

Thasriel has a unique charm that makes this cosplay stand out from the rest. Wide strands of hair on the sides and shadows add expression to the face. The dress looks very simple, but fits into the image, as well as an additional bonus in the form of a bow on the neck. Beautiful cosplay encourages you to plunge into the game world again.

Absolute perfection

Best Aerith Cosplay from Final Fantasy 7

The cosplayer’s thin features and large eyes allow her to transform into Aeris without any problems. The mesmerizing look makes an indelible impression and does not leave you indifferent. Now it’s clear how Cloud felt looking at her. The impeccable styling, neck jewelery and bolero design showcase a keen attention to detail.

Eikonic_ has created an extremely realistic cosplay that deserves a round of applause.

Wonderful gift

Best Aerith Cosplay from Final Fantasy 7

The cosplayer’s eyes are clear and penetrating, like Aeris’s, and her smile makes the cosplay especially charming. The bolero looks velvety, which gives it an exceptional look. Ren made a fan’s dream come true by bringing her beloved character to life.

Emerald eyes

Best Aerith Cosplay from Final Fantasy 7

Lotheriel’s incredible light green eyes strongly resemble Aeris’ eyes, and the chestnut locks are styled just like the heroine’s. The outfit, which consists of a dress, bolero and a pendant, looks great. The skill of the cosplayer inspires endless admiration.

The mirror of one’s heart

Best Aerith Cosplay from Final Fantasy 7

Miss OoLaLa opted for a more traditional character look. Glowing green lenses grab all the attention, and the styling follows Iris’ classic hairstyle. The cosplayer even wore metal bracers on her wrists, just like in the original game. She perfectly reincarnated as a heroine and deserves a round of applause.

Scenic landscape

Best Aerith Cosplay from Final Fantasy 7

The panorama in the background creates an indescribable atmosphere and enhances the cosplayer’s natural charm. Sunlight shines softly in her hair and accentuates her high cheekbones and pointed chin. The red bolero looks amazing, and this is the location Aeris would love for sure. Holly Wolf has created an unrivaled and believable cosplay.

Instead of a thousand words

Best Aerith Cosplay from Final Fantasy 7

You can enjoy this extraordinary cosplay even all day long. The red bolero stands out against the dim background, and the yellow lilies in the hands catch the eye. The hair does not look so flawless, but the facial expression compensates for minor imperfections. Ultimately, FaeLaBlanche made fans happy by reincarnating as Aerith Gainsborough.

Alternative option

Best Aerith Cosplay from Final Fantasy 7

The cosplayer made some changes to the classic look of the heroine: her hair became darker, and the color of the bolero changed to purple. The unusual appearance seems regal and magical, but at the same time familiar and dear. Leah DaBerry has created an unparalleled cosplay, giving fans a new interpretation of Aerith’s appearance.

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