Best Cosplay for Genshin Impact Characters

Fans have created gorgeous cosplay of Genshin Impact heroes, the realism of which is boundless delight.

Although the release of Genshin Impact took place in 2020, when most of the themed events were canceled, the cosplayers did not miss the opportunity to try on new outfits. In recent months, they have worked painstakingly to adequately bring their favorite heroes to life.

Social media is rife with cosplay work, which makes players feel a little closer to their cherished characters. The selection contains a collection of wonderful cosplays, the authors of which gave their best.


Best Cosplay for Genshin Impact Characters

An amazing character like Barbara is essential on every team. In addition, the developers made it possible to get it for free. She controls the energy of water and is able to heal not only physical wounds, but also mental ones. Gamers adore the shining star as much as the residents of Mondsstadt, as evidenced by the peachMilkyCosplay’s unparalleled cosplay. She perfectly recreated the appearance of Pastor Favonia and was able to convey her essence.

The cosplayer has previously reincarnated as characters from video games, including Aerith from Final Fantasy VII.

Xiang ling

Best Cosplay for Genshin Impact Characters

Adored and respected chef Li Yue. The heroine’s element is fire, and she uses a spear as a weapon. In her spare time, she loves to scour Teiwat in search of rare ingredients for dishes, such as the tail of a lizard, for example. The apple that RoxanneKho holds out into the camera makes the cosplay even more adorable.

The cosplayer also tried on the images of Lisa, Jean and other characters in the game.


Best Cosplay for Genshin Impact Characters

Under the guise of a careless young man, there is none other than the Archon of the Wind, who just likes to wander around Mondshtadt and sing songs. He is famous for his mischievous and easy disposition, but despite this, he really cares about the region.

HaruToast is the author of the cosplay, every detail of which, from the pose to the instrument, looks flawless.


Best Cosplay for Genshin Impact Characters

The Mondstadt glider champion and scout Ordo Favonius. Cheerful, kind-hearted and brave, she tirelessly keeps order and safety in the city, for which the townspeople are sincerely grateful to her. Suiseiko not only accurately recreated the appearance of the heroine, but also managed to convey her wonderful character.

Previously, she also tried on the role of everyone’s favorite Re: Zero’s Rem as an idol.

Bay Doe

Best Cosplay for Genshin Impact Characters

Fearless Captain of the Southern Cross Fleet. Although the heroine has four stars, she has a lot of merits. She slays enemies on the spot with powerful electro attacks and inspires horror and admiration in Li Yue’s common people at the same time. The picture shows a cosplayer who constantly delights the audience with fresh content.

Not long ago, she shared some exceptional Hatsume Miku cosplays that you can’t help but fall in love with.


Best Cosplay for Genshin Impact Characters

Free-of-charge starter character plus Ordo Favonius Librarian. She is incredibly smart and often lends a helping hand to knights. The heroine’s love for books is slightly out of bounds, and its element is electricity. The author of this fantastic work is Alodia Goseingfiao.

The talented cosplayer has appeared on television more than once and participated in professional filming.


Best Cosplay for Genshin Impact Characters

A mysterious young girl who is difficult to understand due to her strange manner of speech. She is accompanied by a talking raven named Oz, who electrocutes opponents. In the photo, Elieai has taken the characteristic pose of the heroine.

She also tried on the roles of other Genshin Impact characters such as Amber and Barbara.


Best Cosplay for Genshin Impact Characters

Every resident of Mondstadt knows the Genie, the current master of the Ordo Favonius. She tirelessly maintains order in the city and helps those in need. The genie is a five-star character with considerable strength, and her element is air. The image of the heroine was tried on by Hendoart, who is not for the first time reincarnated as playable characters.

She also cosplayed Raven from the Teen Titans, D.Va from Overwatch, and the famous Samus Aran from the Metroid series.


Best Cosplay for Genshin Impact Characters

The list would be incomplete without the best companion Paimon, which players call “canned food” and come up with different ways of preparing it. Considering how much useful information she gives out, Paimon refuses to believe that someone wants to eat her!

The adorable cosplay was created by Miho, who also regularly posts videos on TikTok to further reveal her creativity.


Best Cosplay for Genshin Impact Characters

Klee is a little girl with a passion for explosions and destruction who plays the role of the explosives expert in the Ordo Favonius. The genie, as a rule, is upset because of the concomitant consequences of her tricks, so imprisonment has become a habit for the heroine. Knight Sparkle was brought to life by an enthusiastic fan of the game.

She perfectly showed how innocent and good-natured Klee really is, and even attached her stuffed toy to her backpack.

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