Best Cosplay Jill Valentine from Resident Evil

Jill Valentine is the protagonist of the original Resident Evil and has gained cult status in both the gaming industry and film. Fans do not stop creating cosplays in her honor, and the best ones are on the list.

The Resident Evil 3 remake came out in April 2020, and players have been eagerly awaiting a return to Raccoon City. 1999’s Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is one of the best horror video games ever, and Jill has remained a fan favorite for years.

The art of reincarnation helps to express love for the characters, so the huge number of cosplays for such a popular heroine is not surprising. The selection includes the most authentic cosplays worthy of admiration.


Best Cosplay Jill Valentine from Resident Evil

The magnificent cosplay was created by the Argentine cosplayer AgosAshford. Although Nemesis differs in size from other Tyrant species, it is no less terrifying and deadly, because it has intelligence and is armed with a rocket launcher.

Every element is carefully thought out, including Jill’s playful outfit. The setting in the background perfectly captures the dark atmosphere of the game, and the monster itself looks good enough given its dire situation.

Piece of art

Best Cosplay Jill Valentine from Resident Evil

Daran-h tried on the look of Jill Valentine from RE5. The cosplay is so good that it looks more like a screenshot from a cut scene rather than a photograph.

The cosplayer did her best and paid close attention to even the smallest details. Correct lighting in the picture also plays an important role.


Best Cosplay Jill Valentine from Resident Evil

Even before the official release of RE3, fans did not waste time and with might and main tried on Jill’s updated outfit.

The costume in the remake is not so frank, but no less spectacular and more suitable for moving around a city flooded with mutants. Crescent-Kitty did an impressive job and managed to convey the heroine’s cocky disposition.


Best Cosplay Jill Valentine from Resident Evil

Before becoming a BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) agent, Valentine was an officer in STARS, an elite unit of the Raccoon City Police Force. The heroine has become an integral part of the franchise, so it’s important not to forget where she started.

The unparalleled cosplay is by Cortana2552, who tried on Jill’s costume from the original RE. She put in a lot of effort and is definitely commendable.


Best Cosplay Jill Valentine from Resident Evil

Another fantastic cosplay of the heroine was created by Yukilefay. Most of the individual components of the costume, including the T-shirt, jeans and fingerless gloves, seem simple and common, but the cosplayer recreated the entire outfit with the utmost precision.

Traveling through a zombie-infested city, especially with the Chaser on your tail, requires firepower. However, Jill is undoubtedly ready for any difficulties and is already loading the pistol.

Safe room

Best Cosplay Jill Valentine from Resident Evil

Each player breathed a sigh of relief when they found themselves in the save room, especially when they ran out of ammo, herbs and sprays, and their health was in critical condition. Finally, you can rest easy and replenish your inventory before heading back into battle.

PriSuicun has created the ultimate cosplay experience. The Brazilian cosplayer not only recreated the image of Jill, but also reproduced a safe room with a typewriter, ink ribbon and even a box of cartridges for the Red Hawk.


Best Cosplay Jill Valentine from Resident Evil

Spencer’s Mansion is the imposing home and secret laboratory of the founder of the Umbrell Corporation, and the setting for the first game. Valentine was one of the survivors of the incident at the mansion, and the events that unfold there marked the beginning of the series.

The author of the amazing work is the Worldn cosplayer Narga-Lifestream. When you look at an amazing photograph, you get the feeling that this is a frame from a movie. In a creepy building, danger awaits around every corner and the cosplay subtly conveys a disturbing atmosphere.

Moonlight Sonata

Best Cosplay Jill Valentine from Resident Evil

The mansion is so overflowing with strange and intricate puzzles that it begs the question of their appropriateness. For example, a riddle that begins in a bar, where the heroine finds notes, but you need to find the missing piece. After a long search and dangerous adventures along the way, you need to play the Moonlight Sonata on the piano in order to open a secret door with a trap, replace one emblem with another and eventually get another key.

However, the story inspired Milena Vigo to create a wonderful cosplay of Jill playing a musical instrument. Every detail looks great, which once again confirms the professionalism of the cosplayer.


Best Cosplay Jill Valentine from Resident Evil

At the end of the RE3 trailer, a scene is shown where Jill looks in the mirror and sees himself as a zombie for a short moment. TamillaArt has brilliantly reproduced this unforgettable moment. She technically created two cosplays.

The cosplay of a healthy Jill is beautiful in itself, but the cosplayer did not stop and surprisingly accurately recreated the infected version.

One and only

Best Cosplay Jill Valentine from Resident Evil

The final cosplay is by Julia Voth, whose appearance was used to create the image of Jill in the 2002 Resident Evil remake.

The Canadian model has masterfully reincarnated as a heroine not only thanks to the identical face, but also to the painstaking work of recreating the costume. The flawless cosplay makes a strong impression and deserves a round of applause.

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