best cosplays of male version of Eyvor

They prove that the character looks much more convincing in this guise.

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you can choose the gender of your hero, but most players prefer to see Eyvor in male form. Tattoos and gear look better on him, and you believe the voice actor more than the actress. Someone, however, came to this conclusion only in the middle of the game.
A lot of great cosplays of Eyvor in male form have already been done. Fans not only recreate his clothes, but also pay a lot of attention to weapons, tattoos and hair.

Running towards the enemy

best cosplays of male version of Eyvor

Spearcos dash into battle with a pair of Norse axes. The blue crow tattoo stands out sharply on his temple, and the braids in his hair and beard look just fine. The background chosen for this photo reminds you of the shores of England, where the Vikings first landed in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Entering the battle

best cosplays of male version of Eyvor

A whole set of elements of Norwegian culture is used on this art – raven, fire, drakkar, snowy mountains of a cold Scandinavian country. Thor’s armor is stunning, and the bright red belt draws attention to itself. And after them you notice a hidden blade on your left hand, which means a lot in the plot of this game.

Hiding in the dark

best cosplays of male version of Eyvor

One of the most important features of Assassin’s Creed is the ability to sneak and perform stealth attacks and kills. A cosplayer named Naythero decided to embody Eyvor’s appearance in this context. Twilight, ominous shadows on the face, the blade in the foreground – all this indicates the mortal danger of the hero. The fur on his cape looks like real life, and the complexity of the outfit shows the true dedication of the cosplayer of this video game series.

Modern elements in clothes

best cosplays of male version of Eyvor

It seems to combine both traditional elements of Viking culture and more modern details. Taryn Cosplay removed the long tunic that was usually found in the Raven Clan armor, but it turned out to be more than successful.

The scar on his face, combined with the tattoo and perfectly styled hair, make us believe that he came straight from the ninth century, although the vibrant colors seem overly modern. With his masterpiece, Taryn has proven that his true calling is to be a Viking.

Accompanied by a white wolf

best cosplays of male version of Eyvor

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has a quest that unlocks the Man’s Best Friend ability. This friend turns out to be a wolf, and in his work for the honorable “role” of a companion animal, the Worldn cosplayer fenixinko chose a charming white dog.

True to his craft

best cosplays of male version of Eyvor

The most incredible thing about Sokol Workshop cosplay is the exact replica of Eyvor’s armor. To bring the character to life, but remain faithful to the Viking era, the studio’s masters relied on historical materials, and that is why fans of the game cannot take their eyes off the result of their work. The work is not just beautiful: not a single stitch in it seems out of place.

Ambitious warrior

best cosplays of male version of Eyvor

Throughout the game, Eyvor showed himself to be a purposeful person and eventually became the Jarl of the Raven Clan. His character is well shown by the cosplayer Geralt Biay Borsuk: from one glance of this stern character goosebumps run down the spine.

The picture is complemented by a weapon in his hands and a correctly selected color scheme. Blood on his face, perfectly fitting armor and chic hair make the Polish Valhalla fan into the perfect Viking.

Skin is everything

best cosplays of male version of Eyvor

Thor Rosland has focused on heavier leather clothing that he looks good in against a rainstorm. Much more impressive is the lightweight shield on its back, it looks like it can withstand the real weapons of that era. A long natural beard is also worth noting – not every cosplayer can boast of such a detail of the image.


best cosplays of male version of Eyvor

During their forays, the Vikings often used the destructive power of fire, and Blinkscoscave decided to use this element for their cosplay. The long scythe combined with the war paint adds ferocity to Eyvor, and the Norse ax on the shoulder makes the hero look absolutely intimidating. This Viking looks like he is about to complete one of the many side quests available in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Bloodshed is indispensable

best cosplays of male version of Eyvor

Eyvor, embodied by Maul Cosplay, is clearly capable of tearing up any adherent. Or the Viking has already done it, judging by the blood on his axes. The cosplayer is similar to Eyvor not only in terms of equipment, but also in facial features. Even such small details as blue stones on the bracers and thin belts were not forgotten during the creation of the costume.

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