Best Hand Motion Animation in First Person Games

Find out about the most detailed titles first-hand.

One of the most important aspects in first-person games is the high-quality animation of the character’s hands. Whether it’s reloading weapons, pressing buttons, casting spells, or even just collecting loot, it’s important for us to feel not a floating camera, but a real living person. And if the developers have tried their best, then in terms of immersion, such games may well surpass VR technologies.

Let’s welcome first-person PC titles to bring us some of the best hand animations in gaming history. Below you will find a list of the most worthy ones with GIFs, allowing you to enjoy the coolest animations.


In first-person games, it’s important to feel part of the world around you, especially when it comes to stealth. You will not be able to become an elusive shadow if your feelings do not coincide with the perception of the character. In Thief (2014), the effect of presence is achieved thanks to the delightful animation of Garrett’s hands, whether he is picking another lock, subtly extinguishing a candle with his fingers, or carefully probing the edges of the picture for a hidden switch.

Apex Legends

Getting a heirloom in Apex Legends is a feat. These rare drops are impossible to create on your own, so it all comes down to pure luck, and your chances of getting them from a set are less than 1%. However, as a reward, you will receive not only a gorgeous skin, but also a fantastic inspection animation. On the gif, you can see the inspection of the Lifeline and Bloodhound relics.

Thanks to DEUSx, Nynxii2k and Trainer Beny for the video!

Doom (2016)

Doom spectacularly rose from hell in 2016, delighting fans with gorgeous melee kill animations: slap, choke, rip and chop the heads, necks, and any other body parts of the massive horde of demons.

Moreover, it is not only the spectacular violence that is impressive, but also the expressiveness of the Doom Slayer’s actions: emotions are clearly read in the way he collects keys and uses computers. In addition, he shows himself on the other, softer side when he finds another collectible figure – his miniature copy.


Explore the space station in the sci-fi adventure game Tacoma. Along with the stunning animation of the hands when using and picking up certain objects, the title pleases with a unique feature: our heroine speaks sign language, which allows her to communicate with the station’s AI. Such moments look very cool.


Corvo Attano is a skilled assassin who spends most of his time in a safe hiding place, but as soon as he goes into action, the real show begins. Even when the whole world freezes, Corvo superbly wields his blade and pistol, stylishly eliminating the city guards. Thanks to StealthGamerBR for the GIF video and many interesting demos.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege has a lot of great animations: placing piercing charges, demolishing walls with a sledgehammer, hammering doors and windows. However, the animation for strengthening the walls looks an order of magnitude cooler than the others. Thanks to the detailing of the process, real tension is felt: as if you are setting up this heavy barricade with your own hands.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Nothing is more pleasing than creative and high-quality first-person hand-to-hand combat animations. And Wolfenstein: The Old Blood has a lot to offer in this regard! Stick a knife in the neck of one Nazi, pierce the other with a metal pin, and put the third on your battle tube – in a spectacular reprisal against enemies, BJ Blaskowitz has no equal.


All hand animations are good in Overwatch, but the developers clearly paid special attention to a robot monk named Zenyatta. In addition to great wisdom, deep philosophy and healing buffs, this character is ready to amaze you with mesmerizing gestures (see gif). Experience real Zen!

Far Cry 4

Basically, healing in games does not go beyond collecting first-aid kits, swallowing potions and eating bread right in the inventory. And only one episode does not hesitate to show us the whole ins and outs of the process. In Far Cry, your character visually pulls shrapnel out of his wounds, pulls out bullets, extinguishes fire, sets bones and generally shows himself as an excellent field medic.

Star Citizen

This game breaks all records for the number of crowdfunding investments, but what does Star Citizen spend the money on? Some of it goes to ships, some to planets and, of course, a little to gorgeous hand animation. On the gif above, the character gracefully copies the famous gesture with the middle finger from “Guardians of the Galaxy”, and for sweet shows a double “bird”. Even a finger is funnier in space.

Battlefield 1

Battlefield games have always been renowned for quality and fun hand animations, as well as easter eggs, and Battlefield 1 is no exception. The GIF shows a tiny Hummingbird pistol in action along with graceful reloading animation. A small, but remote cannon!

Far Cry 2

Everyone knows that weapons that can be picked up from the ground in Far Cry 2 are a real nightmare. It often isn’t worth the time. These rusty cannons go crazy every now and then, and sometimes they even explode right in your hands. Not surprisingly, the Jackal’s business is booming: only magazine-fed weapons work properly.

At the very least, the animations for these crappy cannons to jam and repair are pleasing to the eye, soothing the annoyance every time it happens. That is, almost always.


Now travel back to 1998, when Gordon Freeman not only fought his way through hordes of soldiers and interdimensional monsters, but also carried cute alien beetles in his pockets. It’s good that his protective suit includes reliable gloves.

On the gif, Gordon is holding a snark in one hand, while the other is trying to play with it. Well, isn’t it lovely?


The space adventure in Adr1ft will be disliked by many as it ultimately comes down to chasing drifting oxygen tanks.

Nevertheless, the animation of this process looks amazing: here you are reaching for another life-saving balloon, and your fingertips are trembling with impatient anticipation.


In the adventure game Firewatch, we find ourselves in the role of Henry, the new superintendent of the forest fire tower. Our hero is quite gloomy, which is due to the history of his life, but living with him for several hours of gameplay is damn nice, in part thanks to the gorgeous animation of the hands.

You can endlessly look at fire, water and how Henry picks up various objects, turns them in his hands and carefully examines every little thing.

The Darkness 2

In The Darkness 2, you have not only ordinary human hands, but also a couple of additional, purely supernatural ones, which are no less useful in battle than our usual guns.

Grab everyone who annoyed you, tear them apart and devour their hearts – you can do all this and much more simultaneously with the use of firearms. This will never get bored!

Bioshock Infinite

The entire Bioshock trilogy is replete with great animations: your heroes boldly inject suspicious serums and drink strange potions without really thinking about the consequences.

It is difficult to choose a favorite among the bright variety of energetics and plasmids, but this is what a refreshing sip of a sweet and nutritious Shock Jockey looks like. Yummy! It’s also full of vitamin E.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

There have always been many complaints about the linear nature of the Call of Duty series. At times it seems that this is not a game, but rather an action movie, and not even an interactive one. Nevertheless, the budget for these titles is always exorbitant, so we are guaranteed excellent hand animations.

Here our hero smoothly descends from the cliff, grips the mouth of some poor fellow and, without unnecessary noise, interrupts his life with a faithful knife in the insides.

Battlefield Hardline

The animators have done a great job on custom reloads for Battlefield Hardline. Unfortunately, few people have seen them in person, because the probability of these Easter eggs being reproduced is only 1 in 10,000.

Luckily, we have YouTube, so players who are lucky enough to see these animations can share them with the world.

Alien: Isolation

You can’t do without the immersion effect in horror: how else to make gamers scream with fear? The secret to real tension is to instill in the player a sense of an inextricable connection with the character on the screen.

Alien: Isolation oozes with tension, largely thanks to a huge, powerful, terrifying, invulnerable and merciless xenomorph that relentlessly hunts you and easily pierces with its eerie tail. However, the horror grows thanks to the gorgeous hand animation: it seems that you are the one trying to survive on the space station.

Mirror’s Edge

Once upon a time, first-person platformers practically died out, having exhausted themselves, but they were saved by Mirror’s Edge, which gave the genre a new life, and much better than before. Running, jumping, sliding, flying and hand-to-hand fighting once again evoke delight and admiration.

Conquering rooftops and knocking out guards, we feel every movement of Faith’s arms (and legs), passing through her dexterous somersaults, well-aimed blows and adrenaline in flight to the next ledge.

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