Best Psylocke Cosplay from Marvel

Psylocke is an iconic superheroine from Marvel Comics, who continually inspires fans to create cosplays in her honor.

Elizabeth Braddock first appeared in December 1976 in the Captain Britain comic, published by Marvel UK. She later joined the X-Men as Psylocke. Over the long history of publications, the legendary heroine managed to be part of such teams as Excalibur, Uncanny X-Force, Exiles and others.

She has also appeared in themed video games, animated series and films, including X-Men: Apocalypse. The superheroine has acquired a huge number of fans who are happy to try on her numerous costumes. The list features some amazing Psylocke cosplays, each one of which is uniquely noteworthy.


Best Psylocke Cosplay from Marvel

When Betsy first joined the X-Men, she possessed telepathic powers, a European appearance, wore a tight-fitting jumpsuit with puffy pink sleeves, and her hair was purple. The old outfit was replaced by an armored suit of similar shades, in which the heroine fought with very dangerous villains. Although she did not wear the cute jumpsuit for long, the fans truly fell in love with it.

Canadian cosplayer Gillykins has carefully prepared and thought out every detail, including the cutouts at the belly and open shoulders. The photo by Kevin Chan Photography also features a butterfly-shaped Psylocke sign for an authentic cosplay experience.


Best Psylocke Cosplay from Marvel

Betsy began her career as a British agent in the W.D.A.R. organization, but the Ruka ninja crime family and the Spiral device radically changed her, moving her mind into the body of the Japanese mercenary Kwannon. Subsequently, the heroine received not only a different look, but also a number of interesting tricks, including a telekinetic katana.

The classic version of Psylocke from the 90s was brought to life by Kamiko_zero, and photographer Anton Talash took amazing photos. The outfit, consisting of a one-piece swimsuit, stripes on the legs and arms and a red belt, looks extremely authentic, and the raised katana makes the cosplay even more spectacular.

Nana Knoxois

Best Psylocke Cosplay from Marvel

Psylocke was a member of a large number of teams, and even led some of them, and sometimes the transition to the next stage of life was accompanied by external changes. When she headed Uncanny X-Force, she donned a new outfit that successfully combined elements of the previous ones.

Nana Knoxois from St. Louis has teamed up with Rebirth Photography to immortalize this image of Betsy against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty. The heterogeneous design and armor details, along with the elongated katana, give the cosplay the ultimate comic-like character.


Best Psylocke Cosplay from Marvel

Initially, the Psylocke swimsuit was a dark purple color to match the hair. While working with Wolverine and the X-Force team, he gradually became darker, as the heroine plunged deeper and deeper into secret operations, which many mutants became aware of only after the events of the Second Coming.

Metalgirl.Cosplay creates amazing cosplays, including the one captured in the photo. The red sash stands out against the black leotard, while the psi blade and two-tone hair complete the look perfectly.

Amanda Lynne

Best Psylocke Cosplay from Marvel

After a fierce fight in which Psylocke was mortally wounded and then healed with an elixir from the Crimson Dusk universe, she gained the ability to teleport through the shadows. The heroine became emotionally cool, but at the same time much more dangerous.

Amanda Lynne’s superb cosplay reflects the dark side of her personality. A superhero pose and a sharp katana capable of hitting any enemy make the picture even more impressive.

Sara Moni

Best Psylocke Cosplay from Marvel

After years of collaborating with various mutants, Psylocke became part of Magneto’s team in the pages of the Uncanny X-Men, which also included Sabretooth, Archangel, and M. The group eventually broke up and Braddock killed Magneto.

Sara Moni adores the X-Men to the core, so she managed to fantastically transform into a superheroine. The cosplay is incredibly good on its own, but the psi blade lends more authenticity. The talented photographer M ^ 3 Photography also made a significant contribution.

Vampy Bit Me

Best Psylocke Cosplay from Marvel

Although Braddock started working with the X-Men in her original form, she gained real popularity after moving into Kwannon’s body, and her 90s outfit is still the most recognizable.

Vampy Bit Me flawlessly reincarnated as a character, and the psi-blade harmoniously complements the image. The cosplayer has brought many versions of the heroine to life, but this cosplay makes a lasting impression.

Karrigan Taylor

Best Psylocke Cosplay from Marvel

Betsy has already appeared on the big screens, but only in the movie “X-Men: Apocalypse” the audience was shown a relatively believable version, played by Olivia Munn. Although the heroine had little screen time, fans saw the cinematic incarnation of her classic costume.

Karrigan Taylor’s cosplay is a unique blend of a comic book costume and a 2016 movie costume, although its darker palette and sleek design brings it closer to comics.

Kris Lee

Best Psylocke Cosplay from Marvel

Elizabeth’s outfit has undergone numerous changes, and although it is completely different from the previous ones in the pages of Excalibur, the restored Kwannon donned the most popular Psylocke outfit.

Kris Lee has been creating stunning heroine cosplay for several years. The fantastic shots showcase the original outfit and the first costumes from Uncanny X-Force.


Best Psylocke Cosplay from Marvel

Not so long ago, Betsy underwent another transformation, as a result of which she returned to her original form, while Kwannon also returned to life in her body. Braddock took on the role of Captain Britain in the Excalibur series, which sent the character in a bold new direction.

Model and cosplayer dfel perfectly recreated the image of Captain Britain, and wonderful photos were taken by Mineralblu. The cosplay is meticulously thought-out, from the telekinetic sword and gorgeous costume to details like the X and blue flowers in her hair.

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