Build a vast sci-fi base with your buddies at CryoFall

And compete with others if you like.

Something akin to Rimworld’s multiplayer, sci-fi colony simulator and survival game Cryofall released this week with positive reviews and quite a large number of users who put it in the top 300 games on Steam. Cryofall is a team-based interaction in which players fight a hostile world in an attempt to establish a new colony. To do this, players need to master basic technologies in order to survive before moving on to new and more complex technologies that end in futuristic cybernetics and mass industrialization.

Cryofall can be played in co-op PvE with friends on a private server, as well as in a clan-based PvP MMO survival mode against other groups on shared servers. The world itself is inhabited by deadly creatures and scattered remnants of previous failed attempts at colonization.

What I find most interesting about Cryofall is that the full game is available as an eight hour demo.

This is a pretty serious vote of confidence by the developers in the quality of their game – given that many people don’t even spend eight hours on the games they paid for.

Cryofall is developed by AtomicTorch Studio and released by Daedalic Entertainment. You can find Cryofall on Steam or its official website.

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