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From July 28 to August 3, at the site of the Tavrida art cluster in Crimea, an educational race “Video hosting and digital services” was held. One of his art schools focused on online cinemas and web series – it brought together young actors, directors, screenwriters, producers and other representatives of the film industry.

Directors and producers shot short films, participated in pitchings and received expert advice on their film projects. The writers developed the scripts, watched the films and discussed them with the writing team. The task of the actors was to pack the portfolio for successful casting and getting the roles of their dreams. 25 participants recorded acting tests under the direction Ekaterina Dubrovskaya, Telent Manager of the GPM KIT Group of Companies (Gazprom-Media). Participants who successfully pass the audition will receive roles in projects that are already in development and are being filmed.

Camera!  Motor!  Let's start!  Tavrida hosted an art school for online cinemas and web series
 | Easy Online Work

Secrets of craftsmanship

The educational program of the art school includes master classes, creative meetings, workshops and discussions with famous representatives of the film industry. Experts brought symbolic gifts – artifacts for the best participants in the art school. Producer Alexey Nuzhny presented a working version of the script for the series “Tolya-Robot”; composer Kirill Borodulev brought a flute, which he used to create the music for the film “Fire”; actor and star of the movie “Silver Skates” Kirill Zaitsev presented a mini version of silver skates; screenwriter Savva Minaev gave me a storyboard.

Alexey Nuzhny, the director of the films “I’m losing weight”, “Fire”, “Feedback”, “A couple from the future”, shared with the participants his thoughts on how not to be like others, and named the key criteria for selecting actors for roles – this is inner fullness and a bold expression of emotion.

Actor, director, producer Kirill Zaitsev discussed with the participants the secrets of successful acting: constant work on oneself, mastery of breath and body – and ways to keep the viewer’s attention. He stressed that cinema is magic, that everyone who starts filming – producer, director, screenwriter, production designer, actor – never fully knows what exactly will turn out in the final.

Camera!  Motor!  Let's start!  Tavrida hosted an art school for online cinemas and web series
 | Easy Online Work
In the photo: Kirill Zaitsev

Premiere screening

One of the creative meetings on the site took place with the actor Alexei Chadov… He talked about the movie “His War”, which is scheduled for release on November 18, 2021. Aleksey Chadov himself became the director and screenwriter, he also played the main role in it. The shooting took place in Crimea, not far from the Tavrida site. “My first role with Alexei Balabanov was in the film“ War ”. I was a twenty-year-old student, a man came to the university, took pictures of everyone, and they called me to audition. Then I did not understand at all what was happening – my world was so small. For the past few years I have dreamed of doing a story similar to War. Taking the image of the hero Ivan Ermakov as a talisman, I sat down to write the script. It turned out to be “Own War”. During filming, we were gathering dust here in Crimea, on Meganom, this place helped us a lot, we shot one of my favorite scenes right here “, – told the actor.

Technologies of the future

Producers, directors, actors and editors worked with the most advanced technologies of the cinema industry – they brought unique Virtual Production equipment to the site of the art cluster: screens, servers and an ARRI camera. Just one 12-hour shooting shift using this equipment costs about 700 thousand rubles. With his help, the participants of the art school filmed 2 short sketches – “Rules of Survival” and “Breakdown”, which “Tavrida” saw at the closing of the race.

The founders of the XOVP studio spoke about the advantages of this technology Andrey Ereshko and Rostislav Musaev: “The main advantage is that during shooting you are in ideal conditions: you are not affected by nature, weather, cataclysms … can last even 12 hours. “

She took part in the filming of a short film using virtual reality Svetlana Kamynina, theater, film actress and star of the TV series “Interns”. Under the leadership of the actress, the participants of the art school plunged into the trial process, learned the secrets of a good game and fighting fear: “Samples are an opportunity to show the full range of your abilities, this is freedom. Do not be afraid to go all bad: fluff your tail like a peacock, do as you want, and give yourself free rein. It is very important to start correctly: the video presentation and auditions are watched only for the first 10-15 seconds – this is quite enough to understand whether you are in the tone or not ”.

Camera!  Motor!  Let's start!  Tavrida hosted an art school for online cinemas and web series
 | Easy Online Work
In the photo: Svetlana Kamynina

A participant in the art school shared her impressions of working with Svetlana Kamynia Daria Repina: “The play of the scenes in the master class was very lively and so different! One and the same episode in one couple responded in a comedic vein, and in another – in a dramatic one. We were not limited in any way, we were only indicated by the circumstances and the text. It’s great when a partner can provoke you to something completely unexpected. Here in our pair this acting coincidence happened, and the story took shape “.

Pitching projects for online cinemas

The key event of the art school was pitching for VOD platforms, where participants presented their projects to members of the jury – representatives of online cinemas. The rest of the pitching participants heard valuable expert comments on how the videos could be finalized and made available to the platforms. A total of 50 applications were submitted for pitching. Six projects received invitations for further cooperation from Okko, six more from KION, and two from Megogo.

Camera!  Motor!  Let's start!  Tavrida hosted an art school for online cinemas and web series
 | Easy Online Work

“Theater and Cinema” is called
Now filmmakers are expected at the Tavrida.ART festival in the Theater and Cinema art quarter. The festival will be held from 8 to 12 September in Crimea, it will unite all areas of art and will again become the largest platform in World for the self-realization of young workers of culture, arts and creative industries.

See shows by residents of the art cluster and performances of such popular Worldn performers as Manizha, Klava Koka, Diana Arbenina, Dima Bilan, “Moral Code”, Soso Pavliashvili, Irina Dubtsova and Varvara Vizbor, take part in a large-scale costume art procession, try your hand at the country’s largest casting platform, visit such large-scale events as the festival of author’s songs, the festival of air figures and balloon shows, as well as live and create in art quarters – themed creative spaces with their own infrastructure – the participants of the Tavrida.ART festival will be able to.

Registration for young people between the ages of 18 and 35 is available until August 12 on the website Participation in the festival is free.

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