Days Gone Creators Leave Sony | Easy Online Work

Almost simultaneously, two developers of the studio Bend announced on their twitter accounts that they were leaving the walls of the company. We are talking about Jeff Ross and John Garvin. They both worked on Days Gone as Development Lead and Creative Director, respectively.

Jeff will be leaving Sony’s gaming division shortly and will move to Chicago after the coronavirus pandemic ends. From there he will share his plans for the future. And John, as it turned out, went on sabbatical even after the release of Days Gone, a year ago. And still remains on vacation. John Garvin, like his colleague, also has no plans to share.

Days Gone is a post-apocalyptic third-person action game that was released last year exclusively on PS4. The game takes place in North America, after an epidemic of a mysterious virus that has turned millions of people into zombie monsters. The main character tries to cope with the loss of his beloved and fights the apathy that overtook him after the collapse of the world he knew.

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