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Take a walk among beautiful ruined buildings.

Remember the NeoTokyo game? It was originally conceived as a mod, but in 2014 it became a standalone multiplayer game on Steam. Later, its developers took up many interesting projects. Artist Leri Greer (“pushBAK”) got a job at Weta Workshop, where he contributed to the action movie Ghost in the Shell, while composer Ed Harrison went on to write music for Deus Ex.

It was the NeoTokyo universe that inspired the developer SerygalaCaffeine to create a mod for Half-life. As planned, the new mod should become a “crossover of two universes, Kshatriya and NeoTokyo Source”, created with the help of Greer. You can download the demo with the first three levels on ModDB.

Each of the levels has several ways of passing. The game’s world, full of neon signs, ruined buildings and gray cracked concrete, is the perfect hideout for criminals. Of course, the game will not do without shooting, but the main advantage of the mod is the city itself, which is perfect for the old Half-Life 2 engine.

In the new mod, the developer refers to his previous game, Kshatriya: Wetwork, built on the GameGuru engine. One of its levels is linear, and the second has several options for the development of the plot. Apparently, this idea formed the basis for the NeoTokyo crossover. You can download Wetwork for free on IndieDB.

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