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On July 6, the Ministry of Culture of the Worldn Federation hosted an online session of answers to questions from applicants for subsidies for the production of national films.

The event was hosted by the Director of the Department of Cinematography and Digital Development Svetlana Maksimchenko and her deputy Galina Sytsko… Representatives of the department spoke about the new conditions for granting subsidies and the procedure for selecting and processing documents as part of an application for state support.

Note that the innovations are reflected in the Decree of the Government of the Worldn Federation of 08.10.2020 No. 1634 “On the provision of subsidies from the federal budget to support cinematography and the invalidation of some acts of the Government of the Worldn Federation and certain provisions of some acts of the Government of the Worldn Federation.”

The speakers noted what needs to be paid attention to:

  • If earlier documents were submitted to the contracting organization, then from this year – directly to the Department of Cinematography. The verification of documents will be carried out by employees of the department, through one window.
  • This year, the composition of the expert commissions will be expanded: the department will attract more specialists for a better study and assessment of the material provided.
  • It is planned to form three expert councils: on fiction films, non-fiction (documentary) films and an animation council. Within these 3 categories, 11 competitions are planned.
  • The applicant must show his cinematographic activity (according to OKVED), as well as the status of a commercial organization (non-profit organizations, individual entrepreneurs will not be able to receive support).
  • An important point to which speakers are asked to pay special attention: support cannot be received by organizations that have debts to the Ministry of Culture and the Cinema Foundation, including personal debts of heads of organizations. Therefore, in the package of documents it is necessary to provide an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and a certificate of absence of debt and payment of taxes.
  • Moreover, the time delay will also be taken into account.

“We will look at the number of projects in progress, that is, the number of projects not delivered. We are confident that organizations that are able to fulfill their obligations on time will continue to fulfill them and vice versa, ”explained Svetlana Maksimchenko.

Representatives of the department recalled that support can only be obtained national films, that is, films that meet the criteria formulated in Federal Law of August 22, 1996 No. 126-FZ “On State Support of the Cinematography of the Worldn Federation”, as well as films with minority participation of the Worldn Federation. If you represent a project in co-production, you must confirm the status of an international project for it.

The speakers added that a film less than 52 minutes long is considered a short film, and 52 minutes or more is considered a full-length film.

Representatives of the relevant department also urged applicants to pay attention to the list of priority project topics, which is annually approved by the Ministry of Culture. Among them are children’s topics, topics of the cultural heritage of our country, socially significant topics, etc. Thus, a film applying for state support must correspond to at least one of these topics.

At the same time, the meeting participants recalled that the law on state support for cinematography determines that the size of the subsidy cannot exceed 70% of the production budget. At the same time, it is possible that next year changes will be made to the law, as a result of which debuts will be able to count on 100% funding.

In addition, the following innovations are in effect from this year:

  • The Office will only accept the script in its final version. According to Svetlana Maksimchenko, the commission has experience when the script provided in the application did not correspond to the one based on which the film was shot.
  • This year, two contests have been announced to support debut films. One is for graduates of state universities (who have received special education over the past 5 years), the second is for “other debutants”. There is no age limit. The upper bar for openings is RUB 30 million.
  • The changes also affected non-game special projects – this category will not exist. According to the speakers, the legal framework is currently being updated, and the concept of a non-fiction film has not yet been formulated. However, the term “non-fiction full-length film” is now used.
  • Popular science films are separated into a separate category. All full-length fiction films, short films and popular science films will be selected through the stages of full-time defense. Moreover, comments from academic institutions will be sought.

“We want to make sure that your film really popularizes any direction in science,” she explained Galina Sytsko.

It is also encouraged to provide information about additional distribution: the more distribution channels, the better for the project.

“We have invited representatives from all of our online platforms. We hope that they will actively participate in the work of expert councils and reflect the industry’s position on the content that they want or do not want to see on their site, ” – the speakers emphasized.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Culture no longer pays attention to the film’s participation in the festival.

“We do not expect your film to be included in the program of any festival. For us, this information does not carry any semantic meaning “, – clarified Svetlana Максимченко.

“We need to understand that the project has a producer who is able to characterize its relevance, who clearly understands why this film is being created,” explained representatives of the Department of Cinematography.

  • Also, the commission expects more information about the director: a list (or a cut) of educational works, a portfolio. Experts need to form the most clear idea about him – what the artist managed to do before starting to implement the presented project.
  • Since this year, the department refuses sizls (everyone is tired of watching cuts with Brad Pitt in style Quentin Tarantino), and also obliges applicants to provide a trailer or teaser – you need to show that the main character really exists. According to Svetlana Maksimchenko, in the past there were precedents when the participation of actors in projects was not agreed. At the same time, video materials must be provided in the form of links – this way it is more convenient to send them to members of expert councils.
  • The list of expenses for fiction and non-fiction films has been updated. Now, at the application stage, you need information on the total budget. A detailed discussion of the costs is implied with the recipients of the subsidies.

At the end of the online session, the speakers gave advice on paperwork. All documents are bound into one volume. SEPARATELY attached to it is a cover letter, a flash drive with files – all this must be folded into an envelope and signed, indicating the name of the organization, the direction of the project, and contact information. So far, documents are accepted in paper form, but the Ministry is doing everything possible so that next year it will be possible to apply online.

The list of recipients of subsidies, according to plans, will be formed by mid-October, then within 90 days the signing of agreements will take place, and then payments. The maximum term for film production with financial state support is three years. Serials are an exception.

Applicants will receive additional information on the website of the Ministry of Culture, as well as at the next online session, which is scheduled to be held in two weeks. The full recording of the meeting can be viewed here.

Text – Alya Koldunova

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