Download Pokémon Duel turn-based strategy game for iPhone and Android

Nintendo, after the success of the legendary Pokemon Go, began to invest huge sums of money in the development of its own video games for mobile platforms. This has paid off, since the release of Super Mario Run took place at the end of December last year, and today, a few weeks later, a strategy about Pokémon with the symbolic name Pokémon Duel appeared in the App Store and Google Play.

Basically, the Pokémon Duel video game for iOS and Android is a turn-based strategy game. The players will have to move the figures on the virtual board, while thinking over their actions a few steps ahead. The goal of victory is to capture the entire enemy territory, which is carried out when successful moves are made.

Download Pokémon Duel turn-based strategy game for iPhone and Android

The name Pokémon Duel was not chosen by chance. Players meet in a kind of duel. At the same time, each of them has 6 Pokémon, ready to fight in mortal combat. Each of them has a set of unique abilities and skills that are pumped over as the game progresses. Troops can be used to defend your own and capture enemy territories.

Downloading Pokémon Duel for iOS and iPhone is completely free, but the game contains in-game purchases so unloved by many, with which you can increase the power of Pokémon, as well as use various boosters designed to speed up your account and Pokémon. For each battle, the player is credited with virtual currency, which can be spent on the purchase of new characters. Fighting in Pokémon Duel is possible not only with other real players from all over the world, but also with a computer opponent.

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