Dragon Age voice actor accused of “disloyalty” | Easy Online Work

A “pleasant exchange” took place between the voice actor of the Dragon Age series and the former producer of the game. Ellis Greg, who is the voice of Templar Cullen and the wizard Anders in the aforementioned fantasy games, commented on Mark Darrah’s departure from BioWare on Twitter. The actor is pleased that the developer no longer works in the studio.

“This is important and wonderful news for BioWare employees and loyal Dragon Age fans, and a big defeat for Darr’s supporters who have been hiding behind his back and spreading rumors that defame other employees,” the actor writes.

“This is a relief for a lot of people. I’ve worked with you for over 10 years as the voice of Cullen (and Anders) and I’ve never met anyone more disloyal and two-faced. Your forced “retirement” is a victory for BioWare, its employees and, in particular, fans, “adds the actor in the next post.

Darrah responded to conflicting statements. He admitted that he still put up with Greg’s behavior, but now he’s overstepped certain boundaries. He suggested that the actor may not appear in the next parts of the series due to such statements.

Unfortunately, Greg did not explain what exactly caused him to dislike Mark Darr. The comments under the actor’s recordings also do not clarify the situation, however, many users reacted negatively to harsh statements about the producer.

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