“Expansion” Season 5 Trailer from Amazon Prime

Back in 2015, the science fiction series “Expansion” was released on TV screens, which immediately fell in love with many viewers, so its creators extended it for several seasons. Initially, it was financed by the TV channel Syfy, but starting with the fourth season, the rights to this project were transferred to the online cinema Amazon Prime, which increased its budget and considered it necessary to extend this television series for an unlimited number of seasons, continuing to shoot it as long as it attracts interest. from the audience. This series is considered by many as a full-fledged film, since it is filmed not just according to a script that is thought up between seasons, but according to the books of the same name by James Corey.

Today, October 9, the trailer for the fifth season of the series “Expansion” was published, which is also known in the Worldn translation under the name “Space”. According to the plot, he will tell about the events of the “Games of Nemediza” of the fifth novel from the book series of the same name, which is being written by famous writers Daniel Abraham and Ty Frank under the pseudonym James Corey. Since they are directly involved in creating the script for this television project, there is no need to worry about its quality. The new season will be available to all viewers on December 16, when the first three episodes of the series, titled The Expanse, hit Amazon Prime Video.

The remaining five episodes will be released weekly, that is, at intervals of seven days. Thus, the fifth season of the series consists of eight episodes, each of which has a duration of 50 to 55 minutes. The fifth season of “Expansion” should be fully completed by the end of January 2021, and the COVID-19 epidemic will not affect this in any way, since this project was initially tailored for showing through various kinds of online cinemas and on TV channels, and not in cinemas or on other large screens. According to the plot of the new season, the crew of the ship “Rosinant” is divided, namely: Amos Burton is sent to Earth to resolve personal issues, while Naomi Nagata becomes the main suspect in a conspiracy to commit terrorist acts.

This is only part of the plot of the new fifth season, while the creators of the film series keep other details secret. It is possible that in the next two and a half months there will be some more details about the fifth season, which may shed light on what the other main characters will be doing. If the new fifth season gathers positive feedback from the audience, the creators of the film series will continue to work even more actively. Given that the previous four seasons of Space were more than successful, receiving positive reviews even from many well-known critics, it is almost certain that a sixth season will be released by the end of 2021, which will also be funded by Amazon Prime Video.

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