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Microsoft’s long-suffering, outdated online service is finally playing in the box.

Microsoft’s Games For Windows Live service was launched in 2007. The devilish program allowed users to connect to all Windows Live devices, including the Xbox. This means that all the achievements and other features of the Xbox were automatically transferred to the PC, but the main “star” in this theater of absurdity was the completely unusable user interface. Microsoft even thought about introducing a paid subscription for PC users to use this disgrace – something like Xbox Live Gold. Of course, they quickly dismissed the idea. Ironically, isn’t it?

As expected, PC users did not appreciate all the “charms” of this service and in 2014 it turned off. Since then, an increasing number of publishers and developers have given up on syncing GFWL with their games. Despite the fact that Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition has become one of the most sensational games launched on the service, its developers have also abandoned the use of GFWL.

For some unknown reason, the Bethesda studio was dragging on with disabling GFWL, which is why launching Fallout 3 on PC via Steam was a real torture. Honestly, it’s easier to teach a rabbit to smoke than to run GFWL on Windows 10. Of course, you can always use mods to optimize the process, but seriously, isn’t it a lot of manipulations just to play one of our most iconic RPGs? days?

Fortunately, all of this is in the past: the latest update to Fallout 3 left no trace of the annoying GFWL, which allows you to launch the game without any hassle.

The notes for the latest patch state the following: “Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition no longer supports syncing with Windows Live. If the game was previously installed on Steam, we recommend that you uninstall and reinstall it. Games for Windows Live is no longer required to use the game and can be launched without it. “

This is great news, however, his devilish laughter is still heard from the grave of the GFWL. Last year, Rockstar had to remove GTA 4 from Steam. Initially, the game was compatible with GFWL, but after deactivating the service, they simply could not generate keys for new users.

Probably, the elimination of difficulties with Fallout 3 was influenced by the takeover of Bethesda by Microsoft. Thanks to this, the situation was resolved in the best possible way, albeit with a delay. Now, with the launch of Fallout 3 should be no problem.

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