Fallout mod aims to be the greatest game in the Star Wars universe | Easy Online Work

Star Wars Open Worlds aims to transform Bethesda’s RPGs into a full-fledged space opera.

An ambitious development team is trying to turn Fallout 76 into an epic multi-planet space opera with the global mod Star Wars Open Worlds.

Unfinished and still in development, Star Wars Open Worlds revealed itself in a new trailer, showcasing a shocking wide array of locations, characters, and scenarios. Ships fly over the skies of Coruscant. Open war in the deserts of Tatooine. Imperial walkers trample foreign jungle.

This is all very impressive, although it depends to some extent on the post-processing shaders. In typical Fallout fashion, it’s not just pompous action: we see encounters in filthy underworlds and imperial starships shining in braids. According to the mod’s page, Star Wars Open Worlds hopes to feature 12 planets to explore, multiple factions to join, NPC companions, and allow you to customize characters of various kinds. All this takes place “in the earliest years of the galactic empire.”

Developers Karim Najib and Tank_Girl444 have sky-high expectations, and as of now, they do not know the approximate release date. Bethesda’s modding scene is also no different from overly ambitious mod projects: it could be something we’ll be aiming for for ten years if Disney doesn’t shut it down early.

But exploring Star Wars from a Fallout perspective is a heck of a challenge. And if you’re interested in the development progress, modders post a video about it on YouTube.

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